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  1. if Trac wins us a Flag I will agree but atm Flower is way ahead of him
  2. We were Crosswell's Third club after Carlton and North Melbourne!
  3. Couldn’t even get steak knives for OMac!
  4. The players we have should be able to play with a system that ensures consistent performances. It is up to the FD to 1/ ensure all players from 1 to 45 on the list know what the system is and know it in their sleep and 2/ ensure all players are developed to continually improve their skills - Goal kicking and tackling especially. We haven't yet seen a consistent system and not enough improvement which due to the failure of the coaches especially Goodwin and the development coaches. Any coach who cannot adapt to opposition moves during a game is a failure, see what Bulldogs did after half time due to moves made by Luke Beveridge and not responded to by Goodwin.
  5. There is no sign of Glen Bartlett because he is out the back in his shed sharpening his axe
  6. Rose coloured glasses! Super optimist! Have you put your money where your mouth is?
  7. Tomlinson going forward would be a bust as his kicking for goal is worse than any of other forwards. Bring back a forward coach and a kicking coach.
  8. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/two-demons-set-to-be-suspended-for-breaking-afl-s-covid-19-protocols-20200612-p55231.html
  9. Gil has stated on radio this morning that bench is limited to 4 as per last year.
  10. Saty, Jared Rivers was the forward line coach which surprised me as he was always a defender when played at Melbourne. I suppose that is why Shaw decided he was excess to requirements.
  11. Oscar is a worry dropping chest marks
  12. I thought Frost should have been tried on a wing - we were crying out for outside pace last year and it was there - just not in the coach's head.
  13. Viney is on AVB's left - in the right of screen:)
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