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  1. Were going to have to beat 25 Geelong players tonight
  2. Need to be cleaner inside 50. That and change umpires
  3. FMD it's a grand parade of Geelong umpiring decisions! How was Max not paid the free for push off?
  4. Need tmac and fritter to get involved. Less long bombs
  5. Are you watching the same game as me???
  6. No crowd, but umps still plsying to them
  7. Petty arms chopped. Hawkins kick 5.3m but paid
  8. What are you, six years old? You do know this is a thread about non MFC matches? The occasional use of lower case and punctuation might help you in conversations with the adults.
  9. Hannan doing well this quarter. Pleased for him
  10. From a purely selfish point of view, today is not such a bad day. Actually, its pretty good. Not for the State obviously, but please grant me this small win. This morning my family and I were released from 14 day home quarantine due to tier 1 exposure, despite us adults being full vaxxed. Possibly the toughest mental health two weeks in my life. 5 km radius, night curfew and 2 hrs exercise seems like luxooory now. First outing today I found myself being really nervous around others and angry with those not wearing masks properly. Don't want to be like this. Normally I roll with the punches pretty well. Most of all I'm [censored]-off with the slow vax implementation nation wide (thanks ScoMo) and anyone not actively trying to get vaxxed asap. As they say, it will become a pandemic of the unvaccinated Thank god for the football and the Dees form this year! Onwards and upwards!
  11. Stay well mate. Focus on the Dees success, if you can. Imagine how good we will feel when Max holds up the cup!
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