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  1. Unrelated, and I know I'm out of the loop, but is Burgess definitely leaving?
  2. Personally, I was really hoping that Laurie would get past GSW to us.
  3. Google Kobe Farmer, and there is a link to a Facebook page, that has him kicking a few goals, as a 16 year old
  4. Cal was saying today that he might get through to Richmond, the pick before us. That would suck.
  5. Last time I heard, Trac’s family still go for the Pies?
  6. I also thought I head Trac mention Pendlebury having something to do with his good season this year. Once again doesn’t mean a lot.
  7. Family are big pies supporters, & he grew up one. Not that that means anything.
  8. People are bringing up trading our future 2nd. We can’t do that, unless we trade in a future 1st.
  9. I think Cook will be available, and we will grab him with one of our first two picks
  10. Great news! One year is a hell of a lot better than none. Just gotta make finals from now on, & would expect him (& others) to extend.
  11. Could he be the small, quick forward?
  12. I would do that, especially to get TMac off the books. Could potentially trade into next years draft to, via the Pies, if we wanted.
  13. I’m aware this has been said by others, but If we could somehow turn Preuss, 25 and something else into a 1st rounder, that would be a big win.
  14. Do you have a take on whether or not we go after another outside mid?
  15. @Lord Nevtrade period is pretty boring. Have you got anything for us?
  16. @Lord Nev have you heard any whispers lately?
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