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  1. 11 minutes ago, Jaded No More said:

    A remarkable human being and one of the best people you could ever hope to have at your club. He brings so much to our club and we should be incredibly proud that he plays for us.

    Even if he doesn’t play another game, his contribution next year will be immeasurable. If every young player at our club models themselves on Ben, they’ll be better for it. 

    There's a guy in my town (Warragul) l think he works in Woolies, has a hot Cooper S mini with BBB demon number plates. 

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  2. JVR gets a week and disgraceful tribunal lets Maynard off. Tells you all you need to know about the thugs  running the AFL, not to mention their goons and cheer squad in the media. Bring on class actions and get these glass box execs into a courtroom where they can  defend their  "footy actions" in a public forum.

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  3. 16 hours ago, bing181 said:

    A bit unreal to see people defending Maynard. He had other choices while still attempting the smother, which is why he'll face the tribunal.

    As a side note, umpires paid a downfield free, which isn't going to help the "football act" defence.

    Haven't seen it mentioned here but great to see the old boys code of football violence swept away by new broom, Laura Kane. The sooner these "nothing to see" drongoes are removed from media positions,  the better. It's football, not headball.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, Roost it far said:

    Play Grundy in the ruck as he’s great as an extra mid when the ball hits the deck ala Luke Jackson. Let him and Max share the ground. He has to come in, there’s no one else

    About time someone started making sense around here. The solution lies in plain sight. And if sonething did click, it could be the catalyst that we so absolutely need at this moment.

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  5. Making a statement and taking out a key playmaker. A time-honoured footy act, practised in finals. Like the last time Collingwood beat Melbourne in a finsl, and Murray Weidemann took out Ron Barassi. Or the 1990 GF when Essendon snipers tried to stop Collingwood. All for us patrons in the Colisseum, who want to  see blood, who want to see highlights reels of "footy acts".

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  6. 4 minutes ago, forever demons said:

    An aside to Gus being terribly hurt why didnt more players remonstrate with him ,May should have been sent forward for 10 mins to belt the [censored] out of him.Getting all work up again and angry,still havent got the spit of the tv from last night

    Keep May well away, what can he do, other than get himself reported.  A mini team meeting to show dissent resolve against Maynard's behaviour. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Stiff Arm said:

    Like it or not, footy will become less and less of a contact sport due to concussion liabilities. Knee to head in marking contest will go at some point. Not if, but when

    It is possible to train out these habits. We've trained out the deliberate hip and shoulder, we've trained players to turn their bodies to avoid head-on contact.

    In 15 years time, what is acceptable now will look like a 1980's biffs, bumps and brawl VHS video

    I know plenty of parents who are nervous about their kids playing footy due to concussions. The AFL will change the game to respond accordingly 

    I would hate to see knee to the head disappear out of our game...

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  8. 13 hours ago, JimmyGadson said:

    Can't fault our mental toughness, heart and desire to compete. It's admirable for sure and says a lot about how far we've come and the kind of culture we've created. Clearly we're respected. 

    Ultimately we lost the game in a way that has been a trend for how long now? Too long. Years. 

    Oliver is a great example tonight of what too many of our players do. Bomb shallow, high, sometimes long. Just zero composure. That was as close to as the most non-infliential 30 touch game I've seen from someone and he gave away stupid free kicks also. 

    Tom McDonald, wow. 

    Max Gawn is just too good to believe and almost single handedly kept us alive. A pleasure watching him. 

    Brayshaw being subbed out clearly didn't help our cause. But the signs were already there imo. Collingwood were cleaner, tougher and more proactive early and we just couldn't match it. One good quarter is never enough. 

    And for those saying Maynard should get weeks, you have no idea. He jumped in the air to smother. That was the football action. And once in the air, could not do a thing to stop his body colliding into Brayshaw's.. Extremely unfortunate for Gus and Melbourne supporters, but if you cannot see it for what it is, you have a serious Melbourne bias and just completely unreasonable. Some of the comments on here are hilariously embarrassing. 

    Maynard is scum, but he actually did nothing wrong. 

    Let's hope Gus is okay, we can still do some damage although I see some serous holes appearing for us. 


    Aussie rules supporters are just brainwashed into lauding this so-called manly  "split-second" stuff. Is this writer saying the coach is wrong as well? These are the kind of head hits that future class-actions are made of and intimidatory behaviour should be called out and suspensions applied when they are attempted . CTE is too strong an issue to protect the perpetrator ahead of the victim/ball-carrier..

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  9. Hilarious how the commentariat have created a new legal precedent  of "duty of care to yourself"  concept. Nice misdirection Brian and friends. The duty of care  is what you owe to another ie Brayshaw.  It is not a slogan to bandy around and legitimise unduly rough play to another. Anyway, Maynard was hardly in a passive position where he had to "protect himself". Fortunately for Maynard, he does not now have to consult a lawyer this morning and sue himself.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, Webber said:

    He jumped to smother the ball. It was COMPLETELY justified. That he turned the shoulder rather than holding his hands out and coming front on is something else. He’ll get off though, because they’ll argue lack of time and need to protect himself. JVR will get suspended because his eyes weren’t on the ball, and he raised his elbow. Sad, but true. 

    A travesty if any of of these prognostications come to pass.  In this millenium you don't need to knock players out with your shoulder.

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  11. On 9/3/2023 at 6:29 PM, Queanbeyan Demon said:

    Brodie is both a participant in, and the victim off, the pernicious consequences of the diverse forms of neo-liberalism, the market-economy, and the populism of the meat-market known to us as the AFL. All souls are available to be sailed up the river by shameless, self-righteous and conniving sleaze-bags. If he’s feeling betrayed, I cannot blame him. Yet, we all play a part, consciously or not, in our own betrayal. And on a reported $1.2m per year for seven years, guaranteed, my mercifulness toward him is somewhat circumscribed. As they say in other places, Brodie has what can be termed, “a better class of problem”.

    That's extremely humorous.

  12. I have a friend of a friend here in Warragul who kept a beautiful scrapbook of 1964. She was a member even back then. And l would like to share a photo l took of her club member's medalliin from that year. Go Deeeez!


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  13. 14 hours ago, dees189227 said:

    But disappointed to see Goodwin's comments about McGuinness. I mean that's the job of a tagger, to get under the skin of the player.

    Who doesn't remember Simon Godfrey and how he annoyed the hell out of his opponents.

    Maybe yze could work through with Clayton how to handle the tag

    After all, this is Australia. If you can't niggle, jumper punch, harass and berate a player off the ball, what's the country coming to.   Australia rues rules football.  Sock it to 'em, Simon.

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