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  1. On 21/02/2024 at 23:35, hemingway said:

    It’s all been said before but I hate the term “spud”. Its unnecessary, insulting  and  disrespectful. Tomlinson and others may have deficiencies but we all do. Yet we don’t go around calling family members, friends and work colleagues, “spuds”. Just not necessary. 

    I do recall "Spud" Dullard in days of yore. Not sure how he won that moniker.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Macca said:

    Rods Dillon was another with a vice-like grip when it came to marking ... but not a great kick for goal

    Parke kicked 63 goals in 1972 but his kicking action wasn't great.  But just like Dillon, he could take a great grab

    Either would be more than handy right now!!

    JVR reminds me of Hardeman a bit but Gary played his best footy as a CHB.  I reckon that JVR can be quite a versatile player so if he spends the year as a CHF, we might see that versatility in terms of him bringing other players into the game

    I have been wasting my time on AFL stats going over these halcyon years, and the abysmal kicking of these two.  If either Dillon or Parke could kick straight we would surely have made a couple of finals appearances in that grim decade. 

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  3. 20 hours ago, monoccular said:

    Yessss. One has to wonder though, with the likes of Parke and Hardeman up forward why we had such a long drought. 

    Agree though Oliver and Pickett are hard to beat. 

    Kolt and Knot could be a bit too confusing …. and for many especially in the last decade or so when wearing a tie has become less common some may wonder what is the significance of Windsor and knot.

    'Cos Parke would take 15 marks and kick 0.3 and two out on the full...

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  4. 1 hour ago, Fork 'em said:

    And we were still garbage.



    My golden days of going to the football. Lots of Grand Old Flag passion in the southern stand. No voice-over ground announcers. The Dees often played with desperation, just didn't have access to the top-flight players. The late 70s, by which time Wells had gone to Carrrton, that was a different matter.

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  5. On 01/01/2024 at 23:08, The end is nigh said:

    Very good accuracy, averaged over 2 tackles a game, one season in and straight into my fave players.
    I hope the hit on Mcstay in the final is out of his system and the sting of missing the Carlton game has him driven to play clean for his career ahead. Plenty of opportunities for him to tactfully impact with his strength and hardness. 
    Looking forward to watching him build his goal (and assist) tallies and the manner in which he gets it all done. 

    Should watch BM to identify what are correct within-the-rules football actions.

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  6. Modern day punters have it so easy. We used to watch VFA on channel 10 with a black and white pixel haze. I couldn't even tell whether Eddie Melai or Fred Cook had the pill. And that was on a sunny day. And we never complained once. 

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  7. On 17/12/2023 at 16:32, Monbon said:

    My wife and I have just returned from a 20 day break in Goolwa to try to regain some peace and sanity after my son's death. I was off air, but when we got back the Maynard Catastrophe hit the headlines again. I love the way the media makes him out to now becoming the victim of the change in rules ---NOT. 

    Anyhow, we attended the 2nd Birthday celebrations of my one time best friend's daughter's daughter, if that makes sense. I sat next to an old chum, an E Colli Wobbler man, and he started telling the sad story of John Greening's demise at the hands of an O'dea or so - all in a day's work. He said it was Greening's 99th game, that he was destined to becoming THE GREATEST FOOTBALLER OF ALL TIME but when he returned 3 years later, he was but a shadow. I know the story - I was working at La Trobe Uni at the bookshop at the time and recall the kerfuffle and rightful indignation. My sympathies were and are with Greening. ( By the way, our daughter graduated in a Psychology Degree with Honours at the same Uni last Friday. ) 

    I then asked Mr E Colli Wobbler how he felt when Maynard assaulted Brayshaw. He replied, There was nothing in it.

    I rest my case. E Colli Wobbler fans are as mad as snakes.

    The Greening incident was a very dark day. Until the Maynard incident l must admit l wasn't anti-collingwood. I remember other teams, hint: Essendon trying to swipe their way to flags. But now l very firmly have my anti-Collingwood goggles on from that day forth. You could also contrast Maynard's act with the heroism of Brayshaw when he courageously marked in the GF... 

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  8. 17 hours ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    Yeah, but whatever happened to ‘voluntary assumption of risk’ in contact sports. There were plenty of precedents that stated that contact sports players could not rely on common law principles such as ‘duty of care’ or ‘negligence’. Torts simply not applicable in sport. This has all stemmed from the NFL cases in the US. 

    Take your point but appropriating common law terminology to sanctify the violence agenda of AFL commission is dodgy and misleading.

  9. 11 hours ago, Dees_In_October said:

    If only everyone in Melbourne had such a thought process, our membership would be through the roof!

    New membership strategy based on this thread:

    • Put a membership delegate at the Irish embassy.
    • Find a way to reach out to influential older siblings in families likely to produce several children (and then occasionally check in to make sure none are secretly harbouring disloyalty!)
    • Have a "give your neighbours a scarf" membership option.
    • (After googling what the "Tarax Show" was) get a Dees player on an episode of Bluey ASAP.
    • Seek out regional/international sporting teams with the same colours and convert on that basis.
    • Reach out to players with short or non-playing careers and cement the friendship for generations to come, so no one can question the validity of their claims.
    • Give junior members money for playground bribery.
    • Start enforcing the "no choice" clause when it comes to house-kicking-out.
    • Pets with red and blue strings attached.

    Every club in Aus (there are many) which plays in the red and blue, and calls themselves the Demons should be offered some kind of affiliation status, even it is merely symbolic.

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  10. The first point to make is that when you are a kid you are highly impressionable. And football games for boys at a young age can be excessively addictive. So when we got the massive TV aerial put up in central Gippsland all of a sudden it was Ron Barassi mania. Sometime in '63 l must have chosen Melbourne, because there is a wasted part of my brain that remembers channel 7 replaying ad infinitum Ron "decking" Roger Dean, which we all know didn't happen. There is another wasted part of my cerebellum which recalls highlights of Melbourne wiping Collingwood in the '64 second semi. Strangely enough l don't have any highlight reels of the GF. But my English father took me to see Everton v Australia that year at Olympic Park and the green'n'gold  were smashed 8-2. Funny that l have  supported Everton since that day, as well. (And it is wonderful to see them climb out of adversity this year, culminating in a 2-0 thrashing of Chelsea overnight). So l caught the very tail-end of Demon Greatness, then proceeded to spend fruitless decades turning up at the G. For me though, the 2021 flag trumps all  misfortune. And it is a timely reminder that Gods do do indeed, exist: Petracca, Oliver, Brayshaw, Bennnny Brown, and Bayley Fritsch. To name just a few. Truly from the top shelf.

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  11. On 19/09/2023 at 21:21, monoccular said:

    I vaguely remember that Dean at some time in the last decade or so did admit to staging.   

    In the multiverse, TV footage of the incident was accepted and RDB got off. But we lost by a point after Doug Wade blatantly dug his knee into Bernie Massey's back and converted after the siren. In the following year Melbourne inexplicably slumped  because RDB couldn't get over being beaten by Norm Smith in the club's mid-season darts tournament. 

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