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  1. Shows how heartless McGowern is. Immediate family should at least be given the choice to quarantine for 14 days to come and watch.
  2. I’m a Redleg member with guaranteed Finals. The club just emailed me the pre sale for Prelim tickets. it said I can buy a maximum of 8 tickets. I’m assuming I can buy them and give them to whoever I want?
  3. This Pandemic has become a Political [censored] Measuring contest. McGowern smugly said on radio "He didn;t pay a cent for the GF too."
  4. May I Re-Phrase. I hope the Victorian Government & AFL make make it incredibly hard for WA teams.
  5. I really hope Victoria make it incredibly hard for WA teams/supporters to get into Victoria once we open up.
  6. There are two type of demonalanders. 1. Those who were critical and questioned the value of Viney & Brayshaw at any point this year. 2. Those who didn’t. I know where I stand.
  7. Since 3Qtr last week. Cats. 5.15.45 Dees/Power 18.16.124
  8. Cats since 3qt time last week. Cats 2.9.21 Dees Port 12.9.81 (With 4:40 left in the 2nd qtr)
  9. Vote 1 Rusty Nails for Premiere!
  10. I am well aware of the WA permit situation. I read the entire thing 2 weeks ago. I bought the airfare for $300. It’s a flexi ticket. So if I cancel I can get a flight credit. At the time I was hoping the COVID cases would go down and hopefully VIC would be a low risk area allowed to quarantine for 14 days to enter. After the price hike of the 2018 Prelim which I did not go to. I thought I would rather roll the dice early on. Think I may need a team of lawyers of the Mr Burns caliber to find a loop hole now though!
  11. This is the definition of optimism. I bought a one way Flexi plane ticket to Perth leaving Sept 9 (with a 15 day window to the GF if it is on the 28th of sept). I'll be double vaccinated by Aug 31 and I've told work if there's chance to get to perth, I'm gone!
  12. Thanks KLV. Production to resume shortly post the GF hopefully ;)
  13. I have been in abit of funk knowing that the Finals aren't in Melb, as we all are though to be honest!
  14. I actually nearly went with a bit of "Beautiful People" by Marilyn
  15. Haha!! I was in a pretty dark place when I made this!
  16. I hate to brag. But I made a better version. I just haven't updated it since 2019.. https://t.co/VXbAxVuh0z?amp=1
  17. Viney kicked a magnificent Banana. Brayshaw's composure by hand and foot on the wing was magnificent (all be it his handball was short to Oliver, but I was the right option) Brayshaw's efforts in the last 2 minutes reminded me of Jones little foot tap to salem that sealed our win against West Coast in 2018 to get into the finals.
  18. All the Viney and Brayshaw bashers have gone VERY VERY quiet!
  19. If they announce that Vaccinated ppl could go to the GF. They would have 50k Dees members vaccinated in a week!
  20. Who would of thought a Semi professional Interstate competition wouldn't work amidst a Pandemic..
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