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  1. From the Herald Sun 2021 Draft Guide. Isaac Birt Midfielder Age: 4/6/2003 Weight: 70kg Height: 181cm Club: South Adelaide/SA Stats 2021 SANFL U18 (16 games) 115 ranking points, 20.6 disposals, 5.5 intercepts, 5.1 inside-50s 2020 SANFL U18 (15 games) 62 ranking points, 14.7 disposals, 5.7 marks, 11 uncontested possessions Birt is another young Panther to catch the eye of recruiters, putting together a consistent season on a wing in the under-18s, named in his side’s best in eight of his 13 matches. The left-footer has great skills, delivers with precision inside-50 and wins the ball in the air and on the ground. Birt had 16 disposals and eight marks against WA and produced one of the SANFL under-18 competition’s best performances of the year, tallying 31 disposals, 13 contested possessions, 12 score involvements, 11 intercepts, two goals and 226 ranking points against Norwood in Round 10.
  2. There used to be a monorail on the Gold Coast from Jupiter’s Casino across the highway to the shopping centre at Broadbeach. Last time we went there, it was gone.
  3. On the other hand, Richmond, of all clubs would be aware of the risks involved with taking a player who’s promise lies in the far distant future. They are losing/ditching Mabior Chol who came to them as a thin, lanky project ruckman and took six years to attain the level of NQR.
  4. This one is actually from Michael Alvaro of AFL Draft Central and promoted by Channel 7.
  5. Does anyone know if Taj is playing Colts football tomorrow?
  6. The Mac Andrew controversy is going to continue right through to the night of the national draft. The club has no control over where he gets picked so why fret over it?
  7. While the club has other fish to fry at this point in time, no doubt JT and TL are working out strategies to improve the club’s draft position as happened last year. No club can afford to stand still.
  8. Well, they won 7 games this year and didn’t finish last so they’re not a basket case 😀
  9. So where does he go? Back to Freo where he might have burnt his bridges or to the Eagles who might not have that much call for an aging midfielder who gets the pill but doesn’t hurt you that much these days.
  10. A corky? Fair dinkum. It would have to be a shocker to hamper him in four or five day’s time.
  11. He’s had a consistent season and from all accounts made significant improvement from the start of the year. This raises the question about what it takes for someone playing at that level to get promotion to senior football.
  12. The story is protected by a firewall that I can’t even break through despite having a subscription but it’s about a Demons flag that flew over the MCG on 19 September, 1964 and has been in the possession of the family of radio presenter John Burns ever since. A Grand Old Flag Comes Home “Burns hopes this ’64 souvenir can exorcise Demons A MUCH-LOVED radio personality hopes to hand back a “grand old flag” – said to have flown above the MCG on the day of Melbourne’s 1964 premiership – as the club seeks to end its 57-year premiership drought. As AFL finals omens go, they don’t come much more timely than the discovery of a precious piece of Demons memorabilia from that cherished day long ago.”
  13. This is where NGA’s can come in and help with getting young kids from multicultural societies more attuned to the way our game is played. Jason Taylor is right when he says the AFL should have thought things out a bit more. From next year, clubs with NGA’s won’t be able to match bids up to 40. Why bother putting money, time and resources into such a program if you’re doing it for other clubs?
  14. And they’ll never call him Swallow again!!!
  15. It’s already the night before team selection for the final round and we’ve heard nothing official about the incident. Has this been put into the too hard basket or is it being dealt with behind closed doors?
  16. The final Casey game of the season, if it takes place, will not be against the Northern Bullants but rather, against Carlton at a date, time and venue to be decided.
  17. Pity we let Francis go far too early. He was obviously a talented footballer as a teenager when drafted and needed patience in his development. Port Adelaide proved that to be the case when he played for them later in his career. Anyway, they don’t have a stepfather/stepson rule in place so it wouldn’t have helped us anyway.
  18. Medal in the high jump coming up - and it could be gold too.
  19. Not worried by Port winning. If we’re to go on to win a flag, it’s all up to us.
  20. Correct weight with the rider that, subject to Covid19, he has the opportunity to show that he can consistently produce what he’s currently shown for only one quarter every few weeks, in which case, his ranking would go much higher.
  21. No. It’s absolutely not what was asked. The response that if “our team thought he was worth pick 6 to us” we would use it on Mac Andrew actually begs the question which is actually whether you believe on the evidence actually before the public at this time you would forgo the use of pick 6.
  22. Obviously, but that wasn’t the question asked. Let’s assume that we’re back in late 2018 and Melbourne has draft pick 6 (which it had for a little while). Your choice is to take Steven May and change in return for that pick and change or use it on a promising but slightly built young ruckman who has played half a dozen NAB Cup games and two other trial games without starring in them. He’s promising but you won’t know for a few years whether he can really play at the highest level. What would you do with pick 6?
  23. Deakyn Smith had an ankle injury recently but it’s a bit of a concern if he’s had a recurrence and we’re not being told about it.
  24. So you reckon he’ll go at pick 3?
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