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  1. So the usual complains that we pray to not have are Geelong at their pub ground and west coast in Perth. However, it is almost guaranteed we are gonna get the Cats twice and they wont both be at the G. Even if we have a home game against West Coast it will probably end up being in Alice so it will be 9 years where we don't get them at the G. My hopes are: 2 games at Adelaide Oval - we play that ground better than any other and its one of, if not, the best interstate trip Sydney at the SCG - Only played them there twice since 2013 and we need to learn how to beat them up there in case we get a final at the SCG (also last proper ground I haven't seen Melbourne play at) 15 MCG/Marvel + plus 1 in Geelong rather than the 14, 1 and 7 interstate trips we normally have. Breakdown on that being 3 MCG away games (13 in total) and 2 at Marvel. More Saturday 2:10 games - did not have a single Saturday red ball game at the G this year (only Sunday 1:10 against the Saints). QB/KB and Anzac Eve are our home games so hoping for double ups agianst the Pies and Tigers on Friday nights for exposure. Not [censored] North in Hobart with a ten goal breeze but that is also wishful thinking. Round 1 home game on a Saturday arvo against Essendon/Carlton/Hawthorn.
  2. Finals series tickets are bays Q8-Q1 normally no? doesn’t make sense for 9 bays to be unsold. who cares tho every demon should be there and make some [censored] noise
  3. Phenomenal? don’t think I could name a single crowd that was phenomenal. our crowds are hugely inflated by having home games against Melbourne teams at the mcg.
  4. Turns out someone forgot to put row HH on sale in bays M7-M15, so that's now all gone on sale.
  5. Highly doubt 70k tickets sold. would suggest 55k tickets sold plus mcc walk ups and a few afl walk ups. Less no shows
  6. Q1-Q15 rows A-T just about sold out probably 60 tickets left. That’s over 5K there plus 2k in the northern stand and maybe 7k mcc gives you 14k level 4. it might sneak above 60
  7. Yes, I think if all people with tickets show up (especially mcc) the crowd would be 65k.
  8. Is it tho? If there are 50,000 Melbourne fans there considering we are a small club I think that’s a good effort. Mcc will be full to the back and that’s what they run out to. also an incredibly small uptake of tickets from brisbane members. i still think there is a small chance we may get to 60k.
  9. Just my final thoughts on what crowd will be tomorrow. 34K on level 1, 8k on level 2, 3k on level 2a and 10k on level 4 55k is what that gets me which i still think may be overs but am hoping we get a little more
  10. They always put up bay on level 2 two days before the game. Its usually N24 for unused dining allocation. The fact that level 1 sold out surprised me.
  11. not much has changed tbh, they put M35 and M36 on sale yesterday and those are just about sold out now so level 1 youd think would be full. Level 4 hasnt changed too much, hopefully all of Q49-Q57 will have rows A-J sold. Q3-Q10 rows A-T sold. Q1-Q2 and Q11-Q24 rows A-J sold. MCC sold out bar restricted view. Im thinking 56K which is same as Anzac eve last year and ticket sales look very similar.
  12. Am probably being very negative here but the stat is an incredibly poor reflection of member turnout. Yes we have an average home attendance of 39K but this does not mean that 39K melbourne members attend our home and and away games. I think you will find that 20-25K Melbourne supporters go to every home game and the rest is made up by the other team. Yes there will be an outlier (like flag unfurling, Brisbane on a Thursday night) but this tends to be the case. It stands true to the 70K crowd against Collingwood which we were easily outnumbered close to 2:1 and the Carlton game which was pretty much 1:1 for a 55K crowd. The stat is nice, but does not properly reflect who is actually going to games.
  13. AFL reserve was 75% hawthorn and mainly neutral against Geelong.
  14. why dont the fools just reduce prices and entice another 5000 people to attend. Now you end up with people that have been shafted by paying full price and it really isnt fair.
  15. Against the Hawks in 2018 there were at least 35K of them there and probabaly 50 of us. Against the cats id still say 55K of us 25K them and 10K neutrals because it was the finals series ticket game.
  16. A standing room ticket is not category 7. Category 7 are the two cheer squad bays because they are dry bays (M3 and M33) and the very back of the Southern stand (Q1-Q7 rows U-DD). Standing room only goes on sale when they are about to sell out all seated areas. For a prelim where it is expected that we will get 90K+ the standing room tickets will go on sale when the club members on sale areas become exhausted.
  17. Lol, no I do not work for Ticketek but I also believe that people make lives more difficult than it needs to be for themselves. I found that logging on too early means you never actually get in. I log on with one device at 11:49 another at 11:53 and another at 11:55 and one of them (usually the 55) gets in just before 12. The queue is bs which we all know, its pot luck which is not fair.
  18. Once upon a time I tried to calculate what each level holds but it is really difficult because each of the 57 bays on level 1 and 4 are slightly differnt with seats. But I gave a rough estimate that it was: 36K level 1 8K level 2 4K Level 2A/3 45-47K level 4 5-7K standing room Im probably off by around 5% per level but it gives a good guide and its why I think 55K-58K will be this weeks crowd
  19. I have a psychotic problem for crowd sizes lol. I am an AFL member with Melbourne club support so I could see what was sold in the club members on sale originally and the AFL on sale. I am also an MCC member so I can see what was available there even though I hate sitting there for AFL games coz I cant lose my [censored] with Melbourne without getting thrown out the joint, Then I follow what has gone on sale in general public areas about 3 times a day. I thought last week would be 77K so wasn't too far off,
  20. I think that there were around 55K of us against Sydney and it was probably the biggest Melbourne turnout I have ever seen. Probably 15K of them and 5K neutrals. So realistically, even if there are 45K of us there on Friday, brisbane only bought 3,900 tickets on Monday which may mean there will be a max of 8K of them on the night. I think anything over 55K is a god effort. We are not a big club and we know that. Take into account that your 10K extremely fair weather fans wont go to a semi but will be there for a QF or prelim.
  21. Just going based on ticket sales and it isnt great. Level 1 sold out except M35 and M36 (single seats available in M57). Level 2 and 2A will be sold out. But level 4 is not great. Q1-Q2 Rows A-J Sold Q3-Q10 Rows A-T will be sold Q11-Q15 Rows A-J will be sold Q15-Q24 (Afl Reserve) Rows A-J will be sold Q25-Q36 (Afl Reserve and Ponsford) Shut Q37-Q48 (MCC) Sold out but some people will walk up on the night Q49-Q53 Rows A-J on sale but wont sell out Q54-Q57 Rows A-J will go on sale but barely touched. Remember level 4 goes up to either Row DD or MM and we are talking about row J in most cases. That gives you about a 25% capacity on level 4, compared to 80% last week. So we lose at least 15K-20K on level 4 from a 78K crowd. Just cannot see 60K happening
  22. It was 28,000 Public Tickets sold on Monday which included the AFL member figures. Plus 14K MCC reserved seats sold and maybe 6K walk ups on the nights gets you to 48K. Reckon there would be 5K more Public/AFL tickets sold since Monday and you are looking at 53K. I think it could be as high as 58 but as low as 45. 65K is wishful thinking imo.
  23. All 4 teams that make a prelim go into a GF ballot before the prelim, was the same for us in 2018.
  24. Based on current ticket sales vs last week. Level 1,2 and 2A will all be full come game day which is about 45K. Level 4 is not even close to what it was last week. Maybe 10K sold as of now. Ponsford full last week, will be shut this week most likely. Reckon crowd maxes out at 58K
  25. they already sold Q15-Q20 first ten rows but haven't put anything else up.
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