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  1. Last time i got a nose bleed there was almost 30 years ago. 1981 Semi Final, Collingwood vs Fitzroy. I cannot recall why or how i got there. The G and the bar at the Hilton were basically my second home lol. Must have been a freebie. I recall seeing the players running around like ants, not feeling that connected to the atmosphere in any way even though there was a huge crowd, suffering from vertigo on occasions and not being happy with the outcome. The days when i had 20/20 vision!
  2. Bloody awful i would think. Should we beat the old foe on Sunday it might well be our best for the season. At least in a gray matter sense anyway.
  3. Why do we need to have the umpires mic'd up? Bloody irritating especially the one with the ridiculously deep "STAAAAND" voice. Somebody shoot me
  4. Is it my imagination or did Maynard skin some stinky old wombat road kill and stick the pelt on his head?
  5. They get paid for talking a whole lotta gobbledygook. BT doing the same as we post.
  6. A rare occasion i am hoping the Pies win. One of my late dad's friends is on the way out at 99. One of few WWII vets remaining and a Pie Supporter. Survived El Alamein against Ronmel and took a bullet in Papua New Guinea. The original "Anticol Man" from the late 60s or so and also played some bit part acting roles along the way, including Blue Heelers, Prisoner, Cop Shop & Crackerjack. A very debonaire, classy chap with a happy disposition, who never showed any outward signs of the effects of his service.
  7. Very much so. In terms of his ranking within the team since i started keeping tackles inside 50 records... 2018 - 10th 2019 - 11th 2020 - equal 2nd alongside Mitch Brown and just behind Kozzie in 1st 2021 - 1st ahead of Kozzie, then Spargs
  8. Don't know what to make of this Mr Fence but sounds like you're on a bloody good bender. Did they win? Sounds of Crocodile Rock theme song wafting over the boggy marshes poolside?
  9. Maybe the Saints just played a one off blinder (half). Every team is capable of it at a few times a year i guess.
  10. Saints come back...commenciiiiing NOW!
  11. The Saints are just leaving it a bit longer than last week to start their come back so it'll be even more spectacular
  12. Regular contributions to the "BBO Shiraz fund" WWS
  13. One was a touch to the wrist and the other a fist glancing off the shoulder. My gosh hope our talls get it that easy on Sunday
  14. Brown & Fritta not that dissimilar statistically... https://www.afl.com.au/stats/stats-pro#/Compare?playerIds=CD_I290622,CD_I1001438&comparisonTab=h2h
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