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  1. I think we will start as favs i reallly really didn’t wanna play the dogs
  2. Absolutely…. Will be emotional either way Just hope our boys can put in a great team performance and play the sort of footy we have done for most of the year.
  3. Gone defensive haven’t taken our chances … reckon we will lose if we don’t change our style back
  4. Port should be rightful favs for the flag after tonight.. home crowd and ground not to be under estimated.
  5. How many touches danger get in the last qrt… ?
  6. The sling ? Could have cost him dearly if he nailed him
  7. Melksham done nothing since kicking the first
  8. We have managed to do it again.. given up a 4-5 goal lead.. so many disgraceful efforts.. starting with Pickett going for a hanger
  9. Oliver a great player but unfortunately the criticism with his kicking is 100% true and and accurate.
  10. The old get to a 26-28 point Margin strikes again.
  11. I just have a yuck feeling nothing good can come of this game.
  12. Could see it coming at the lightning break.. why we try shut the game down to the point it actually hurts us is beyond me. Didn’t help with bad misses again more behinds than goals
  13. The petracca forward handball has worked so many times today
  14. Great quarter with the wind. Exaclty what we needs from some of the players who’s spot in the side not locked in. Hate to see us put the cue in the rack and slow it down here but it’s what we have been doing all year.
  15. Very true. Doesn’t get enough of the ball these days which is my onlY issue
  16. Huge half coming up… really need to show something cement top 4
  17. Not a fan of the melksham inclusion but that was his goal attacked the ball and won it 2-3 times
  18. All at sea… what’s new a 20 point lead evaporated for the 18th time this season
  19. How does green get $7500 and Viney gets no less than two
  20. David Neitz did this on multiple occasions , I know different era bits it’s happened this year too with no case to answer.
  21. What a [censored] joke this is… not a great look, yes he shouldn't have done it . But in my memory it’s never been a suspension for this type of incident ? You know they will go and invent a rule/ suspension against one of our players.How many times is this gonna happen when we are on the receiving end of BS tribunal decisions.
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