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  1. 9 hours ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    Casey are really missing Moose and remember that many players who played last season (and even this one) have either moved on, injured or now playing AFL....

    Chandler, Baker, JVR, Dunstan, Weid, Mitch Brown & Bedford.

    Reckon we did ok without Dunstan & Moose.

    And while this most likely wasn't the difference, the umps did pay some insanely rediculous 'hand-of-god' frees on at least 3 to 4 occasions which helped keep Werribee within touch and pushed them ahead at times.

    If you need any convincing of this check out the holding the ball against Woe straight in front of their goals early in the 4th.  Was literally tackled as soon as he took possession and taken to ground /sat on.  Ventured to try and handball it but no way he had any prior.

    The other must see miracle free was at the 17 minute mark of the last against Roan Steele.  He tracked the ball from a Werribee kick off HB through the middle, picked up, turned on a tight arc quickly to boot the ball back into our 50 or find a target.  Slipped over, got straight back up (no oppo touched him and if they did it was a finger tip trip anyway) and the ump paid HTB!!!!

    Hand of God is right. It's a Malcolm Blight on our game, and if you scan across KAYO over the weekend there are plenty of nonsensical calls and gift goals awarded by Hollywood umpiring.  And what happened to push-in-the-back?  It's a lucky dip which way the umpires call it. Won WCE a premiership couple of years ago and gave us a fright (Johanssen) in '21.

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  2. Getting sucked into the contest: i know this is an asside, but Steven May (gloating about who was in the flag 18) and Ed Langdon's (Collingwood are a one trick team) hubristic behaviour last year tarnished our team-first ethic. And it's mighty hard getting back on that pedestal.

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  3. 47 minutes ago, jnrmac said:

    The Geelong game from last year is the blueprint to beat Melbourne We have learned nothing from it.

    Its what PA did all night. Jum into Max's back and smash the kick ins 10-15m fwd to a gaggle of PA players.

    Brainless coaching, poor set ups at clearance, extraordinary decision not to nullify Butters.

    Couldn't believe we kept Tracc in the fwd 50 for our worst performing first half in a long time. Gawn was hopeless.

    The PA positioning was superb at stoppages and when the ball was in out D50. They created a wall that we struggled to break out of.

    Our small fwd were pathetic. As were our big fwds.

    As for the panicking handballs, sliding below the knees and the guarding of the centre corridor it was painful to watch.

    10-0 clearances in 2nd qtr from our much vaunted midfield? Changes need to be made.

    10-2 in frees in the last quarter? Should be an investigation into the pathetic - bordering on cheating - umpiring. No front on contact for Gawn from Lycett? Dropped marks paid, ball hitting the ground and paid a mark? No second 50m for Lever?

    And astoundingly TMac gives away a free for HTB and the Tackler is penalised a week for a dangerous tackle? That tops the cake for how putrid umpiring is in our once great game.

    Our record against top sides is now alarming and while you can't win flags in May there is a consistent pattern that has emerged. And it about how easy we are to coach against and how badly our coaches can respond to obvious tactics used against us.

    2 hours ago, leave it to deever said:

    I thought that the Grundy and Gawn combo was going to directly increase our goal tally. It did in the praccy games. But the average goals for the 2 combined is currently at only one and a half per game. 

    I think we roll the dice with Bbb instead of Tmac.

    Don't need to roll the dice withh BBB, didn't he have a 3,3,3, or similar? Correction: 4,4,1.

  4. 2 hours ago, leave it to deever said:

    I thought that the Grundy and Gawn combo was going to directly increase our goal tally. It did in the praccy games. But the average goals for the 2 combined is currently at only one and a half per game. 

    I think we roll the dice with Bbb instead of Tmac.

    Don't need to roll the dice with BBB, didn't he have a 3,3,3, or similar? A 4,4 and a 1, to be sure...

  5. That free to South was a shocker, makes you want to switch to... darts? The penalty was far worse than the offence. A free kick from a designated spot, sure but why oh why do umpires step in and virtually gift the four points like that.

  6. 12 minutes ago, Redleg said:

    The new team needs a stadium that can support fans and is a centrepiece of TV coverage with a big supporting footy crowd.

    Watching the empty Giants stadium at their home games is soul destroying and I am sure the broadcasters hate it. 

    There is no doubt that a Tasmanian team would bring tourism and money into their economy, which in time would repay any contribution to a stadium and provide many extra benefits for the State.

    However, if a vocal minority ruin this, that is the end of a Tasmanian team now and for the foreseeable future and so be it.

     The AussieFL  creates dud 18s in the rugby states then handcuffs young victorians et al to go and live/play in those same states via the draft. I for one would like to see some international standard table tennis facilities installed right across the country courtesy of us tight****- taxpayers.  After all, if we can subsidise aerial pingpong then there is no reason why we can't challenge the Ma Longs, Fan Zen Dongs and Alex Le Bruns of the world down here on the ground.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Demonland said:

    Can you elaborate on what you mean here? Do you mean to say what does our performance in the match against Hawthorn tell us about how we are likely to go against potential Top 4 teams? Or something else?

    Yes, thank you. .y impression of the game is that we played well but would have been punished bigtime in turnovers and better finishing by the higher placed teams. 

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  8. Watching all the games on kayo you get to see the completely random nature of umpire calls in all its glory: pushes in the back (while player in front is flying for ball) unpunished start to finish, second to the ball rewarded at all times, neck tackling allowed at all times, players held onto too long after they no longer have the ball, taking that player out of the next contest. Excessive 50 metre penalties for frivolous reasons. And my pet gripe: hand tackling. I thought players were only allowed to be tackled within a certain range of their body. This is chickenwing 2.0. There is no intention to win the ball here, only to draw a free against the player who went in first. 

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  9. 8 hours ago, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

    Have the Dees ever  been beaten abroad? 
    I know we’ve won in NZ, Canada, USA, China ,England and Tasmania(!) Anywhere else?

    I know we won the '87 World Series.

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  10. On 5/8/2023 at 4:39 PM, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

    Arguably cost us the '63 Premiership.

    It was replayed in both Hawaii and San Fran Cisco which Melbourne won 2-0. That gave us the flag 2-1 on aggregate. A bit like Liverpool and A.C Milan in 2005.

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  11. 8 hours ago, DEE fence said:

    Watched it twice, plenty of credit for Melbourne was given, yes they were barracking for the underdog but so what, it’s what you do. And the underdog played really well. On 1st Crack King et al all said he would get off on appeal. I am more concerned with they are slow to commentate with speed of play, lots of good touches and efforts get missed all around. In ‘21 King got on board Melbourne early, now we are expected to be good, get used to it. I am over the fact that for season now any analysis of Melbourne has been 40 seconds worth at max. We had so much more airtime previously. I’d settle for 20% of the airtime Nick Daicos gets, for the whole team. Although they did acknowledge that Grawndy will be a weapon in the finals. 



    It's called flying under the radar. All will be revealed on King Charles' day.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Fanatique Demon said:

    Except that Geelong won it in 1963. I think Hawthorn’s first premiership was in 61. Yes, Barassi was suspended in 63. 

    Quite right. Rot set in after our 60 flag. Thence, Kennedy's commandos.

  13. 47 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:

    It relates back to 1990 when everyone’s favourite footy manager,the great Peter Rohde, and the unheralded Tony Campbell pantsed them in consecutive weeks in R22 and the the finals to keep them from winning a flag they thought was rightfully theirs.

    I love that they hate us. It’s for all the right reasons and they can do f all about it. 

    I'm a deep-state conspiracist myself. In the 60s the Hawks dethroned Melbourne when Percy Cerutty turned the Hawks into Kennedy's commandos. The Hawks then narrowly got past us in a '63 final (Barassi suspended) and that premiership marked an unbroken and unparalelled run of premierships for every decade since. Meanwhile Melbourne fell apart under the weight of its hubris only to wipe the smile off the Hawks' faces as stated by Slartibartfast. Now in 2023 the tables are totally reversed. We are the no 1 act in town and The Two Poos have sunk to the bottom.

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  14. 1 minute ago, SPC said:

    Legend Binman.. MAFS can wait. You have sold me on the review, now can’t wait for the sequel. 

    We have Fritta to partly thank for reverting to the mean. So now Choco has to get some positivity and good vibes into his head so Fritta can get mean again! 

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  15. 2 hours ago, joeboy said:

    Gawn - probably broke even

    Petracca - was rarely clean

    Oliver - disposals were iffy

    Rivers - good and evil

    Petty - not a forward!

    van Rooyen - tried but failed

    Fritsch - career worst game

    Bowie - loose but improved 

    Turner - was rarely convincing 

    McVee - needs a break

    May - was generally effective 

    Lever - often found out

    Grundy - had little influence 

    Langdon - couldn’t get involved

    Pickett - some occasional cameos

    Sparrow - some important touches

    Viney - four quarter endeavour

    Chandler - was well held

    Harmes - had some impact

    Brayshaw - spirit and conviction 

    Jordon - another bland game

    Hunter - some costly options 

    Neil-Bullen - couldn’t get involved 


    I think i'll wait for a three-word game review by The Four Yorkshiremen.

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  16. I want to know whether the boys think that Collingwood's (one point) win was more meritorious than Melbourne's 90 pt effort, whether North should go south, and is there finally a case for Mud Island to have their own team - provided that they can achieve an AFL standard field. More seriously, is the current mis-match of teams going to seriously compromise this year's finals series?

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  17. 1 hour ago, Little Goffy said:

    I'm okay with Segway at pick 5 and Fanagle with 17. Would bring us a combination of sustained speed and craftiness. Hopefully one or both of Savvy and Wiley will still be available at our later selections.


    There are plenty of not-pick-one good examples of gun kids arriving and making a potent difference in a team breaking through for a premiership. Selwood (Pick 7) and Rioli (13) in their first seasons, and I'd even say that Bontempelli (4) fits in that category with his 36 brownlow votes and a premiership in his first 50 games!

    Then again, I'm the kind of person who gets irritated and avoids a movie is everyone is out there telling me how great it is. I'm profoundly hype-averse.

    Still, if we were able to end up with 4, 7 and 13... I might go in for a bit of hype 

    Sashay, also worth a look but unfortunately gets caught trying to dodge tackles.

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  18. 3 hours ago, beelzebub said:

    If the Dees did that they'd have shown they've/we've learnt nthing.  And that's simply not the case. I actually think we're among the more savvy and wiley in this league.

    Segway ...for a moment.  The introduction of the 19th club... The Devils ( not sure how i feel about that....the name ...lol ) With they're being ushered in comes 3 or 4 years of seriously compromised drafts.

    This years draft and maybe next are our chance to snap up and bank some talent before the well goes dry.

    You're not going to load up and throw all at 36Red ... no no no

    I sense we will fanangle a creep up the positions..but highly doubt an 'all in' 

    That for mine would be daft

    If we go for Segway we are crazy. 

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