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  1. Good luck to the 13 players drafted, but none of the names are exactly jumping out of the page to excite me. None of the Casey listed (or ex-Casey/ex-MFC) players made it so with apologies for being selfish, that makes me happy that our VFL affiliate hasn’t been adversely affected. On the other hand, a lot of young men who are probably not far off the pace have again missed an opportunity to live their dreams.
  2. 2023 AFL MID-SEASON DRAFT First round 1. West Coast - Ryan Maric (Gippsland Power) 2. North Melbourne - Robert Hansen jnr (Subiaco) 3. Hawthorn - Clay Tucker (Eastern Ranges) 4. Richmond - Matt Coulthard (Glenelg) 5. Greater Western Sydney - Pass 6. Sydney - Harry Arnold (Brisbane VFL) 7. Geelong - Mitch Hardie (Woodville-West Torrens) 8. Fremantle - Ethan Stanley (Box Hill Hawks) 9. Essendon - Jaiden Hunter (Perth) 10. Western Bulldogs - Caleb Poulter (Footscray) 11. Port Adelaide - Quinton Narkle (Essendon VFL) Second round 12. Hawthorn - Brandon Ryan (Northern Bullants) 13. Richmond - James Trezise (Richmond VFL) 14. Greater Western Sydney - Pass 15. Sydney - Jack Buller (Claremont)
  3. Of course Cerra was cleared. He had the best legal representation. Carlton is good at it.
  4. Can’t help but feel that we should have made sure we were somehow involved in the MSD. We have a few on the list who look done and unlikely to play a part in future campaigns and should have been trying to do what Collingwood have managed with the likes of Noble and Johnson who have seamlessly come in virtually straight out of the MSD and made them a better team.
  5. Okay but did you train on the Monday after the incident?
  6. Or perhaps they’re happy to take 3 first round picks off our hands.
  7. My conspiracy theory this week is that the AFL and North Melbourne conspired to ensure that they lost to the Swans to keep their chances alive of special draft assistance at the end of the year. Couldn’t happen if they won too many matches.
  8. Apparently the indigenous name for West Coast is Boorloo. At least we know what the “loo” part stands for.
  9. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Trent Rivers 4. Steven May 3. Lachie Hunter 2. Jack Viney 1. Christian Petracca
  10. Especially older players like a Dixon.
  11. Not yet (if at all). These rules are for the midseason draft.
  12. My conspiracy theory is that the long break in getting Ballard off the ground when there was nothing wrong with him was contrived to settle the Suns down and give them a run at winning. Up until that point Melbourne had kicked 2.3 to nothing in the final term and GCS didn’t look like scoring. That trend would likely have continued but for the break in play.
  13. Because even if your employer is thrilled with your work, it might not necessarily mean you’ve done the right thing. Richard Nixon might have been thrilled with the plumbers at Watergate but that means Jack [censored].
  14. Exactly why he should consider resigning.
  15. Given the rebuff given to him by the Appeals Board, should we expect Gleeson to do the honourable thing and resign?
  16. I remember thinking at the time that all our troubles were over. In fact, they were just starting.
  17. Perhaps this might be the perfect opportunity to manage JvR for a couple of weeks so that he’s fresh for the difficult phase of the season from Round 11 to 13 when we faltered last season. He is after all young and would have been rested sooner or later.
  18. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Max Gawn 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Angus Brayshaw 2. Tom Sparrow 1. Steven May
  19. No conspiracy. The Hawks want every Melbourne player on deck next Saturday so that we can well and truly pants them in order to help the get Reid campaign.
  20. How did we win this game without Jacko?
  21. They’re a point in front with 42 secs left!!!
  22. Scott Pendlebury is a huge out for Collingwood against Adelaide on Sunday due to an eye injury
  23. My MFCSS has been eased slightly by the fact that North have beaten us to the mystery injury of the week when they withdrew Luke Davies-Uniacke who has a heel problem.
  24. True but there’s a good chance that this year’s specific player is Harley Reid. A lot of good judges think that if he had been available for last year’s draft, he might have been taken with pick 1.
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