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  1. I think their window has now passed given their age demographic. Cameron's choice of destination, given his age, is a very poor one imv.
  2. He's been in the system for a few years now 58 and it's a top of the table one as well with the Cats. Yes he's competing for limited spots i realise but the fact they wish to let him loose has to be a concern re his fairly regular break downs.
  3. A few years before it was Lynch getting to a recent Premiership club in the Tigers. You are supporting the AFL circus regardless if you decide to barrack for one of these two clubs on Sat Jaded
  4. Great point and IMO Cameron is making a huge timing error if he makes it to Corio next year. The Demons are actually a much better fit in terms of the GF window and players hitting their peak in the next 3 to 4 seasons. It goes to show how poor our marketing is when we can't sell this "window" opportunity to some of the big FAs.
  5. Which is exactly what the AFL wants. Gil referring to the upcoming GF as the dream match up. Teams like us, Norf and the Aints get further and further away from any chance of a flag every season and unless they (we) pull off a once in a half century miracle where the stars align, a la the Doggies in 2016, one can completely forget about winning anymore silverware under the present circus.
  6. Hoping the club can update this one in my lifetime .... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/703096230376177/
  7. Inconsistent? I had him down as our most consistent all year rain, hail or shine regardless of how the rest of his team mates were performing. Mostly not as well. Should have won the Bluey quite comfortably with Tracc and May not too far behind in no particular order.
  8. Have to go big to get big LH. The next step after landing a Langdon, May & Lever (Lever the only player we paid overs for from those three imo) is to land a super big fish (yes for overs on either the $ and/or the term a la Buddy) and standard fair for the others needed to fill other needs. Lessor lights can't be expecting past remuneration given the new lower revenue base and won't be receiving it (in the main) with 2021+ contracts either in a post covid world.
  9. I don't believe in perpetual fairy tales either TU but when it comes to 'needs based' recruiting there couldn't be a more obvious target that suits the bill more perfectly for us in the now (2021/22) than Cameron. We are also in an ideal window and a perfect fit for him as well. We should, at the very least, be throwing our hat in the ring and getting down and dirty with his player manager even IF the door is ajar a smidgen. A KF will be the thing that turns the fortunes around at the MFC. We are on the cusp just as the Tigers were in 2016, subject to topping up with a few extras.
  10. I'm not that naive TU and there's plenty of cynicism (hoopla!??) in what i said....but...then there's the bleeding obvious and to me this one has been sitting out there like bull's balls for a mighty long time. The good / great clubs know what they need to take the next step and more often than not land the big fishes required to take them to finals/remain there or push into the top 4 / vie for a GF/flag. Unfortunately we appear to be right out of the mix for the marquee players (potentially up for trade) more often than not and our name is rarely mentioned when the heat is on in the
  11. The papers need banners & the print to keep flowing even when there's no story RB. Especially where the Hun (aka Collingwood's unofficial rag) are concerned.
  12. https://twitter.com/MelbourneFooty/status/1316216294509666304?s=09
  13. If there is any truth to that then Bartlett, Goody and the whole bloody board / FD should walk ....now. Never has a club needed a genuine KF more than the MFC right now. It should be our No.1 priority and Cameron front & centre. We should have been in to this bloke from early this season or late last. Now all the info here could of course, be complete bunkum and i'll be happy to eat humble pie if we land Cameron. However, on past form and if i'm a betting man, i would say the MFC is about to completely miss the boat for the umpteenth time during its 50 odd years and g
  14. Surely he was aware of this and accepted it or he wouldn't have accepted the contract terms (ie; gone for a shorter length) and/or not signed the contract.
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