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  1. 150 grand will get us 2 rookie wingman for the MFC which we need. Any further comment is a waste of energy.
  2. Thats optimistic for both players. Id take 5 between them.
  3. Been all over the world but never been to WA. Probably never will. Thats where Alan Bond comes from isnt it ?
  4. Two sides to every coin. This year is toast for revenue as was last year. If MFC play in GF win or lose we will get oodles of big G games 2022. Club will be in a better possie than most. Cant believe posters happy with a gabba 'home game'. Hell with that. We play at a ground better for us..F! ..Brisbane. 4 points are everything for MFC 2021. Crowds were crappy before latest lockdown.
  5. Surely Weideman and Melksham were lock ins. Is Robbo off the sauce.
  6. Giants ground is a good result. Rather play there than NT. Money situation just about irrelevant now with Collingwood gone as well. AFL club revenues are almost toast this season.
  7. He has the perfect build for a professional tennis player. He looks fragile out there on an AFL ground.
  8. True, thats why i said Melbourne should aim to finish top 2 not 4. That doesnt mean that sides like Collingwood and Hawthorn wont lift against us. That notorious last quarter in 1992 against Essendon when we were 51 points in front with 18 minutes to go and LOST did us alot of damage. Did basically the same thing against Geelong just a few seasons back.
  9. My only concern is that we still have that 'soft' reputation with the other clubs.They always lift against us because you know youre always a chance against Melbourne. The crows game was the classic example 3 goals down with minutes left they never gave up - with help from the umps- and won.They would have given up against a Richmond or Geelong side. Even if we beat the bulldogs and/or lions Collingwood will fire up agaInst us on the MCG on QB they could beat us. I still think dees can finish top 2 so long as no more serious injuries and viney's foot doesnt fall off.
  10. Wouldnt worry too much about Bulldogs massacring the Aint nots last night.Aints are grossly overated by the media and a terrible football club . Weideman Jetta out ( permanently) Salem IN..maybe give Sparrow another shot.
  11. Reading these posts is depressing. 9-1? Not easy to go 10 when youre a bit flat and youre surrounded by thousands of asylum inmates on their day outing which terrifies the umps . Salem back in hopefully jetta not.
  12. Jetta in you would think. Was listed as emergency. Maybe the selectors covered themselves incase Salem pulled up sore.
  13. Everyweek Sportsbet has tempting odds on backing against Melb but everyweek i dont wager.The North odds were absurd.Almost put money on...lol.Sports bet obviously has its finger on the pulse.You wonder when the ice finally breaks. Could be today but Melbourne would have to be incredibly flat.
  14. If Weideman bombs out again Saturday he could find himself in a Collingwood jumper.
  15. I thought BBB was signed up to be a distraction and headache for the other coaches. That freed up our other forwards to kick goals and it worked . I wonder if Brown has ever been dropped. He was doing OK imho. Melksham gets the nod. wow. This game has suddenly become more interesting.
  16. The field and goal umpires should always be in whites. The umpires today look absurd. Change for change sake. I could say alot more about the umpires but i would be blacklisted. lol
  17. Crows dont play at Moron Park anymore which is to our advantage .Adelaide Oval should do just nicely. If Melbourne dont have a brain fart they should win easily.
  18. Say what you like but the inept fools in the AFL are running an extortion racket . Pay thousands or plead guilty and pay less.Appeal so give us 10,000. A friend of my brother worked in marketing there in the late 80's.Left after a short time . Said the place was full of egotistical morons.
  19. Crows next week in SA? Didnt they start off the season in a huge way with Walker kicking goals on a whim. . I dont see any games in Bangkok, just highlights. Anyone know why Crows fizzled out so quickly? I said in a post last week the TV com's will cheerlead for Carlton. Its their job. Thats how media works everywhere. BT is a tigerman probably hates the blues.
  20. If Melbourne do play in the GF very tempting to make him medical sub. He could be handy in that role if he came on.
  21. Why cant fans just roll up at the ground and pay cash or is that too simple nowdays. Im assuming somenes making a profit from this.
  22. Good! You can take one back with you to Nth Qld if you like. They probably havent got such luxuries up there with the crocs.
  23. Good to go on Sunday. Chandler and Weid now have their opportunity. Lets see what they do against Carlton. Take the bull by the horns. Bring it on.
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