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  1. What changes would you make if the team was revised to include the last 20 years? The obvious one is David Neitz comes into the team. Max Gawn would have to go close, if not be a certainty.
  2. I knew that would be Dangerfield before I even clicked it. What an unbearable [censored].
  3. Who knows when footy will return but this duo is something very exciting to look forward to for us.
  4. Some doctors in the US are already successfully treating corona virus patients. This will all be over soon. Lets get back to work , life and to footy. Lockdown is ridiculous.
  5. This is definitely curtains for GWS and Gold Coast. They should never have come into the comp anyway. Will be interesting to see how their players are divided to other clubs. Standard of footy will increase big time.
  6. Looks like Eddie is going to fund their salaries then. Top bloke.
  7. All I think of when I go into a store is the workers there who would see hundreds of customers a day and have to handle money all day long. Surely they'd be 90% chance to get the Coronavirus.
  8. Geez thats a 1987 preseason game and its better quality than the crap dished up in an actual season in the last 15 years. And unpopular opinion - I miss Waverley Park. Some great memories there.
  9. Exactly. Meaningless game. In fact, we may not see a more meaningless game ever played ever again in any sport.
  10. Kozzie Pickett to kick 9 goals tonight in what will be the biggest tease in MFC history.
  11. Yes it does. It fits under mental health. You cant tell people to lock themselves inside with zero stimulation unless you want the mental illness epidemic to get even worse, and mass suicides to occur. The AFL must continue on.
  12. You gotta be kidding. Well we have no chance today if thats true.
  13. How often do Melbourne teams play in Perth on a Sunday night? And in 30 degree heat? You think wed get a 7 day break after that, but no, we are back at 1 pm at the G on Saturday. Ridiculous scheduling.
  14. Can not get over how bad the AFL website . Just wow. The Match Centre is so bad And to think of all the extra traffic they will be getting to see that mess.
  15. You might wanna send that pic to the European Society of Virology’s Dr. Giorgio Palu. He is the one who said it, not me. And hes on the frontline in italy.
  16. European doctor: Fear of being called racist contributing factor to spread of coronavirus in Italy https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/european-doctor-fear-of-being-called-racist-contributing-factor-to-spread-of-coronavirus-in-italy Exhibit 1A for 'How political correctness kills.' Something needs to be done about the insane people who label everything they don't like 'racist' It has serious implications.
  17. Some great meltdowns on the Doggies forum. For anyone thinking they arent going to get into the AFL this season due to the current corona climate , just wait til our boys are out there on Sunday. Thats when the season really begins.
  18. This stuff could cure coronavirus, its like rocket fuel.
  19. There are some archery competitions that date back 500 years or so and still exist to this day. Surely there would be some archery clubs that are older than the game of Aussie Rules.
  20. WHy cant he sit up on the 3rd tier or something? In fact why can t there be a few hundred people dispersed throughout a giant stadium for at least some atmoshpere?
  21. This should help calm anyones fears about the virus
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