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  1. The goal was great but far from the most impressive thing.... rewatch the 4th quarter - there is a play near the end where it was impossible for Richmond not to score - it starts on the members side wing/hff for Richmond and eventually ends up in the pocket near the Anzac flame. Between the wide shots and the close shots - nibbler is pretty much never out of frame - he goes and goes and goes and goes and goes and eventually the ball falls into his lap and he mongrels the ball out of bounds. A Richmond guy near me at the game said 'how did we not manage to score there? I implore you to fi
  2. I just posted saying I was wrong mate Read recent comments
  3. I've now watched the replay and the pile on was right. I was wrong. Kossie threw a baby half elbow that barely brushed mansell's chin, and then Mansell reacted by wrestling koz to the ground. And Kozzie post-goal was much less taunting than I originally thought. Thanks for calling me out all I particularly enjoyed Bolton saying 'come on, come on' to Viney - like he would last 3 seconds in that fight. He then went and decked Oliver for the 2nd free. How good!
  4. Glad to hear Goodwin was having a word. Mentioned in his presser too that Kossie needs to deal with the attention better. More or less vindicates my concern so I'm not sure why it's hyperbole. I haven't seen the incident in full in replay but from what I could see, Kossie somewhat instigated it. Agree with what you're saying though - passionate young kid who will mature in time. Just need to watch he doesn't overstep it in the meantime as I said, because the media narrative can quickly turn on him and like it or not, that can impact performance and careers. If a Richmond playe
  5. I actually don't disagree with many of their observations. Many dees fans around me were embarrassing with their gloating - was a fantastic win and no one knows what it's like to have been a dees fan, but you'd expect some humility given all we have gone through. It is only April. I don't agree that Tigers fans weren't like this in 2017 though. I recall they were, led by Riewoldt on field. I might be the only one but I didn't enjoy Kozzie's actions in the 4th. Mansell had held him well all day (with some sniping/rough stuff but par for the course) and Kozzie was sick of it. Elbowed
  6. I'm so sick of this narrative. The idea that a professional sporting team, which is by design playing at its maximum potential if the coaching staff and players perform their roles, can 'lift' for an occasion and suddenly become 10/20/50% better than they otherwise would have been is just pure nonsense. It implies that collectively they have been leaving something in the tank in other 'non occasion' games. Or that they are lacking motivation to perform in the absence of a milestone. Inevitably, the team that performs better on the day/night in terms of executing their roles, st
  7. For those jumping on me for knocking him, yes I did watch him on the weekend. I've watched him since he joined the list, at training, in intraclubs and generally in every game he's played. I agree he was fantastic on the weekend and his pressure and aggression alone will be enough to get him games given the MO of our forward line this year....Spargo wouldn't want to have a few quiet weeks in a row. For me he was BOG ahead of Weid. I maintain though, and this is evident if you watch the weekends game without bias, that his disposal is his significant weakness. Short kicking could not
  8. Suggest you watch more closely. Has some attributes but disposal is not one of them - has been demonstrated at both levels many times
  9. It's three things: -The way he looks - not just a ranga but a rough sort with a shocking hair cut -General likeability impacted by a range of diving type incidents (in the west and then against Carlton at the G) and his lack of interest in any sort of public speaking that tows the line; and -his relatively messy style of play at times The first two being the most important in footys popularity stakes. If he looked like Heeney or Cripps they'd be all over him like a rash. Majority of fans and media still sleeping on him as a result - been an absolutely phenomenal player
  10. I would also add for those who were disappointed at the progression of sparrow, Jordon, Chandler, Baker etc. - they may not be good enough after all but don't forget for everyone other than the best 22 last year, it was a total write off. No VFL, barely any intraclub/practise games etc. They effectively had to waste a year of their career. So 3rd year players should really be thought of as 2nd and so on. Any wonder Rivers, who was exposed to a lot of senior footy last year, already looks more at the level (notwithstanding he may simply be a better footballer than the others)
  11. Some concerning signs I agree but just a note on Gawn and why he "can't tap it down the throat of the mids" A ruck is no good on his own - requires a midfield group that know how to structure a stoppage, block for each other and create space around where the hitout is directed. Watching closely yesterday it was obvious that the 2nd string midfield A) haven't played a lot together absent clarry, viney B) were taught a lesson on stoppage craft. Libba (who destroys us even when we have the A team in) gave Sparrow an absolute spanking in this - pushed him deep underneath every centre bo
  12. To me Tom looked the same last year physically, but had a crap year when he was regularly taking the best defender in a team that could barely move the ball. This year is different. Absolutely nothing to this other than gut feel and personal experience, but to me Tom has the look of a guy that's been thrown out of kilter a little by having a kid. The 'heavy' look of his middle/lower body, the general sluggishness, the lack of vibrancy....you could complain about many aspects of Tom's game over the years but you could never question his mental or physical preparation. His one wood. I
  13. Nice to see a balanced response. I agree. I think there is an expectation that the pace of games will go up with shortened quarters, placing less emphasis on the rucks and bigs. There was some evidence of this last night. Nonetheless, we rarely if ever went into games previously with 3 tall forwards, so I'm not sure why people are surprised. All they've done is taken Brown or Weideman. Fritsch and Melksham are both very capable in the air particularly in 1v1s. We are taking in many more small forwards than usual. I don't mind it, interested to see how it looks. If anything th
  14. No coincidence that Lever plays like that when he is the 3rd tall. First time with May and Omac together in the side....
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