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  1. This is [censored], carlton have cheated these touched balls all [censored]g year
  2. The giants are playing like us in 2021. They kick a burst of 5-6 goals in a short time and the game is out of reach for the opposition. What I would give to see us play that way again.
  3. Yeah nah, that’s it. I don’t think we can win another flag. That was pathetic in all honesty, I am embarrassed. This has made me so upset. We have now created a serious mental disadvantage in the coming years when it comes to finals with back to back straight sets. Hard to see us come back from that.
  4. I have a feeling we’re gonna come back and win this. No more rain to come and it’ll continue to dry out.
  5. Going to bed now. Will be watching tomorrow morning at 11:20am from Hamburg. This is the most important game of the year and will ensure a trip to the GF is very much on the cards. Come on dees !!!
  6. Huh ? Isn't there a minimum of 6-8 weeks of no weight bearing. He will surely not be running around the MCG lol
  7. Yeh I think you're right. Winning form is more important going into finals and I refuse to believe they would be considering anything other than a win.
  8. Are Port even genuinely trying to win this? They should at least make it look like it. Still think we can finish the lions up at The Gabba so oh well..
  9. The swans aren't fit. They couldn't get the ball in the last and Adelaide were running on top of the ground.
  10. Does anyone know why this is being played at marvel and not the MCG, any particular reason?
  11. Let's hope Collingwood get it done today
  12. This further proves that Collingwood really haven't been travelling as well as their W/L suggests in the last 6 weeks. They become so vulnerable when the pressure is on and are easy to get on turnover. They will be found out in September.
  13. Should have won the game today by 6+ goals on expected score. This will, or might have already cost us a top 4 spot! They need to get their act together it’s truly swung too far the other way in comparison to early in the season.
  14. Anyone still worried about our performance should have a look at Essendon’s game tonight against Freo. They just came off their bye and they were completely gassed. Judging by Freo’s performance against Gws one could have thought they were a bottom 4 side a week ago yet today they looked like a different team against a top 8 side. Modern day footy is based very heavily on fitness and it shows.
  15. That makes no sense and you clearly do not understand the science. 10 days makes it even more likely the fatigue played a role. The fatigue from the (overtraining) training loads can last for multiple weeks after they do it.
  16. Geez the overreactions on this thread are truly ridiculous. Everyone should know that today's performance wasn't us. We are up there with the likes of Collingwood in terms of flag contention. Even in our flag year between r12-17 we played some very bog ordinary games and we were nowhere near a flag, or so it seemed. The season is long and we still have 9 home and away games to play. I suspect we will lose one of the saints or gws game in the coming 2 weeks but will find our run and form and finish the season off strong with a W/L of 17-6. Our contest work and defence is still elite and our ball movement/offence has taken a hit, especially in the last 4-5 weeks but it'll come good. If you're worried about our forward line then look at us play at the start of the season. That's how it'll look come finals.
  17. We simply didn't have the gas in the tank to go hard in the last qtr, couldn't you tell?
  18. I can't believe people are still asking this question around the bye.....
  19. Good opportunity today to bank another win against a struggling cats outfit and make our charge for top 2. Pretty confident we will get it done but it will be a slog, especially if it rains. Let's hope we don't put together another wet weather performance like we did against the bombers. Dees by 22 point, come on!
  20. I just wanted to give my appreciation for Binman's analysis and insights, they are very good! I was very intrigued at how confident he was that we were going to dismantle Collingwood's gameplan but am now even more impressed as most of what he said came to fruition. It is easy to get caught up in the individual games but we are a seriously good team and have improved from 2021/22 in my opinion.
  21. God King is an insufferable [censored]. He used to love us and now sucking Collinwood's d. Other than that an unbelievably dominant win, should've been 40+ points. We look to be back to our 21' Premiership winning best. We can do it this year, no team is untouchable!
  22. We are definitely loading. Happy we managed to win but holy [censored] we can barely move out there. as long as we don’t [censored] up the program we should be alot better later in the year.
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