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  1. I will be absolutely ecstatic if we get up, but still feel like we have to win one at the G to truly break the drought.
  2. It they have curfews all year then I've got no problem with it. But if they are bringing it in for the granny, then it's a minor concern for me. Particularly given it's not even Grand Final week yet. Obviously the club has done a great job so far and I assume they know what they're doing, but I hope they're not asking the players to be "on" for the whole two weeks.
  3. I hear ya re the lights - the way they carry it's like they only just got electricity. The roar of the crowd and the colour and passion of the fans is better than some computer program.
  4. Very minor point - but we played in the 57 prelim.
  5. I reckon a lot of those idiots were Essendon supporters tbh. Can see a lot of people with Essendon colours and no colours.
  6. Spargo is a massive ducker and I love it.
  7. I'm glad a couple of thousand SA dees fans get to go. It's better than literally no-one at the G.
  8. I just went and watched this clip on YouTube out of interest. It was at Waverley and you couldn't hear the siren sound!!!! Pity no-one thought to fix it!! Anyway this is a positive thread - sorry for the derailing 😂
  9. Minus 20 😂. But I like hearing these old stories so keep em coming!
  10. I was really depressed about it a week or two back but I've made peace with it now. I think. I'll do whatever I can to get there wherever it is, but I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm a 5050 chance at very best. (Plus we've got to make it).
  11. I reckon getting into the game will be much easier than getting into the state.
  12. That's not a bad idea actually. Probably slightly too logical for the AFL
  13. I'm with ya on this. Nothing would be as good as being there, but the pub with all my mates who I've gone with week in, week out for decades would be a pretty special day.
  14. Why would they bring it forward a week? Wouldn't that reduce the size of the crowd (if there even is a crowd)?
  15. I see we're back to the "it's bad to be top" thing again.
  16. BT was so flat when we went bananas in the 3rd. He openly hates Melbourne.
  17. The 87 side were good and had heart, but this side is so much better.
  18. If we win one more game it's the most points we've collected in a home and away season ever.
  19. I'm not sure I understand your first point. Are you saying the top 2 will get to choose where they play finals? That is absolutely not how it works. The AFL will tell us where we are playing. And your second point is weirdly antagonistic for some reason. I agree winning breeds confidence and self belief. Yes, I have played a substantial amount of sport in my life.
  20. I feel like people say this about every game. Realistically the last 3 games are about securing top 4 and building our form. We don't really find out if we're pretenders or not until the finals.
  21. Pretty relaxed about this game. We only need one win to secure top 4 and we're not playing any home finals anyway so top two pretty irrelevant. I also genuinely reckon we're the best team in the comp and we'll roll this mob comfortably.
  22. It's weird how people say Victoria has too many teams. Victoria has had this many teams, or more, for over a century.
  23. Sure, Geelong down there is tough, but we are one of the best teams in the comp. I reckon we are a red hot chance.
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