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  1. Spoke to the club this am. Was told we're at 44,000 which is a good increase over last week but still not wonderful. Hoping for 50K apparently.
  2. The last time Melbourne people ran the joint they sailed onto the rocks.
  3. IT's all the same. Fox and Seven. Just [censored].
  4. Bloody hell Brian Taylor is hopeless. A waste of space and airtime. Who the hell decides he should be employed in any capacity?
  5. Healy loves bagging us but I thought he was right on last night for his comments about the importance of the game and its significance for us. He was fine. Dermie, know all that he is, had some good insights too, about our shift with the wingers after half time for one.
  6. Or they 'could of' worked on their grammar.
  7. Round 18 2013, 122 points, same venue.
  8. From what I saw Geelong are persisting with the rope a dope patience game that took us three quarters to adapt to, and deal with at the 'G last year. I hope we've it worked out in two weeks time. We finished all over them and but for a narrow miss would have stolen the game in the last 15 seconds (Tomlinson from 50).
  9. What are your feelings on tonight's Tattslotto numbers. I'm just asking for a friend.
  10. All the focus will be on that final decision but it should not be lost that two Throwlong goals in the third quarter should have been disallowed because of ... throwing and handing the ball to a team mate. I am livid and I don't care. Imagine if this was Melbourne down there, which we will be at the tough end of the season.
  11. Whaaaaat? Not favouring Throwlong? You must be trolling.
  12. Maybe our round one crowd was not as bad as it first looked. Last night Collingwood and Carlton drew 51,700 with an expanded MCG capacity of 75,000 which equates to 69% of capacity. Last week we had 21,300 attend with a capacity of 50,000, which equates to 42% of capacity while playing a remote interstate club with negligible following here. Maybe that talk about people still being discouraged because of Covid risks has more relevance than seems correct when we have apparently 'eliminated' the virus. Maybe we won't see capacity crowds until the vaccine program is nearing comple
  13. Whatever we say it looks like one change. Harmes out (wrist); Viney in.
  14. Three goal assists v freo as well as his single goal makes four snags last week. And I speak as one of his critics.
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