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  1. Hopefully they do get a full season in the VFL to develop though, something that would have significantly impacted all Victorian clubs.
  2. This made me smile. First attempt at video editing. final_61c2af3c3fc9b900aecdcf5d_406842.mp4
  3. I wonder if we (and other clubs) will want to hold on to list positions more so than other years given the lack of footy for draftable players in the eastern states. Unless they are really sure about how to use a pick, it could be a wise choice to save the pick and give the draft pool another 6 months to show something.
  4. He might have gone up like that before every pick leading up to it also? Just a super excitable fella perhaps.
  5. And the media went out of their way to make out that Buckley was a genius for playing him in the backline, totally ignoring he had payed there plenty while at Melbourne.
  6. The rule was bought in to stop players manning the mark 5m corridor side of where the mark actually was. This made it so difficult to attack the corridor because one man could effectively block a large area of attacking territory. The rule has acheived what it was brought in to do. Now, to block the corridor, defensive teams need to have several players there, thinning out the numbers down the line. Yeah, there are things to look at and maybe tweak (when play on is called, who can man the mark, penalty for infringement etc), but it would be a big backward step to throw it all away imo.
  7. It seems all very fanciful, but I can't help but think how hilarious it would be if the Bulldogs were that immature and precious that the playing of this song upset them so much they wanted to fight about it. What sort of adults would get upset by that??
  8. What is Melksham's status? There were rumours he was looking elsewhere during the trade period, but obviously nothing happened there. Is he still contracted for next year?
  9. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/10/14/mcavaney-lauds-petraccas-astonishing-grand-final-performance/
  10. I've been watching through the last 45 minutes with different radio commentaries. The SEN was a good as I expected it to be (Whateley and Huddo are the best going around imo). The 3AW one was actually better than I expected. Looking forward to watching more (ABC call up next). One thing I've come to realise is just how good the Sparrow goal was (2nd last one of the third term). In the ecstasy of the moment and the focus on the centre breaks, I hadn't grasped how good that kick was. Off a step from 50m out. Wonderful kick and great work by TMac on the line. He will become a great weapon going forward.
  11. I think it's a given Chandler is on the senior list. Emergency in the GF. Two years headlining the 7 re-signings. All points to him being on the seniour list I think.
  12. I'm surprised supporters are still writing players off as "wasted list spots" instead of backing the club to know what they're doing. How many times were ANB, JJ, Petty and several others that now have premiership medallions around their necks written off as not up to AFL standard? Some people are slow learners.
  13. I think the week off before the Grand Final made the rest of the footy world even more keen to move on. All the 'stories' came out then, everyone one else has MFC and Doggies fatigue and it's time to move on. Also, because the team stayed in Perth, to a certain degree they have been less accessible.
  14. Please buy a spare MFC onesie.
  15. I always valued ANB. Yes he had flaws but I thought he was very harshly judged. I also suspected Petty was an upgrade to Tomlinson, so haven't been at all surprised there. I was horribly, horribly wrong with Fritsch though, so for me he was our most improved. Early in the year, I thought he was the one that needed to drop out of the team if we were to bring Ben Brown in. Fritsch is a star and I couldn't have been more wrong.
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