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  1. Thankgod it was free and the bbq and the gelati from MR whippy were the highlight of the day.
  2. I left at 3/4 time. Its a reality check of where we are at end the standard we have to get to. It gives Roos something to work with until r1. Im not mad. We were playing the premiers who had 3 key quality forwards to kick to. Roughhead, Hale and Gunston as opposed to our forward line which had Fitzy and Howe as main targets. Cant really compare. Shows how important it is having your 3 talls in. But again Vince played well and is going to be a great pickup choice. also no major injuries and my heart sank when I saw Jones go down and not get up straightaway but it turned out to be nothing major.
  3. im going and rapt its free. Went last year against the saints in the pre season game. It took forever to get out of the carpark. But looking forward to see how our new midfield goes against the hawks one and looking forward to JKH playing again. please no more injuries.
  4. im am just soooo frustrated. we have 3 great forwards well 2 anyway in dawes and clark and we cant get them on the field together.
  5. makes it hard r1 now. We dont have one key forward. Geez i thought the last few years were bad enough. Roos and PJ were meant to bring luck. Why does Hogan have to get the back injury. Here we go again.
  6. Apparently Hird is still allowed to attend afl matches. he was at the game the other night. Glad to see he is still showing support. Did he pay for a ticket with his 1 mill payout. If it was melbourne and they named the players id be peeved but because its essendon im loving it. I just hope everyone forgets about Trengove. Although you cant compare what he did to the bombers. But did Trenners just use the cream once?
  7. I went 2 years ago. Just rocked up at the gate and bought a ticket. So dont think you should pre book. It wont sell out. You can sit in dry areas behind the goals and dont rely on buying food there. There isnt much on offer and they ran out quickly. Rent a car and drive to the ground, dont rely on public transport or a taxi. people try to hijack them. The mindall market is great to go to. Plenty of great food and things to look at. Because I was with young children the wave pool is great, can spend all day there in the city and we went to croc a saurus cove and other tousity stuff. You will bump into the players a lot walking around the city especially coles and outback jacks. Its actually a nice place to visit. The bus into the city only cost you $2.
  8. If you said at the start of the game we'd lose by 13 points you'd take it. But finally we have a midfield to work with. Vince has been outstanding and is a blessing for Jones. Michie is a great pick up also Dom as well. Throw in Viney and cross and it looks good. Brent who? I still look at our huddle and I still cant believe its Roos addressing our players.
  9. all I got from the radio was we have no forward structure, getting smashed out of the middle, watts had a good 1st quarter and we are handball happy.
  10. currently 33 degrees. Sheesh. Rivers on Hogan surely Hogan will be stronger than Riv
  11. James Frawley won't play tonight. Trengove, McKenzie, Blease, Michie, Nicholson, Barry, M.Jones & King starting on bench
  12. Forget it, Jurrah is finished. I doubt another club would touch him and we dont need him. Last time I looked we had 3 talls to play forward and one day a time will come when they actually play together. Most of Liams mates have gone from the club anyway. Also im sorry but what he has done in the past few years is unforgivable. Port were going to give him a chance but he just stuffed them around once and never got a 2nd chance. By the way who was the moron that forgot to book Roos a seat on the plane?
  13. JACK Watts is in “career best nick” according to teammate Jordie McKenzie. Great news now lets see this form
  14. Its a shame JKH isnt playing but with the ins I guess someone has to make way.
  15. Yeah I get the system im just saying last year we should have been paid for showing up. Us, the long suffering fans who had to sit through that crap. I know we need money but im just pointing out that not everyone is on big bucks. But hopefully that people who are donating donate a good amount because then it means we have had a few wins. By the way Id be giving PJ a pay rise after what he has been able to get done in the past few months.
  16. I think the players should have been paying us last year to all the fans who turned up week after week. I get what the club is doing but maybe the players could kick in they are the ones on the big bucks. Not all of us members are on big bucks.
  17. I caught a bit of SEN this morning when a caller rang in and asked about GWS paying Scully all that money for a 6 year contract. Denham laughed and said they paid him a million in his first 2 years and GWS can't say they wouldn't have given Franklin a long contract when they gave Scully a 6 year deal and basically hasn't lived up to it. He then said Franklin is a 2 time premiership player and a leading goal kicker and superstar and said I know who should be given a long contract. I can't stand him when he bags us but when he does it to other clubs it's actually funny to listen to.
  18. So Stone a better option than Royal then? By the way anyone know where he and Leigh Brown ended up?
  19. Just reading social media this is what ive leanrt. Dees extremely buoyant today. Players bubbly, staff up and about .. a world away from the scene at Gosch's last year. A tweet from Stevo. also JKH obviously played well and will probably play r1. When I saw a headline demon down I thought oh god who is it. But I htink we can cope without Tappy for a few weeks. But good to read Watts is settling into the midfield. We just need to see it in the real stuff now.
  20. Is it sad to get excited about Essendon losing to GC by 1 point.
  21. What did he say? Also for those saying about JKH and his media skills, he was co captain of the oakleigh chargers so he did a bit of speaking and he also does some acting work. he has been on neighbours and if anyone has seen those PSO ads he is the guy with the headphones on that is underneath a station and he sees a shadow and turns around and sees the 2 PSO officers coming. They said his acting work has helped hit a lot talking tot he media.
  22. It would be good if Roos stays for a 3rd year. I hope he enjoys his first 2 seasons. Does anyone think our next coach will be someone thats already there and it will be a handover like Roos/Longmire. Im not sure what Brett Allison is like as a coach but maybe he will take over and at least if its already someone there then the players already will feel comfortable around him and that should sway Chip to stay. If Rawlings is the right man then thats fine to. Hopefully PJ can convince Roos to stay for a 3rd year.
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