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  1. 3.6 and 2 misses … been our weakness all year. Not being able to finish teams off
  2. Seriously would be close to the worse umpired this year and that says a lot
  3. Just dreaming of the day when a player streams into goal from 40m out and kicks it through the middle at post height.
  4. We are a mess. Nobody front and centre, No pressure Zone not working and No discipline.
  5. Fritta has always been selfish, stands out more when we are playing poor footy and under pressure for a win
  6. Harmes streaming into the 50 runs to 40m and doesn’t make the distance or doesn’t have a shot. I’m unsure which it was but I was sick to death of this from last week as well
  7. Very ordinary start need to clean up our ball use
  8. Would love to see a surprise selection… a chance to give woewodin a go? Probably melksham would have more impact but would be great to see some new faces get a crack
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