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  1. Thank goodness the longer quarters are back. They showcase the fitness of our players.
  2. Arrived at the MCG in a howling wind and under a threatening cloudy sky, to be greeted by the sound of Led Zepplin's "Kashmir" booming around the ground. When it was followed by Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer", I took it to be a good omen for us. Let's do this! As others have said, what a great team effort. Everyone played well. Pressure was intense, desire for the ball fierce. Viney fought tooth and nail for every possession, May was his usual reliable self until Hawkins took care of him, Lever commanded the backline in his absence, Hunt and Langdon thrilled with their runs down the
  3. Underwood lost me at the start of the game with the chummy banter about being surprised Mumford wasn't playing because he was "the enforcer". Dermie was having a good giggle too. The man is a thug. Why do they make heroes of these blokes? The commentators should know better. They didn't even have to mention him. I watched the game without listening closely to the commentary after that. Nothing they could say would have been of interest to me.
  4. The ball loves Kozzie. "Here I am Kozzie, I'm all yours" it swoons as it falls into his arms. 🥰
  5. Gutless umpire. That was a clear holding the ball.
  6. Have to use those rare free kicks, Clarrie.
  7. Can I just say I enjoy seeing Goodwin coaching from the sidelines? The hands on approach seems to be successful.
  8. Tomlinson did very well in the shadow of May and Lever. Wherever Kozzie is, the ball will follow him. He's a pure soul, he just enjoys his footy, "having fun." Love him.😘
  9. Should stop trying to waste time and take the ball down to the forward line for some goal kicking practice!
  10. Why wasn't that a free kick for push in the back?
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