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  1. Wow what a doco. I just hoped non footy people watched it. What a legend Jim is. So brave and never gives up and so glad he's part of our club. It's good that they didn't leave out any heavy bits, im glad we saw what he is prepared to do. Drink his own urine, have his coffee a different way and his meditation that he does. I couldnt believe how much muscle he lost off his legs. They were looking very very thin. Obviously Jules is great for him. Keeps his sense of humour going and Jim is also still mentoring him to by the way he spoke at the reach event. I just used to see Jules as a guy on getaway. Im glad Jules is there for him and he is obviously a help to Sam as well. I loved when Garry spoke about him and teared up when Garry said I went up to him and told him I loved him. As I read on a website that someone wrote, I see what Ben Cousins did to his body and I see what Jim Stynes does to his. I know who i admire. Jim. Jim after seeing you on ACA last week I thought your were gone, but your spirit and mind works wonders. You can do it and for each day you are alive the world is a better place.
  2. geez next week is going to be horrid. The pies are making geelong look so slow. Come on the saints beat the doggies. You are the only team that can win. Its time like this I wish I was out of melbourne. The supporters will be feral, eddie will be gloating and it will be the collingwood week. Stupid geelong you are looking so slow and cant do anythng right.
  3. Bruce has only been offered a 1 year deal and asked to take a paycut. His wife is keen to move to the gc. I think Bruce is worthy of a 2 year deal. He has had a good season and he is a player that doesnt get injured. Also he will be on the veterans list so I dont see money will be a problem. I hope he stays so we still have some older experienced players.
  4. The FS was on of the best ever last night. As Garry said it was a very different one. It was nice to see a different Shane Crawford and not the one that mucks around and is silly all the time. And of course Jimmy was just brilliant. As Sam said with your mind and attiude I think you will see a few more christmas's yet. Lets just hope this is the case. Even Sam seemed to get emotional when talking to shane and with Jimmy there. I reckon that was the brisbane game where Dean Bailey said in the huddle Jim is watching because that was the first game we played after Jim was diagnosed.
  5. I'm guessing he is on to talk about the doco and maybe some melbourne stuff. Anyway tune in. I reckon he will be on early.
  6. Oh my god. I just got through that interview, im not sure I can sit through the whole doco. Its justs sucks and its wrong what is happening to Jim. Basically he revealed he has had 16 tumours removed all up. There are still some in his brain and he has got some in his stomach. Which is definitely not good. Sam says in the doco he will eventaully die from this. Jim said she said I probably shouldnt have said that but Jim wants her to be honest. His son told everyone that his dad was having his brain removed when Jim was having an op to remove more tumours. Tracey asked him about the whole drinking your urine. Jim tried to explain but Tracey just couldnt get her head around it.Jims said he will try anything from people he trusts. He nevers complains and says why me. Then Tracey told everyone to watch the doco and Jim is ana amazing person. I just hope he is with us for a while yet.
  7. Thanks will watch it. ACA has been doing personal interviews lately. Did anyone see the double page spread today in the herald sun. Jim is doing some potent stuff to hang in there. Drinking your own urine is no means feat. Scary to read he was told he had only 9 months to live when diagnosed. Im just hoping he can get rid of all this cancer crap. I think it will be a long long process.
  8. Every Heart Beats True: The Jim Stynes Story Will be shown on 19 September, 2010 on Channel 9 at 6:30 pm. I found this on TV Tonight website. An AFL documentary of a different kind comes to Nine. Former AFL footballer Jim Stynes' battle with cancer has been produced by his closest friends, including Jules Lund and Paul Currie (One Perfect Day). Jim Stynes has never shied away from a challenge, whether it was moving to a new country to conquer a sport he had never seen, helping restore self-belief in teenagers, or bringing the AFL's oldest football club back from the brink of extinction. But his biggest challenge lies ahead as he continues his brave fight against cancer. This raw and moving account documents Stynes' journey, from arriving in Australia as an 18-year-old Gaelic footballer to graduating as one of the AFL's most celebrated players, and now to his diagnosis and struggle with cancer. At times confronting, the one-hour documentary provides an insight into Stynes' daily routine as he continues to battle the tumours that have riddled his body and rise above the disease. Viewers will be touched by his remarkable yet highly controversial approach to his diagnosis as he welcomes us into his world of chemotherapy, radiation, raw food diets and alternative therapies. Intimate stories from those closest to Stynes will be featured in the film that also introduces us to a raw and exposed side of the man rarely seen in public. The documentary has been directed, filmed, edited and produced by Stynes' closest friends, including Jules Lund and Paul Currie, co-founder of The Reach Foundation. Jim Stynes played 264 games with the Melbourne Football Club after migrating to Australia in 1984. He won a Brownlow Medal in 1991 and holds the record for playing the most consecutive AFL games (244). The father of two was named Victorian of the Year twice in 2001 and 2003 and has been honoured with an Order of Australia medal. This will air at different times and dates in different states, led by a primetime screening in Melbourne. S.A.: Sunday, September 19 at 3.00pm W.A.: Sunday, September 19 at 5.00pm Vic: Sunday, September 19 at 6.30pm QLD: Sunday, September 26 at 4.30pm NSW: Sunday, September 26 at 4.30pm Its going to be very emotional but heart warming. The opposite to the Cousins doco.
  9. 1) To make finals on our terms and not rely on other teams to get us in 2) To start winning interstate 3) For Grimes to play a full season and dominate in the backline 4)For Jack Watts to have a great year so people stop bagging him 5) To beat teams we should beat and not accept constolation losses. Still cant work out how we lost to the eagles at the G. We should have beaten the pies twice.
  10. Hopefully this link works, if not get the herald sun or look at the website. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/gentleman-jim-stynes-wins-melbournes-top-gong/story-e6frf9jf-1225911360203 Jimmy was last night named Melbournian of the year for his work with Reach. Well done Jim, a worthy winner and hopefully this boosts his spirits a little higher and he can have a good weekend with the boys winning. You are a legend and an inspiration!
  11. I know that 4:40 may not be ideal for everyone with kids having school the next day and if people have to work early but it would be great if we could get a big crowd. This season we have had crowds over 20,000 so we dont have to pay back the mcg money which is great. Lets face it the North supporters wont show so it would be great to cheer loudly for the boys one last time, in particular our captain Junior. It would be fantastic to go out with a win. So lets have the ground full of red and blue and make plenty of noise and cheer Junior off in his final match for the mighty demons.
  12. I am really disappointed with melbourne this week. Firstly they make our captain retire stating we have younger players to come thorugh then at selection they drop Bail and think its a good idea to bring in Newton. Why would you do that. Newton isnt the future. He wont be there in 2 years. Bate will be playing for us for the next few years.Even bring in Miller. Bail was good last week, yeah he did some silly things but he has been really good the past few weeks. I thought Paul Johnson was pretty good for us last week. He actually taps it to our midfield which Jamar sometimes do. In the week Dean Bailey made a statement for the club he has made a horrible decision in selecting Newton. We know Newton will still be on the rookie list next year becasue some dimbat thought it would be great to put him and meesen back on there. Sorry just frustrated with Newton being selected. He is not the future!!!!
  13. Im a little disappointed that the decision was made for him. James I thought deserved to at least make the decision himself. Ok I know he is getting on and we probably wont win a flag in the next 2 years so I can see the clubs point in wanting to build a young team but it will be wrong if we forced McDonald out and we choose to keep Miller. I wonder if James reamined injury free and not do his hamstring this year and not missed the 6 weeks that we would have kept him. Last sunday the hawthorn midfield were to strong for us so I would have thought keep some experience in there. This is the same club that is wasting space on the rookie list with Newton and Meesen. We just cant afford to lose to much experience. From what I ve heard Bruce and his wife has practically packed his bags for the Gold Coast because melbourne are yet to speak to him about a new contract. Im hoping its becasue they want to sign up the young ones first then deal with the older players later. Well dones James. You have been an outstanding player for someone who came off the rookie list. You have also been a wonderful captain.
  14. According to the mfc website there are no changes to our team. Miller, Morton and Warnock are the emergencies. Its a nice change and why would you with 3 wins in a row.
  15. It was a game at the gabba against brisbane and matthew kennedy ripped it off his head.
  16. Im looking foward to next week. The hawks have smashed us the last couple of times so we need to turn it around. We have won 3 in a row and going for a finals position. I know Nth are in 9th spot but im banking on the saints knocking them off next week. There are going to be some great matchups in particular Frawley on Buddy Franklin. Hawthorn will be annoyed at dropping the last 2 and will be fired up to knock us off. Im expecting thme to be agressive in particular towards our youngsters. Bring it on I say. It would be great to see all the red and blue army out there like there was today.
  17. I thought Watts did some good things today. Ok he fumbled the ball a few times but so did others. He gets himself into good positions and I've noticed that he gets himself free a lot of times but players wont kick it to him. It happened a few times today. I think he could be a bit more selfish with his goal kicking. he gives it off a lot when he could go for goal, but that's not a bad thing. Just means he is a team player. His passing is excellent. That pass he did to Dunn in the last quarter in the goal square was a pin point 55-60 metre kick. He is getting better and better and its nice to hear his critics in the media have been quiet and I havent heard anything about Nick Nat for weeks.
  18. It was great to wake up this morning to hear Tim Watson say Melbourne Football Club is now debt free. Its just fantastic what Jim and Chris and Cameron have been able to achieve in just 2 years. Im also glad to be able to doante $50 towards the cause. My question is do we still receive assistance from the AFL? You know how they give us money and the dogs as well. Do we still receive this or now can we stand on our own 2 feet. It would be great the day we can say to the AFL we dont need your money. Anyway great work. I just heard Garry Lyon on mmm and he spoke about last night and couldnt believe how great the facilities are and the amount of money people donated. he also said its nice to see the premiership cups on display instead of being in a cupboard where they used to be.
  19. Im planning to go to Box Hill this week to watch the Casey game but was just wondering if the Casey Scorpions cards we got with our membership get us in for free? If not how much does it cost to go to the VFL?
  20. Im planning to go to Box Hill this week to watch the Casey game but was just wondering if the Casey Scorpions cards we got with our membership get us in for free? If not how much does it cost to go to the VFL
  21. On Today Tonight they did a story on the Ox and his gambling situation and talked about when he finished his career he was a mill in debt because of all his gambling issues. He also spoke about him never dealing with his fathers death. Anyway one of his closest friends is his accountant who obviously helped him out and David gave him a copy of his book. Matthew White then said the book would be available at the end of the week. I think it would be a fascinating read and always thought the Ox should bring out a book. The book is called All Bets Are Off. Its also good to see he hasnt gambled in years and he had counselling to deal with the death of his father.
  22. I have nothing against the guy personally but i just find the whole thing unneccessary. Are we paying this guy. Seriously I just dont think we need a trumpeter and his red valvet jacket playing. Now he thinks he is so popular before he plays our themesong he plays some other tune and at half time he thinks we still want to hear from him. I laugh when listening to the radio when he breaks out on what the commentators say about him. Im all for entertainment but we dont need this guy.
  23. Ok I get that Bate wasnt great last week but does anyone remember his game against essendon 2 weeks ago. He was our foward who would run back and mark it then kick into our 50. I think Bate is a great lead up player and can kick goals. We have dropped a goal scorer. Its more pressure on our 2 youngsters Jurrah and Watts. Nothing against Addam but he better come out and actually touch the ball. I would have liked to see Aussie come in to see him in our foward line with Jurrah crumbing off him now that Davey is up the ground. Yeah i read that Brad Green had a finger injury. Hopefully its not one of those dodgy ones that keep you out. If there is no green then Bate will definitely have to come in. Moloney sounds like he may miss. Will be a big loss.
  24. I thought for sure Bruce's goal would have been nominated for goal of the week. Rhys shaw and Matthew stokes got nominated and someone else. I know it wasn't as flashy as Shaws goal from the boundary but Bruce ran hard for his goal and set it up beautifully. It wasn't bad for a 30 year old.
  25. Pretty good effort to be at the game last sunday. At least his final game that he saw was a win. I noticed on the MCF website it says the office is closed today from 2:30 because of his funeral. Pretty quick to have the funeral 1 day after. He obviously did alot and was obviously a great mentor to Dean Bailey.
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