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  1. I'm good with discussing Banh Mi if everyone else is? :D
  2. So now the question is - Does he believe it or is he turning up the heat on the Doggies.
  3. That's alright. Grundy's just a scary decoy that you won't want to leave alone just in case May tries the impossible.
  4. And then for the kick ins - Gawn on the left flank. Grundy on the right. Players ready to smash it straight through the corridor after. Perfection.
  5. Ahh. Yeah, I'm following now haha. Thought I was going nuts for a second there!
  6. I don't get all the anger directed to Tim Lamb. Doesn't it make sense that he sets the targets high initially? It's the exact perfect strategy. He's not going to come out and say "Yeah mate, we want a Camry for this" and have no room to negotiate when offered a Camira. You say "We want a Ferrari and nothing else" and then negotiate to the Camry you were really after. To do anything else would be silly.
  7. Perhaps "Blue and Red Corbett!"
  8. Melks still has some life left in him. A bag of 4!
  9. A very poor 50 there. The terrible umpiring continues.
  10. Taj has some very very good footy IQ.
  11. Nice goal Bill. Intelligent kick by Dunstan.
  12. Yep. Some absolutely pathetic umpiring calls.
  13. Down the bottom of the Kayo main page they have the Foxtel sports channels available for live streaming, so as long as they don't have to black it out because of some streaming rights issue you should be able to catch it there, at a minimum.
  14. Mate you came in saying "I hate it when I'm right" as if you're some kind of prophet. Even with the odds favouring your grand proclamation the finals aren't over yet so in no way are you right....yet ;) I still think we've got a good chance. When we click, we really bloody click.
  15. Yet again you're not a prophet, you're playing the odds. 17 out of the 18 teams aren't going to win it. You're not all knowing. If we do win it I wonder if you'll be back "Oh looks like I was wrong". Doubt it.
  16. Ouch. (Maybe) Out - Melks. Argument for Brown. In - TMac. (Probably Should) Out - Salem. In - Bowey. Again, ouch.
  17. No. Just no. We lost a hard fought final against a quality team. Quick someone, throw the baby out with the bathwater! The sky is falling! CHICKEN LITTLE WHERE ARE YOU!?
  18. Tmac in. Melk logically out. Argument can be made for Brown, maybe. Bowey in. Salem out.
  19. [censored] THIS [censored] [censored]. We deserve the loss. Pathetic then.
  20. Yep. Why we dropped Bowey is beyond me.
  21. You like having a whipping boy, that's ok. Brown and Pickett have had fewer touches if we want to start singling players out. Jackson and Lever only a couple more. Many are down, we're not losing because of Melksham.
  22. No excuse for that one Melks, but it's not just you.
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