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  1. He was critical of all of those selections. Particularly Kozzie as he was of low output - said we would have been much better taking.... Jack Mahoney. Says it all really. He also declared Lukosius the greatest draft pick ever made. He's a very dedicated, overly verbose nuffie who lacks any real feel for what traits are important at AFL level. And a Collingwood fan to boot. Fair play for getting himself into ESPN as he has been doing phantom drafts for a long time, well before it was hip - but it also says a bit given this history that he's not progressed further & is still bignoting himself on BigFooty with the other Youtube heroes.
  2. I count 6 different hairstyles across that gamut of videos This alone is very impressive
  3. Would have liked you to have been right as I liked him as a player. Now gone!
  4. I'm not sure we're into him as we're fairly well stocked for small half forwards with Laurie Chandler ANB etc Tbh, I think we've got Keeler in our sights having failed to get Barnett. Would explain why we haven't traded up for any of these obvious talents
  5. Man this trade period has really not gone the way we wanted
  6. It's no secret that our team & gamestyle is built around competitors & toughness - players who will win 1v1s, punch above their weight (so to speak), and bring 2nd/3rd efforts. We're not a beautifully skilled team, our gameplan isnt attractive or free flowing. We're down & dirty. We win contests. This is why we wanted to trade up for Humphrey & had George in mind - brutes who play with authority & power. These are typical JT picks - Sparrow, Jordan, Bedford, etc. - none were the most polished or skilled players but they never die wondering. This is his MO & is his philosophy on how AFL footy should be played. From what we know Jefferson goes a little against the grain in this regard. HIs 'contested' marks (at least via highlights) aren't truly contested in a body sense - they're run & jump, outreach. He appears nice and agile & I like the groundball stuff I see in the videos, but apparently those moments are few & far between. Seems a nice kid without too many hard edges. There are some obvious parallels to Weideman across all these attributes...long reach, nice kick, nice skills, good athlete, nice guy. We waited years for Sam to add to his frame thinking this would improve his physicality but ultimately, he just couldn't take contested marks when he was bodied early. He doesn't play with any authority. KPFs in AFL without authority don't make the grade. Jefferson looks like a nice player, but his style would typically work well in a team that moves the ball quickly and kick to his advantage or an isolated/space situation where he has freedom to run at the footy. Weideman would do well in this type of team as well, and I expect he will be improved at the Bombers for this reason (+, nothing like a club change to pull your head out), noting their style under B Scott is TBD & their inability to win contest is why they've not recently been as good a team as us. I just think it doesn't feel like a Melbourne pick. A part of me thinks JT doesn't quite know how to pick KPFs - his preferred attributes (toughness, competitiveness, heart) are rarely seen in underage key forwards because Height, not power, is why kids are told to play forward in junior footy. Its why key position players are such a crapshoot at the draft In any case, all the players I preferred (maybe other than George, who's speculative in his own right) were off the board by the time we picked, so I have no issue with it. We've filled a need, he's a great height, and its all in front of him as to where he can go. I'm behind him 100%.
  7. Yes, you probably could. Both King brothers arguably stronger in the air at this age and have a few extra cm's as well. Vs Weideman Jefferson looks to be a bit more agile and ground level capable, so hopefully that serves him well. I like the Jarrad Waite comparison. I think the Charlie Curnow comparison is a long way off. Not writing him off, just sharing my immediate reaction.
  8. Somewhat disappointed as I think he's a very 'un JT/Melbourne' player in terms of competitiveness and physicality. JTs KPF drafting has been his weak spot and all else being equal, this is a very similar pick to Weideman albeit without the spectre of the McKay or Curnow misses. Like with Weideman, my concern is you can't teach physicality. It's innate in some, lacking in others. Jesse had it from day dot, JVR has it. Weid looked a million bucks with a run and jump (which if you recall, was his touted draft strength) but at AFL level you just rarely get the opportunity to attack an aerial ball unbuffeted. Hopefully Jefferson has a few more strings to his bow. I really do hate to be critical of an 18 year old kid who hasn't played a game and presents well. But it feels like a story we've watched to the end before. Having said all of that - I'll be right behind him, hope I'm so far wrong and he's Josh Kennedy reincarnated.
  9. Am I the only one that sees a little bit of Dusty here? The power, lateral movement, 1v1s and the general creativity is similiar. Dusty was also a pretty loose kick when he started...
  10. She got a boot to it!! Wtf mate! In a sport where 1 or 2 goals can make the difference, just criminal
  11. Cowan will be better - no doubt in my mind. Most logical Hibberd replacement in this draft. But 13 is too early and 37 is too late for him.... Will be a gun & will play next year (Cowan)
  12. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I can't agree. It will be utterly devastating when he leaves. The most raw talented player we've had at the club since Jurrah - and he has the work ethic, defense first, team ethos, star power, looks and aggression to boot. Not to mention an extremely rare combination of endurance and speed. Higher output than any small forward in the game and still underrated outside Melbourne fans. Despite all that, you'd be looking at Rankine's trade as the absolute ceiling of what we could get - but we won't. Personally I wouldn't trade him for 2 firsts. Anyway back on topic - believe the player will be Ginbey. Oliver mk2.
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