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  1. I think it's something we do pretty well. I remember noticing the same thing during the game, but it was because of channel 7's coverage rather than melbourne players not getting around him. If you check the video in the link below you can see many more melbourne players come up to him and I suspect even more came up to him after. https://www.afl.com.au/news/467973/key-dee-available-but-no-guarantees-t-mac-get-straight-back
  2. In the interview with Cal Twomey he said because of where we looked like finishing he sat on some junior players quite closely towards the end of the year. Can you ask if Jackson and Pickett were two of those players?
  3. Surely Petracca trains with the midfield group all preseason
  4. Very sad to see him leave from a sentimental standpoint, but getting May is huge and I think gets us closer to a premiership in the next few years. Can't blame Jesse for wanting to move home after what he's been through and hope he doesn't get booed for it. Who knows after his 3 year contract he might decide he wants some success and try to come back as a free agent? https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/10/17/the-message-hogan-delivered-to-goodwin-before-trade/
  5. I'm sure viney just let him pass so that they didn't create a blackhole
  6. Who was Fritsch training with the backs, mids or forwards? If he wasn't training with the backs, it probably means hunt or smith will come in.
  7. Hearing the richmond supporters scream "yellow and black" at the Anzac Eve match every year even makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. We have our own war cry that over the last decade of mediocrity has fizzled into non-existence. I think this Friday would be the perfect chance to bring it back and would give the players goosebumps hearing 50,000 melbourne supporters scream "what do we sing" as they ran out onto the field for their first final in 12 years. As a collective, does this forum have what it takes to bring back our old war cry? Are there members of the demon army or
  8. Any idea who the 25 that will be picked are after today's training saty?
  9. It's for the best and fairest. If you lose a Brownlow for getting reported, no way known you should be able to keep it after being suspended for using performance enhancing drugs.
  10. To those wondering who the whisperer is, it's Tony Sheahan. Accidentally replied to a message to the whisperer from his own account
  11. I've got it from a very good source that 90% he willl be a demon. I'm good friends with braysure, whose cousin cuts GNF's hair and heard it from him
  12. I believe that's the author of the article saying that, not Nathan Jones. If you look at the article there are no quotes around it
  13. No problem with losing a player 'sore' for 2 weeks (though I'd still rather not). The big problem is losing our CHB for the year when he needs a shoulder reco.
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