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  1. First game back and calls to be dropped won't happen
  2. And you take them on trust and have a football brain hmmmmmm
  3. if watts seriously has a motor to run in the mid field and match it with well who ever , i can only quote daryl kerrigan from the castle, tell him he is dreaming. Jack your footy show appearance was a joke and i nearlycrashed my car listening on the way home with laughter hearing you quote your gps figures are up there with anyone at melbourne hope you have a real hard pre season
  4. Not for me, Bad manager screwed richmond with false offers last time now paying masive overs, father linked to bikie groups supposed ex bikie leader, hangs around connors STILL, has a full time mentor and hasnt got the petrol tickets to run a game out as every tigers fan knows. Smart Richmond ppl dont want him nor will they pay massive overs. for mine NO THANKS
  5. True, anyway much better option than earlier posts for Thompson to come back
  6. Yes the guy is a champion has won a brownlow and played in a premiership no one can dispute this, i was leaning to his off field behaviours or his snubs to authority
  7. Rumors flying that Dane Swan wants to come across, now as isaid only a rumor and for mine no thanks.
  8. Trade his heart aint in the club clear to see it last night, as much as i want him to suceed i doubt he wants to stay. what currency he has well thats debateable
  9. i doubt the afl will allow another unproven coach to come to us, i think chocco will be their main target, i would like either laidley or mark harvey
  10. tez


    dont you mean the afl made the move on this on going saga,more heads will roll more than likely with craig he was the director of coaching
  11. this bloke craig isn't he director of coaching, i feel he has allot to answer for as well as neeld
  12. there is a saying beamer that ppl think your an idiot dont open your mouth and remove all doubt. too late for that hey goose
  13. Jack needs some confidence, thought it was poor form by the supporters giving the Bronx cheers today, Whoever posted earlier he needs a mentor is spot on, even if its an outsider like Wayne Carey, mark neeld needs to get this right ASAP as it looks like we are killing another kids career
  14. What game where you at or were you still at training he did loads in the first half only went of once when tackled crudely, Wish more guys had his hard at it attitude. And hoping a melb player gets rubbed out for that soft bump you are a [censored]
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