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  1. Does this mean Melbourne will start as favourites every week now?
  2. Looks like a lot of Melbourne fans escaped the lockdown. Good crowd there. LOL.
  3. Who have we beaten now!!!!!!! Brisbane haven't played out of QLD until today. Cruisers.
  4. In the best hands in the end - Macca!
  5. That was something out of nothing. Kozzie! Hands off the Big Mac!
  6. Having become a regular reader of the ABC News app and a regular viewer of the 24 ABC News channel since the Covid hit us last year, I have come to realize some journalists display a fair amount of ignorance in some subjects, and don't always do their research. Some of the line of questioning they pursue at the state press conferences are unbelievable. The answers to their questions can usually be found themselves, not by asking them at a press conference and wasting everyone's time. Anyway, it seems many of the presenters and journos at the ABC seem to be from NSW and QLD, so I suppose you have to factor that in. They will never understand our passion.?
  7. Having the game stolen from them last week gave the team the hunger to win well tonight, while the Dogs had an easy game against the Saints last week, giving them a false sense of their worth. Well done Dees, a good four quarter game all round. And there is room for improvement!
  8. I get the feeling the umpires are getting a twisted satisfaction in giving deliberate out of bounds against Melbourne tonight.
  9. Never doubt the Big Mac. He's so good. (Thanks Trac!)
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