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  1. his kick out to sparrow at the start of the last quarter of the grannie was a thing of great skill and vision. he’s a beauty
  2. The lesson from tonight is that we all keep learning. BT is not the worst commentator...
  3. How will we go against a "play on the edge" hard tough punishing thuggish team?
  4. the precision kicking was extraordinarily
  5. is lever ok? and trac looked a bit sore. superb win
  6. Yep - I noticed that too. I think @binman made some comments last year about this. That our ability to strangle the opposition isn't just a negating defensive necessity, it's an active part of our plan. I thought that remark of Goodwin's was the most revealing he's made in a press conference! Touch of (well deserved) arrogance?
  7. Make himself the target and take the heat off the players...
  8. If this was a home-and-away match, it would be a very good test of our "system-based" approach - @binmanhas had a couple of great posts which point to that being a key to our success. We had a good system, had complete buy-in, and had the cattle to execute. I wonder if the backline will have the cattle to execute. Who cover's Salem's judgement and disposal (which won us the first quater of the GF, I reckon)? Hunt/Rivers I get, but I reckon Rivers was more damaging, and better defensively. I guess Tomlinson does the May thing on the gorillas. Smith/Hibberd - OK. Going to be interesting. If we thrash them, I will be a) surprised (57 years MFCSS sufferer) and b) quite optimistic coming into 2022. Go Dees.
  9. Yze. our centre bounce work was extraordinary. Lewis said that Roos taught us defence, Goodwin taught us contest, and Yze taught us patterns and moving from contest to contest. i think he’s made a huge difference
  10. absolutely. Jordan Lewis remarked that those actions, when you’re having a quiet game, make all the difference. If TMac doesn’t overpower Cordy, then no goal and the clock runs out for 3/4 time. i think it was TMac who got a crucial hand into the marking contest that set up Trac’s brilliant dribbler.
  11. I've been looking for "down the ground" vision of those goals - taken from behind either goal. Has anyone seen that around?
  12. I was there is '64, and the son and heir has to suffer with me for about 30 years. He moved to Adelaide for work at the start of the year. He got tickets and saw the win. We will royally celebrate when we can get together!
  13. This! This!! Unbelievable decision-making under intense pressure. If Viney gets the handball - Daniel tackles him, maybe he gets a handball away to Clarrie. Maybe. But Jackson made the rugby "cut out pass" and took that option away from the dogs. I wonder if the clichéd "basketball" experience plays a role here. Not sure basketball develops that sort of decision-making... if you've got it then it's very very valuable in basketball. I'm not sure you can coach that sort of decision-making. He's a wonder. Could be a ruckman sized Pendlebury.
  14. TMac is the only bloke in the pack to get his hand on the ball and it spills to Petracca. Not mentioned in the commentary. And of course he got Cordy out of the way for Sparrow's goal Viney at the both the centre clearance - I just don't see how anyone can keep their bearings in that chaos and do what he did. I've been down on both of them over the journey - wrong.
  15. Yep, me too. A couple of flubbed kicks in the first quarter of that game, and I was a serious doubter. Very very wrong.
  16. After the Thursday night training before the '64 Grand Final - good memories!
  17. [censored] yeah. I’m outside walking up and down the street. Don’t know if I can stand going in to look at the last
  18. May. Lever. they’re trying their guts out, but I reckon one isn’t fit and the other is our coached.
  19. Yep. Party Pies, Pringles and Pavlova for dessert. never been so nervous
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