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  1. Looks exactly how an ambitious player at a good Club should look pre season. Well done. I reckon we have a player
  2. Return flight home. Goody to Richo What do you think they meant by...…………..
  3. Richardson to Goodwin on the flight. How were you able to pick apart my game plan so easily?
  4. Good summary Hemingway. However regarding the May deal, who I like as a player. It seemed we had the pick six from Hogan in our pocket for about 10 seconds before we made a play for May. What cornes alludes to, probably without knowing it is that there were other options in the draft to getting May. Perhaps re King we were influenced by Weeds breakout finals series of that year and that could have caused little thought to be given to recruiting King. We will never know but from now some members will forever watch how May/King progress in their careers,
  5. Agree. little spark or adventure about it. We need some super development from a few outside the listed best 22.
  6. Love it. No excuses. Fresh and fit list. Plenty of time to have a game plan and strategy to win.
  7. Robert Younger, who works in analytics at Port Adelaide, wrote on Twitter that data from the past five seasons reveals the average footballer, under average pressure, kicks the Gawn shot 83 per cent of the time.
  8. Port Adelaide, the well known and envied Silicon Valley of the AFL.
  9. Lets hope he did not learn how to break down a game from Egan,
  10. He looks like he has built up heaps since seeing him at Casey just months ago.
  11. Cal Thombey has Green at 3 Best available Kemp at 8 Best available I could have done all our draft picks and delisting on my own for peanuts to what the Club pays in recruiters and meetings.. Agree with them all expect Frostie. Just needed one guy giving me a chop out doing the Langdon and Thomlinson deals
  12. Reminds me of what I heard from recruiters about Scully. Nothing in life is a given and following the herd rarely works out long term. Green with first pick.
  13. Good luck to both of these guys. Did their best for the Club. Just lacking a bit of X factor. Might have given JKH one more year under Jettas guidance down back.
  14. Buckenaras rating Just his opinion but it is unbiased and based on premiership player standards B-: Nathan Jones, Christian Salem, Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Kade Kolodjashnij, Jake Melksham, Bayley Fritsch, Steven May.
  15. Was AA,. True and correct. Quite the opposite to what you say. The headline makes it sound like we are replacing a star. Too easy to be called a star at the Dees after one or two good seasons. Does not happen at the power clubs.
  16. The talk is a perfect replacement for Hibberd. Yeah, lets use our number three pick to replace someone lucky to be ranked in the AFLs top 200.
  17. Green and Kemp with Steven being unlucky. Ruled him out for being a SA boy. Weightman as a top ten pick, no.
  18. Welcome Adam. good gig if you can get it at MFC. No one really expects you to improve or work too hard on your game. No great need to kick or handball on non preferred side. Just go to training, be best 22 and you will have a few fans here. If you crack a game in the finals with us you will even be a hero.
  19. Pretty low averages for all the top tens.
  20. Good news for 2020. Goodwin and Mahoney going for broke.
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