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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Love the optimism but not sure Harry will still be around in 2035 anyway
  2. Yeah. Not what I expected from him. Prepared to excuse a poor debut - Petty's is still the worst I've ever seen - but he looked completely unsure about when to go or when to stay. Shouldn't have played, potentially harmful to his development. Needs time at Casey to learn. I know Laurie hasn't blown us away but is the closest positionally to what Koz provides ...has been around....has dominated vfl and put in a massive pre season. He deserved the chance. Poor decision to give Kolt the debut.
  3. Can you point me to those outings please. Might help us all feel better
  4. I hope it doesn't for our chances against Brisbane, but the week should stand and we as a fan base should be accepting of this. It's an action that was entirely unnecessary - that he could have 'laid out' Soligo but didn't is completely irrelevant and tbh a very silly thing to say. "I could have decked the guy but only elbowed him slightly in the head, I'm innocent". Ridiculous suggestion. Separately, the commentary around Koz and his nature has been disgusting. Even without the Roar article, Collingwood and Carlton fans have been into him for a long time. Carlton fans in particular despise Koz (because he's consistently pulled their pants down, Motlop is half as good only in their wettest of dreams) - their common name for him is 'the junkyard dog'. People will deny it but there is a particularly pernicious tone to these accusations when it's a player of certain colour. Seen it before in this sport all too many times.
  5. I counted 5 consecutive game turning decisions in that period...miss one, maybe. Two, possible. But to miss 5 consecutively when the game was on the line...totally disgraceful.
  6. I'm a bit disappointed there are many on here that have the red n blue glasses on given what we've been through in this area. Yes, Maynard was a bit worse and I was one of many here who wanted him gone for a long time. No two incidents are the same but this is a similar action - one difference Koz has led with the point of the elbow to the temple. He is lucky the player wasn't hurt more badly as there is potential for serious harm here whether it looks innocuous at regular speed or not. Gus retired due to an accumulation of hits - most of them different to this, some self inflicted, but some were actually a bit like this. We should know this lesson better than any and we should aim to be a better supporter base than what is being shown on here - he deserves at least a week and will get it. If it was Maynard you'd be asking for four.
  7. Just love how he continues to extract more out of himself. On natural talent he'd probably be the first to admit he'd be in the bottom third of our list - but he just works and works and works and works until he improves. A great role model for other players and for all of us too. Great human and leader to boot. Shaping Chandler in his image, and I've no doubt Kossie is a better defensive forward for the example ANB sets. Has been my favourite player for a couple of years now.
  8. Finlayson was facing Gawn because Max turned him round with a hold / shove of his own. Ruckwork vs strength vs infringement....a fine line. We've seen them call that against Max plenty of times and that's what the Port fans were upset about. If we conceded that free at home on the 3q siren I'd be pretty miffed Overall thought we had the better of the umpiring in some key times....the early lop sided free kick count though was really their lack of discipline. They were just flying in the Port players
  9. Not hard to see why the Crows are strong on Petty. Their tall stocks are pretty average outside of Walker, who's really getting on. Fog is just ok, thilthorpe not there and the likes of Butts/Keane etc are just battlers. They were smashed serially tonight
  10. He was so good against us, I thought it was a total fluke Turns out lightning did strike twice that month unfortunately
  11. You guys do realise the Guernsey with the state and T in the middle is not the home & away Guernsey don't you? This is a heritage one they'll wear a couple of times a year....the home & away kits are yet to be revealed. No one seems to know this
  12. No idea why we didn't look at him. He's almost St Kilda's best player already
  13. Wary of the dogs. Middle of the Rd last few years yes....but this is what they do. Putter around mid table for years then have one year out of the box where they are nigh-unbeatable. Their midfield depth looks significantly better with Sanders (who is a gun) and Harmes - I still would rather him playing for us rather than them. Down back they do look a little green, so we need our forwards to fire. Don't underestimate them - have similar weapons to us really
  14. I agree - but he could be Carey, and isn't...quite
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