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  1. What about mfc 2021 first round pick (say, 7-10) for Brown and 2020 pick we traded to North (currently 9, but likely to end up around 15 or 16 with academy, f/s and fa compo picks). We could throw in a 3rd rounder (tmac?) as well to sweeten the deal. Then trade this pick from North plus something else (Preuss or future selection?) for a pick high enough to land McCrae, if the North pick isn't considered high enough
  2. That's absolutely true, DOX, and might happen very soon, but personally I'm very happy with a club that gets things done quietly than foghorns it out clumsily. eg. Collingwood with Adams. Of course, i'm assuming Brown has chosen MFC
  3. Even if the Evil Doctor is wrong, I find it just a bit of fun and good entertainment. IMO he doesn't take it too seriously and I suspect he won't throw the toys out of the cot if wrong, unlike some others
  4. Yes, but Dr Evil has a laugh at it as well. Doesnt take himself or the topic too seriously, which is an important distinction. If wrong, no doubt he'll cop it, but I can't imagine Dr Evil retracting or get cut when wrong
  5. Oh, I see... Thought he meant our resident track watcher
  6. What are you trying to say, chap?
  7. Mentioned by a couple of posters here. Thoughts?
  8. Thats bold. Should this not occur, you'll have more egg on your face than our other Demonland Nostradamus! 🤣
  9. So who's doing the overseeing of trades and cap space during trade week to ensure 'integrity', and I use that term lightly...
  10. I'm staggered how clubs sign up multiple big names and still keep their cap integrity. Clearly something fishy happening and Gill is doing this:
  11. At this rate I'll be looking forward to trade week being over more than the rear end of the US election
  12. Uh oh, there's those rose coloured glasses again, A F!!!
  13. Why does that not surprise me.....
  14. We need to talk about Jesse. Quite the hot potato.
  15. You had me trawling the dictionary for that last word, daisy!
  16. @Demonland if you haven't already, I wonder if its worth having a chat with skuit, re this very topic, has said he won't post again. I've very much enjoyed his input and it would be a shame to lose him (i'm assuming skuit is male). Just a thought
  17. Said it before, those with good inside mail aren't posting here (probably with the exception of the good Dr) But its all a bit of fun for s**ts and giggles, no need for anyone to take it personally.
  18. That is sooooo scattergun, he's bound to get one or two correct Toot toot, indeed
  19. Ok, I'll do it if no one else has the balls, I'll out the 2 unnamed players: Dusty Martin and Travis Boak Lock them in! (sorry ET)
  20. Yes, we have a band of players beyond the top 12 who should be roll players but simply do not have the skills to fulfil that job. The roll players at Richmond are able to minimise errors or turnovers that cost goals. I note that several players interviewed after the game last night mentioned "the process", trust the process, or execute the process well. Even when they were behind in the first half, these guys knew if they played their roll it would turn around. As a side note, North will have a stack of vacancies on their list. Brown, Higgins, Polec and the 11 delisted already. Possibly m
  21. How do we trade for Brown? Futures? GWS would lose that deal
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