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  1. I will be within arms length of a Defibrillator and a stomach pump.
  2. I have organised a shift swap vwith one of the girls from work so i have GF day off. They all know how much i love my Dees and it was never going to be a problem for me to find someone to pick up my shift on the 25th. Im also an aged care nurse @Goffy so i know whats up. To anyone who will be watching the game by yourself, i will be happy to share my phone number or skype/Messenger during the game so you have another fanatic to share the ride. PM me if you want smeone to talk to on the day. My name is Richard and i [censored] love the Dees. Be warned though, i am LOUD and passionate and will probably be tanked before the game so i can handle the nerves.
  3. 70/30 dees support. BOOOOOOOOO
  4. 186 that you pack of [censored] GO DEES !!!
  5. Geelong look tired. We got this.
  6. Resize your pic before posting either by using a photo edit suite, or cropping it. (open it with MS Paint and there is a resize option... or email it to me and i will do it)
  7. Couldnt eat a whole one though.
  8. If that ends up being the score (in our favour) i will buy you a carton of beer. Or bottle of Scotch.... or something.
  9. Some DLers need to hit the bong. Stress levels are off the charts on here.
  10. Their 4-pronged forward line. Our backs are better.
  11. Thanks for the share. I loved Rod Grinter already as he is my vintage, but that article has the heart overflowing. Just imagine how much a premiership means to the past players. A Saints supporter at work has already volunteered to cover my rostered shift for Grand Final day if we make it. He also promised to barrack his [censored] off for the Dees. Bloke is a legend for a New Zealander :). This is our year. Believe.
  13. This game has had far too few injuries for my liking.
  14. Exactly how if feel. Probably because we both know MFC hasnt actually schieved anything yet, and we are keeping our powder dry until the flag is ours (if it actualy happens) Just a step along the journey, but there are only a couple of steps left to negotiate.........
  15. Wanted to post a GIF of some smug bloke smoking a cigar while holding a glass of Cognac... I guess you all get what point i was trying to make. GO DEES!!!
  16. Did you just call our boy a ducker???????
  17. God i hate that ducking piece of [censored].
  18. Made contact with an umpire in a way that can only have been deliberate. Bit rhetorical this question as we know "stars" rarely get cited in finals. If it was round 1 you can bet he would be done for that. Thoughts? GWS star Toby Greene makes contact with umpire Matt Stevic during heated discussion
  19. Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Last week shows we can do it from almost any position against the better teams. We will win tonight.
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