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  1. How'd ya know? However I much prefer N47. Picky ain't I?
  2. I had lousy tickets anyway. Go Dees!
  3. Now you're being unrealistic and unreasonable. (sarcasm meter just blew up)
  4. Been nervous all week. Just a little bit excited now. This could be great.
  5. From what Goodwin said - "he has put together a good block of form" - his selection also reflects form at training as well as that one VFL game. And on the matter of "the body" Goodwin added that BBB has built his body to the point that he has confidence in it, implying that was a hindrance early in the season.
  6. Goodwin explained that he was on limited minutes because of the five day break.
  7. Spot on. And those bagging Pickett need to explain what he had to crumb to. (Answer: nothing and so it will remain until we select a key forward to make a contest.)
  8. There was no lack of noise and support. What was lacking was intensity (early) and smart decision making and clean execution.
  9. So difficult. I agree with everything both of you have written.
  10. So far Sam is on track with Tom Hawkins who was dropped and on the block at age 23. It's the next 11 seasons that count. Given his current limited trade value, and his known ability, I'd say keep him and work on his self-belief.
  11. Speaking for myself - it's a two to 2.5 hour round trip so yes to 2 above. And since we are not allowed in to the Casey oval and must peer through a chicken wire fence - the outer outer - it's less rewarding and I think there's less to be gained so yes to 1 above.
  12. Given his place in the throw-in drills he looked like a mid but as for his starting position I can't say. I first noticed him in general play as a 'release' player outside the contest. Partly he stood out because he had no number but he looked agile and in Jack Dyer terms, got to where the ball was.
  13. Sorry Ben. I saw him dob two but another observer who had been there the entire time said he had three.
  14. Viney was moving really well. Looked right to go. Brown also would have to be considered given he clunked a few and kicked mostly straight. The rucking contests I referred to came after the two quarters. Brown stayed out practicing goal kicking after the others went in. Clarry also stayed out, doing some extra running on his own. Good boy.
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