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  1. I agree. The whistle goes off every 30 seconds.
  2. since when is 'driven into the ground' considered dangerous? Every tackle involves taking a player to the ground. It was a perfect tackle and yes he drove him into the ground. Kade Chandler's tackle was completely different. Chandler's tackle was a chase down tackle, he had both his arms pinned and didn't turn him over. Tarryn Thomas didn't even hit him at speed. It was off a few steps. You realise that whether a player hits his head or not is completely irrelevant. SO if the AFL isn't soft enough, now you want to outlaw fair tackles? It's already becoming a game of netball.
  3. Yeah I believe the decision was 'dangerous tackle'. But usually that's got to be like a 2 motion dump or sling.
  4. I'm still not sure how the Langdon tackle was called a free. If a player is outstretched, there's nothing wrong with trying to break his ribs in a bone crunching tackle. There was not sling, there was no 2 motions. a horrific decision that resulted in a goal for us.
  5. Any week now and I think a decision will be made by both Jackson and Brayshaw. I think maybe during our bye.
  6. Will do. But if we start dropping games against semi-decent teams regularly I'm going to keep people accountable for refusing to look at exposed form and sticking their head in the sand.
  7. We haven't played anyone in the top 4 and only 2 of the top 8 teams. We have a very hard fixture coming home. I wouldn't have expected us to lose to WCE or North the last 2 weeks...so the last fortnight has taught us nothing other than we make every game a grind regardless of how bad the opponent is.
  8. If we win next week I'll be very happy. no-one will be barracking harder.
  9. Watching the GWS vs WC game today shows me just how off we are. Gws up by 54 at half time. Instead, we get outplayed by a half. But it's apparently ok because its 'not our style'. It's no surprised Kangaroos outplayed us for a large chunk of the game too. Next week is a big test because we are miles off at the moment. Like how about our defensive zone after a behind? we just get sliced through with ease every time. Need to short that s*** out asap.
  10. geez mate, you're setting the bar pretty low there. Give me a jumper and I'll bring it to ground. I do agree that the delivery was poor and our midfield alignment into the f50 is terrible these days.
  11. This is why he should never ever be played in the forward line. One of the worst kicks for goal in the league. comfortably.
  12. When is the last time Ben Brown or Tom Mcdonald chased someone down from behind? Mate Brown kicked 0 goals with 74 inside 50's. That's a true shocker.
  13. Out: Langdon, Ben Brown, T.Mcdonald, Melksham. In: Viney, JVR, Weideman, Bedford I just thought we looked super slow in the forward line. Weideman and Bedford help with that.
  14. With the form that we're in, we're losing to Freo (play them twice), Carlton, Sydney, Brisbane twice. Geelong (GMHBA) and maybe the dogs. That's 7-8 losses if we continue to play this poorly.
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