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  1. Biggest threat to Melbourne is probably covid. Here in Bangkok the virus is sweeping through SEAsia and India. A plane load of hi-so Thai people returned last week from India and brought the virus with them ontop of record rises in cases in April in BKK. No one knows what devestation could be happening in Mynamar because of the military crisis. Whole thing could blow up again in OZ if we dont stop everyone coming in from Asia. Tokyo Olympics should have been abandoned weeks ago. Westerners are being arrested for having small pool parties in Thailand.
  2. I wouldnt of thought that defending a womans honour was a thing any more. Let females sort it out for themselves. Not my problem.
  3. Lets say Weideman (famous name) plays this week due to an injury. What if he fizzles out like a cheap firecracker which he has done often in the past. Do we persist with him or send him back to the VFL....Just asking. The player i would love in this side is VDB.Sadly looks like he wont make it. Hes so strong. I saw him do a regulation tackle on an opponent..SCG? nothing special but the opponent was toast. Mangled. VDB would be one of first picked in Sept if fit and playing well.
  4. Why would AFL players take gf's to a sleazy nightclub? Go to a restaurant with Dustin. I thought they went to clubs to get picked up by groupies ..re Geelong. Stkilda in past days. Do AFLW girls go to nightclubs? lol
  5. Doesnt sound good. Medico's will know what to do. Wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt play next week. 7days maybe not enough for a serious corky at this level of footy. Thats OK, Dees have depth.
  6. Carlton have just derailed early in 4th q and crashed off the tracks by the looks of things.
  7. One of the good things about living o/seas is you dont have to endure Australian free to air TV. Probably one of the least informative in the world. Total waste of time.
  8. Maybe 'our mess' is superior to the mess that all the other 17 teams are playing. Our mess is top of the ladder possibly 8 points clear come Monday morning.
  9. I wish all the misery bags on this forum would stop posting meaningless/embarrassing MFC stats over recent decades. Sick of it. Enjoy whats happening now or dont bother posting .Hawthorn and Richmond were garbage for decades on end. Happens to most clubs.
  10. Sounds terrific but hard to believe. Rain in the evening and a interstate side. Must be loads of seats avaiable.
  11. Maybe the baby can kit up and take papa's place tonight.Alot of posters on this forum would agree. Iol I hope The Shake plays. He should be fired up for a big night.
  12. Interchange and emergencies almost make half a decent team in itself. Petty has to hold his ground along with Harmes. Suspicious about inclusion of Buddy and Rampe. All Good for tomorrow.
  13. Gee, there are some super confident posters on here. We cant keep winning forever. If Sydneys IN'S are 100% fit its going to be close. If Buddy and Rampe breakdown we should win.Weve lost 2 key players.
  14. If his name wasnt Weideman i dont think we'd be having this conversation. He hasnt taken advantage of his earlier opportunities. He will get a run soon. Maybe against Carlton. If he bombs and wants to go to his spiritual home Collingwood, then swap him for a pick.He can hang out with DeGoey .That should be a bag of laughs.
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