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  1. Was expecting this or Lever to get Golden Fist on Bounce. Viney in motion was a thing of beauty, Lord of the Rings 'You shall not pass'
  2. It was best way to sum it up I thought, put the mitt out there but maintain deniability.
  3. Watching it I felt like there was a slight delay in the movement of the arm, that made me think he was deliberately reckless. And he has form, he wanted to put the hurt on, and did too much, has happened too many times now with him.
  4. Hawkins is deliberately clumsy, his arm went against the inertia of the tackle.
  5. I am so happy with our 2021 game plan, our game plan has clearly adjusted, instead of just winning the contested game, (2018 was not sustainable - as I said at the time) smashing ourselves into pieces in the process, (as seen by injuries at the end of that season), our defence is now strong enough to allow us to take on some higher risk footy. We haven’t gone soft, we are still fierce but the mix between inside and outside footy is soooooo much better. If 2021 keeps up and we play finals, we should be getting tattoos of the recruiters’ names. I’d ask fellow supporters to see that getting the p
  6. I watched this for like 5 minutes... Chariots of Fire stuff
  7. We left 50pt on the table, but seriously no one was bad, occasional errors by a very disciplined and well drilled team. ANB and lesser lights did many good things.
  8. No clue, Giants played well, we were better stronger and fitter.
  9. Fair play to Giants, they didn't give up, this was a win by our back 6 and Kozzie
  10. Kozzie even shares with his mate who doesn't have a stat
  11. I dearly love this man, and wanted him as captain for a period, but seriously the wing would be a disaster, his kicking is not up to it. As a forward there was no complication for him, thump it between the big sticks. Personally (again from the man crush) I choose to believe ankle/foot mobility issues were behind his putrid form last year. I also think his bulking up to look like thor didn't work out particularly well, pretty much the same as when James Hard came back from injury looking like a NFL wide receiver. Now that these follies and injuries are attended to, I am hoping for an Indian su
  12. Listened to the show yesterday while driving around Cyprus of all places, thanks fellas was most appreciated, thought JT was very forthright, would love to sit with him during a game and hear how he sees things, would be quite the education. Was it just me or did he give the impression of being most interested in Taj over White and Farmer?
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