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  1. 15 hours ago, JimmyGadson said:

    The way we play the majority of the time fails to excite, which imo contributes to our supporters either not wanting to rock up and/or doesn't give our supporters much to cheer about. 

    Kosi is about the only excitable player on our list but he's been a shadow of himself for the best part of a month. 

    We have nobody else that excites. Not even Trac. Forward of centre, he's about as reliable as a chocolate teapot when it comes to kicking goals in general play and set-shots. 

    Against better sides, our inability to kick goals from great opportunities and looks forward has been atrocious for two years. Two years. Even in the wet last night, we had so many opportunities going forward that we just waste. 

    When will we actually address this? They talk about method and that the club have worked on that over summer. But it's clear to me it's a personnel thing more than anything. Miskicks, kicks straight up in the air, kicks to the advantage of a defender. It all comes down to the individual and we are stocked full of players who consistently display poor ball use. It doesn't change.. 

    One quick fix for the rest of the year imo is to move Salem to a half forward/centre forward mid role. Take out one of Sparrow, Jordan or even ANB. Give Spargs ANB's role for a few weeks and sacrifice a bit of that run with a ball use. 

    One of Bowey or Salem need to play forward centre. We just cannot hit targets going inside 50 and let me tell you, they are there. Always. 

    I'm just completely vanilla mids in Jordan and Sparrow. We need other types in there. 

    And we are desperate for a mature aged key position forward who knows where to lead, when to leave space and can contest hard. 


    If you watch the other games on a kayo binge weekend this little melodrama repeats itself holus-bolus. The main problem is the shape of the football. Of course, a good full forward would be helpful.

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  2. Stunk up badly at the selection table, anomalies abound. BBB having an excellent start to the season then relegated to Casey, can't get back in despite us having  an average forward line. Tomlinson, breakout game v Collingwood... surely "no change" is the applicable team-first messaging. Petty, straight back in, despite the erstwhile practice of easing injured players back ...through Casey. Can't take any of it too seriously when punters preside over selections. Demons, gamble responsibly.

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  3. I remember in the good-old, bad-old days we had Melbourne - Masters of the MCG and Melbourne Greatest Ever Exponents of Perfection Football displayed across the northern and southern stands in perpetuity. There was a third one l have forgotten.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Lucifers Hero said:

    Had to wade through 20 pages on bf which was mainly bs about Collingwood, their changes and how to stop DeGoey going overseas and getting into more strife.  Have omitted all that rubbish.

    Anyone would think they didn’t have a game coming up.  I’ve left out all the unsavoury comments about Oliver.

    • Carlton aren’t a great overlap side. They kept kicking straight to melbs zone defence. I think we are much better at providing run and overlap, and can exploit the dees using this
    • Coxzilla to put on a clinic in a massive game at the G. Loves the big occasion in front of the parents at the G does big Coxy!
    • So... Did Viney get looked at by the MRP or nah?
    • The key as always v Melbourne is to keep May and Lever busy and avoid kicking down the line to them
    • The Dees forward line is completely dysfunctional.  Our defensive system should make a mess of them.
    • This is a danger game for us, if Melbourne bring their best.
    • The game before the mid season is always a challenge - feels like this looms as a danger game for me with players thinking about the week off. I'm sure Fly and the coaches will manage expectations within the playing group but some real challenges around selection this week
    • It’s a bit unsettling as the past few years we’ve been the underdogs against this lot but this time we’ll be clear favs. They couldnt have been less impressive friday night but I’ve already seen in the media it’s their “mid year GF”. Seriously can these minnow clubs give us a rest from their manufactured pump up games
    • I think it was clear we weren’t running on all cylinders the past 2 weeks whether that was intentional or not. Time to get the “All duck and no dinner” anger back out again
    • Would be nice to make it harder for them to make top 4 as well, if we are top 2, the more interstate sides that finish top 4 the better
    • I don’t think we’ll select a side to match Melbournes forwardline.  More likely we’ll select our best back 7 and force Melbourne to adapt to that. If they go in undersized they’ll struggle with any long ball in the fifty.
    • Gawn, Oliver & Petracca had the ball on a string last time we played them, and we still beat them. Not too worried about this game, Melbourne are our bunnies
    • Be afraid everyone, Grundy has asked for the first bounce
      • Woohoo! First clearance to the Magpies
      • Might forget who he plays for and tap it straight to Pendles
    • Irrespective of the Ins and Outs this week, based on recent form and Melbourne's woeful performance last week, we should easily account for the Demons.
    • Yeah, I watched bits of that game and both sides were garbage.  Melbourne were only slightly better than Carlton.
    • Melbourne will be all huff and puff for the first 10 minutes and then we'll just smash them
    • Pies to once again, make Lever and May redundant as we always do. Miochek to kick 4. Pies by 17.
    • Lippa is a good in, but let's not build him up to be Chris Judd.
    • Have no idea on the ins, only thing I know definitely is that I can't wait to beat Melbourne.
    • Up there in my top three most despised clubs predominately due to their supporters!


    My Favourite, sort of:

    • I tipped Melbourne by 20pts in my Tipping


    This has been the most ungracious lot of opp comments I have come across since Essendon.  Not one ounce of respect.  Anyone would think they are the recent premiers!  I so desperately want us to beat them.  Wipe the smile off their sneering faces. 

    Importantly we need to break the string of losses vs them before we meet them in the finals. Get a bit of the psychological edge back.

    Reckon, we have this!!  Dees by a heart-stopping 9 th

    Their loss record aginst us in finals since pre-war is almost perfect.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    Magnificent recruitment and development from the club. Pick 19 is a steal.

    Jacob looks a great prospect. And critically he has that insane will to compete and win. That celebration after his goal was so good.  He wants this bad and he is as tough as nails.

    Watch Collingwood try to "ginger up" the new boy. I think he has a bit of the Neil Balmes about him...

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  6. 21 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    Agree with most of that except for the Sydney bit.

    Sydney are right in the thick of the top 8 action and may need to beat us in the last game to make finals.

    And if they are out of the race, it will likely be Buddy’s farewell game and emotions will be very high at the SCG. Therefore I expect it to be a very tough assignment.

    Buddy is moving around ATM like Talos from Jason and the Argonauts..


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  7. 10 minutes ago, kev martin said:

    Collingwood seem to want to choose when they "go" or not. If they play that kind of arrogant game plan, we will easily beat them. Especially without De Goey effecting the midfield battle.

    I expect them to be "going", and we have to be "going" with them. If they get a good lead we will be done. This year we are better at playing for the 4 quarters. We've lost the capacity to put several goals on in short periods regularly (can't rely on a good burst) . 

    If we sustain our pressure, effort and complete the fundamentals well for the 4 quarters, then we go a long way to beating them.

    My question is, can the Woods play a hard fought 4 quarter game, as I think we can?

    Go Dees

    They just have to be unpicked, like we were. They get overlappers sprinting hard from concealed rear formations as soon as they have a ball-winner. From that set-up it is guard to stop them. We need to counter their ploy with our own Oliver's army-style formation: 


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  8. 7 hours ago, Brownie said:

    There seems to be a lot more selfishness in the forward 50 as well. 

    I was stunned at Frittas snap goal when Chandler was standing all by himself in the goal square last night.

    I was just waiting and waiting for someone to say this. It was a seriously selfish moment, papered over by the fact that we won the '21 premiership and the correct dribbling of the ball. If he had missed that goal it would have been a very bad look. Still, saying all this Fritta is a serious class act. Now, onwards to Kysiah and his penchant for spoiling JVR and Gawny's marking attempts.

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  9. 8 hours ago, dee-tox said:

    I think Kozzie is an interesting talking point. He's averaging only 11 possessions a game and tonight only had three kicks. Sure he puts pressure on oppositions but IMO he's capable of much, much more.


    At one point Kozzie flew for a speccie in front of MG when he could have stayed down for the spoils. This has been a repeating pattern, with KP continually preferencing goal of the year/ mark of the year. We are going nowhere until Melbourne gets back to tem first.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Hellaintabadplacetobe said:

    Can't remember a more boring, mistake ridden game in a long time. Crowd was flat as a tack for 50k. 

    3 more Brownlow votes for Trac. Other than that great signs from Judd and JVR, Salem slowly returning to form.

    Take the win and forget this game ever happened.

    8 wins in a row. I used to dream of 8 wins in a row against Carlton.

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  11. 2 hours ago, picket fence said:

    How Van Rooyen continues to get a game over BBB I find mystifying!?

    Why BBB wasn't put straight back into the Ones instead of having to do Re-Accreditation 101 equally so.  He'd had a great start to the year... can surely  bolster our (against top sides) pop-gun attack.

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  12. 15 hours ago, picket fence said:

    I nominate this as the BEST POST OF THE YEAR!!!!!

    Not to mention the manufactured game day experience. No 'crowd' anymore.... just loud announcers and music controlling the messaging. Just watch Everton's  last game in EPL, by way of comparison. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, Buzzy said:

    It's his life.  If he wants to sign a waiver and play, that's entirely up to him.

    Don't understand why people weigh in on this, it's not up to anyone else but the person who bears the risk.

    That is not correct. There are friends, family, potentially carers, the whole sporting community, not to mention ambulance-chasing class-action lawyers as players in these tragic events. This is the prime reason the AFL is now bearing down big-time on head-high collisions and tackling. I dare say the current form of the game will be obsolete in twenty years time, when the full impact of head trauma is better understood and appreciated by sporting parents and the community in general.

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  14. 1 minute ago, layzie said:

    Masters of the great escape.

    Yeah I see the comparisons, also always thought West Ham was similar.  

    It only takes the flimsiest pretext to follow a team when you are a kid. Ie Getting taken to an International v seeing Ron Barassi on TV  shows.

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  15. Slightly off-topic, but well worth a mention! Overnight saw my team Everton def. Bournemouth 1-0 to narrowly avoid relegation from the English  premier league. What then is the Everton / Melbourne connection? On May 16, 1964 my father took me to see Everton (then a top Div 1 team)  play Australia. In spite of Everton smashing Australia 8-2 Everton, Everton became my team from then on. If my father wasn't so anti-Australian rules l might have been taken to junction oval (the previous Saturday) to see my first VFL game v Saints. Despite winning the flag that year Melbourne were soundly beaten by a rising St Kilda. Crowd comparisons were interesting: the Melbourne game drew 35,000 whilst the international at Olympic park drew 32,500. 

    PS We walloped then in the August re-match, 8.7 to 5.7, but the crowd - at the MCG - was only 33,000.

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