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  1. On 8/6/2023 at 9:27 PM, IRW said:

    There should be a moratorium on umpire comments aroind here or a group action taking the AFL to court .

    We know( every clubs supporters know)that umpiring is difficult and sometimes they are "shockers" but... fmd they don't pick on the MFC.

    Grow up..it will be more fun watching the games .

    Pathetic  much 

    Having said that it would be fair to say that the game has become un-umpireable. Retarding players off the ball, "nudges" in the back when flying for the ball, "ball" decisions ... it is impossible to guess which way the umpires are going to call half the time. 50 metre penalties are an extravagant penalty on many occasions. Insufficient intent... what a laughable rule. Mens rea, indeed.

  2. Soft modern-day  football boots is the problem.  The past players' association should insist on our players only wearing  Ron Barassi boots with  appropriate metal caps (ouch, kicking in danger) and thick leather soul and hard leathered skin.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, samcantstandya said:

    The best player I ever saw. Great mark, brave and fair. Watching him run and bounce the ball was a thing of beauty.

    Watching him bounce EITHER hand was something else...

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  4. On 7/16/2023 at 10:14 AM, Colm said:

    Is this true? Surely not, a contract is a contract AFL can’t just decide it’s ok for some players to break them. Do you have a link or where did you read it?

    The AFL will no doubt put it on their Gettable" segment: "We make the rules, we break them."

  5. 3 hours ago, old dee said:

    As everyone knows. I have always been a  doubter on Sam from very early on. I feel very sorrow for him. I hope he gives it away and finds other things in life. There are lots Sam  

    Like doing Special Comments on Demonland, for example. No one knows l thought that.

  6. 14 minutes ago, david_neitz_is_my_dad said:

    Highway robbery. Brisbane looked so dangerous in transition they almost took back the lead with a push forward from the stoppage with just 12 seconds left

    The umpire's dodgy ball up with ten seconds on the clock was an utter disgrace.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Dee-monic said:

    I don't think Whateley was far wrong. Defeat tonight would have been a big psychological blow and could have left us in a potential logjam of teams battling to make finals.

    Wasn't it Whately who memorably extolled Petracca's dribbler in the '21 GF as being "TRULY from the top shelf". He still has credits for that...

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  8. On 7/7/2023 at 2:53 PM, Bystander said:

    Far be it from me to step on anyone's literary toes, particularly on demonland, but, in Australian slang, "magoos" means a lower level of competition, not the umpires.

    E.g. "He will be in the magoos if he keeps that rubbish up".

    Then again, if you were sympathetic to the myopic cartoon character, "Mr.Magoo", it's easy to spot the mix-up... 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    Go Blues

    Is there anything worse than having a hundred plus thousand Bomber supporters eyeing off our fourth position.

    We'd better win next week for my sanity

    Essingdon won't bea Geelong at Geelong, and they won't beat Collingwood. There's two.

  10. BBB a premiership hero, is one of our top full forwards of the last 60 years.

    1. Neitz

    2. Bennett

    3. Jakovich

    4. Dillon

    5. Brown

    6.  Robertson

    7.  Parke

    If Melbourne is seriously contending this year the selection committee will need to swallow their pride and get him back in the team.


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  11. On 6/24/2023 at 12:45 PM, 640MD said:

    Just a point

    if Rohan had been a Melb player

    how many weeks would he have received 

    duty of care should apply no matter that you are on the same side 

    concussion in 10 years time will not care who hit Cameron 

    high , reckless , feet off the ground , player off for two weeks 

    That is a very good point. At the very least, the intention of the Geelong player is to make heavy contact. So he has responsibility or duty of care for what follows. 

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  12. Ron Barassi didn't break through as a gun player until a role was invented for him... that being ruck-rover.  This suggestion may be howled down etc  but why not play Grundy as a mid/ruck-rover? He could tag-team with Gawn then. The competition may never look the same. 

    When one of these players gets tired they could rest in the back pocket, a la Ted Lees.  (https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/pp-melbourne-demons--ted-lees

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  13. 9 hours ago, Traja Dee said:

    Thanks so much for sharing; it brought back so many memories. 

    Things I enjoyed seeing included some of my favorite childhood players: Robbie F, Gerard Healy, Alan Jarrott, Brian Wilson, Alan Johnson, Stephen Icke, Kelly O’Donnell, Steven Smith, Rohan Connolly  

    I have to admit to spending 10 minutes thinking that 33 was Greg Healy. Of course, being 1983, it was Tony Elshaug, who ended up at Essendon. Other players who changed clubs include Gerard Healy and Glen McLean  

    It was fun to see the MCG with the old Southern Stand with the wooden benches, the standing room behind the city goal and Vic Police as security. 

    I don’t remember that game but I do remember a great win later in the season against the fancied Hawks in the sun at Princes Park, despite Steven Smith getting king hit and knocked out cold in the first quarter (no prizes for guessing the culprit). That win against Hawthorn put us in the top 5 for the first time in my life. Sadly, we fell away from the very next round. 

    My favorite memory from this video was see Doug Haywood interview Robbie in the rooms after the game. Robbie seemed so formal compared to modern players. It made me reflect on what it would have been like to be coached by Ron Barrassi; I can imagine that even supremely talented, conscientious and loyal players like Robbie would have been under the thumb. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    'Rohan' Connolly,  lol...  is that his moniker a la Nathan/Gary Lyon?

  14. 15 hours ago, JimmyGadson said:

    The way we play the majority of the time fails to excite, which imo contributes to our supporters either not wanting to rock up and/or doesn't give our supporters much to cheer about. 

    Kosi is about the only excitable player on our list but he's been a shadow of himself for the best part of a month. 

    We have nobody else that excites. Not even Trac. Forward of centre, he's about as reliable as a chocolate teapot when it comes to kicking goals in general play and set-shots. 

    Against better sides, our inability to kick goals from great opportunities and looks forward has been atrocious for two years. Two years. Even in the wet last night, we had so many opportunities going forward that we just waste. 

    When will we actually address this? They talk about method and that the club have worked on that over summer. But it's clear to me it's a personnel thing more than anything. Miskicks, kicks straight up in the air, kicks to the advantage of a defender. It all comes down to the individual and we are stocked full of players who consistently display poor ball use. It doesn't change.. 

    One quick fix for the rest of the year imo is to move Salem to a half forward/centre forward mid role. Take out one of Sparrow, Jordan or even ANB. Give Spargs ANB's role for a few weeks and sacrifice a bit of that run with a ball use. 

    One of Bowey or Salem need to play forward centre. We just cannot hit targets going inside 50 and let me tell you, they are there. Always. 

    I'm just completely vanilla mids in Jordan and Sparrow. We need other types in there. 

    And we are desperate for a mature aged key position forward who knows where to lead, when to leave space and can contest hard. 


    If you watch the other games on a kayo binge weekend this little melodrama repeats itself holus-bolus. The main problem is the shape of the football. Of course, a good full forward would be helpful.

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  15. Stunk up badly at the selection table, anomalies abound. BBB having an excellent start to the season then relegated to Casey, can't get back in despite us having  an average forward line. Tomlinson, breakout game v Collingwood... surely "no change" is the applicable team-first messaging. Petty, straight back in, despite the erstwhile practice of easing injured players back ...through Casey. Can't take any of it too seriously when punters preside over selections. Demons, gamble responsibly.

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  16. I remember in the good-old, bad-old days we had Melbourne - Masters of the MCG and Melbourne Greatest Ever Exponents of Perfection Football displayed across the northern and southern stands in perpetuity. There was a third one l have forgotten.

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