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  1. Available again on the AFL store for those who missed https://www.theaflstore.com.au/products/melb-21-onf-mens-indig-gsy?variant=39342787723310
  2. Petracca finally gave the first option ... and it’s the wrong one
  3. Disappointing. Can’t see any positives coming out of this game even if we manage to win.
  4. I’m concerned coz it does look very much Iike us.
  5. Comment was purely based on people saying it a wasted opportunity and adding some perspective (dead stock is not good financially). I just looked 2019 still online for $60. I would argue has more to do with 2021 design being much nicer vibrant jumper.
  6. Can MFC members still get free tickets and if so can we be giving out our barcodes to encourage people to get along and go?
  7. They were flogging previous seasons ones at less than half price.. I picked one up. I guess nobody wanted them previously so maybe they made less.
  8. I agree with his rounded game. Like I said it was a comment purely based on a numbers perspective. I do think he can play better than he has but this is far from a potshot.
  9. It has to be last night for mine, has to be ! Richmond scalp was big but the coach and the players know the importance of last night down by 20 points, looking like we missing Langdon badly in the first half then to play the way we did and come back against the inform team in the comp. IMO biggest win since the TMac goal in the west
  10. You could make a case for almost every player who played last night , but we are playing so well as a team. Every player is contributing. no Langdon last night , Hunt had one of his quieter games up stepped Brayshaw and Sparrow have no doubts this is why we are top of the ladder. Purely based on numbers I’d imagine Gawn and melksham down on last year. Everyone else hitting career highs or close to it.
  11. Thought Spargo maybe played his best game for the club. Just did all the right things for mine. Hit targets, killed contests and linked up really well.
  12. Time to give pickett a rest , keeps going to ground softly and it’s starting to become costly
  13. Smashed in the air smashed in the clearances lot of players making bad decision, not looking up to the challenge so far
  14. Happening more and more each week. Hope someone has pulled him aside don’t think dropping or resting him is the solution. flying for too many marks, going to ground way to often . needs to take a look how Anthony MacDonald tipungwuti goes about it , attacks the ball stays low and hard and the free kicks will come naturally.
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