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  1. Dr D, just like all the other JW threads this has turned into merde, bump one of them (that are not locked), this thread was about wishing a bloke good luck and farewell, show some class.
  2. Looking forward to the Open Mike, I was amazed he survived the Neeld era. While he enjoys his fun, he always showed levels of class and respect in his dealings with fans that was 1st class. For mine, at the right club, he would have been a mega star, we were not the right club to get the best out of him. Travel well Jack.
  3. My mail is this is not a story about 'booze', lets give it 24 hours before we assemble the bonfire, get some facts, the guy has been getting his running going again, has been a long way off sustaining his high intensity running and you would have to think with a preseason his numbers could be good. All season he did not breakdown or re injure himself. And if this incident does resolve around getting a bigger car and a car seat for a kid, while STUPID, is not the end of the world. Wasn't like he was doing lines with Karmichael Hunt.
  4. I haven't seen any update to this https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/09/02/the-one-issue-the-afl-has-neglected/ Anyone know more?
  5. Empty, so empty, at work and logged on to see Freo a kick away at half time. It is going to take more than a few videos to get me excited about 2021.
  6. I just don't think people are valuing his hardness at the ball and the ferocity he brings, that is worth more. I don't care about his name, or his heritage, it is his attack on the football, and so he is not a superstar with his DE, I can live with because the pressure he brings makes up that difference. And it is far from the worst over the season. I just cannot stand our limp efforts, he might get beaten occasionally but he never gives up.
  7. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/09/10/report-geelong-planning-free-agency-move-for-former-melbourne-co-captain/ Would fair dinkum lose my merde with the club. Has bled for the club, change Goodwin before this guy. My rage would be huge.
  8. Your point is fair, he didn't get the cattle right at StK. My main point is Goodwin has had more plays than 2 at the back of the square, he just hasn't got the players to execute. To be fair he's made them tough, it is not like we are 'bruise free' or anything. But for some reason he's never been able to get them doing any other party tricks. In some ways he's more FIGJAM than Buckley. Too slow to react to what is not working on game day. I'm now of the opinion he still thinks more like a player playing than a coach mentoring. He hasn't properly transitioned, you can see he is a 'Captai
  9. We need a new coach, we don't have or need another rebuild, right now it is between the ears with this lot. Some minor tweaking (still on outside run) Key: '- core list, has skills' = solid 'B' player, not a world beater but reliable part of the squad that fills a role. '- B+F placing' = one of our best, not for trade. '- future' = young and developing player, not enough evidence to make a serious call on unrealized potential. '- we need a settled defense' = I actually think a settled back six is a key to us moving forward, very reluctant to play to much with what was
  10. I still think it is, IIRC he was out of it after that bump. I can't recall any effort based or massive decision mistakes, that said Jetta fit and firing is 1st 22, just hoping Jetta gets a swansong.
  11. Hope to see ANB tasked with a specific role, while a fan of the man and his attitude, and believing he was lynched for that tackle, I think he needs to develop more of a tagging role and make his tackles stick (but not as much as the last one). I don't think Lockhart is right yet, would back him over Smith. Pleased AVB is rested, have only see one truly effective disposal in last 4 games, (was a score assist). Harmes I have faith in him getting it right soon, and Fritsch too.
  12. He had reason but I still don't think it's a good look on field. To be clear, I'd take him back.
  13. His ability to take a mark around the ground and is an elite field kick makes him better than at least 8 on our current list even with some of the baggage. He also doesn't sook so much outside of the forward line, I have to agree I never liked the sooking.
  14. I have often thought the complaints that we don't get a fair go, as the product of one eyed passionate support. With Langdon getting his fine upheld and ANB getting four weeks, I really feel that natural justice has been denied. I am filthy at the conduct of the tribunal and the MRO.
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