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  1. Oh, yeah, and that woman with the megaphone who was yelling about COVID 19 not existing at all and it was all made up by governments around the world should be put to work in a COVID ward. Without any PPE. Because it doesn't exist, right lady?
  2. That 'man' who was hitting the police horses on their heads with his long handled flag the other day yelling "racist horse", "your horse is a racist", "get away from me you racist horse" kind of sums up the mentality of those protesters at the Shrine. Lost. The. Plot. Should be charged for cruelty to animals. And crimes to intelligence.
  3. Keeps looking to his mates the umpires for easy frees.
  4. I will never forget reading an interview with Dustin Martin's mum some years ago where she spoke about his upbringing and childhood. He had an exercise book when he was about 8 or 9 years old and headed it, What to do to be an AFL star, or something like that, I can't remember exactly what the wording was. Anyway, in this book he wrote his training and eating routine eg footy skills training, running, push ups etc plus what was healthy to eat. Imagine the commitment of this young boy and his determination to become the champion that he is. His dedication cannot be questioned. Perhaps the
  5. Selwood is having a sook, manhandling the player on the ground. When is he going to retire?
  6. Gee that was Petracca like Dusty. WOW.
  7. Amazing goal by Martin. Tigers more aggressive now.
  8. Is that called the Dangerfield free kick rule 0.000.
  9. That's like being invited to a State Dinner and finding out your seat in just inside the doors to the kitchen.
  10. Welcome on board Brad. Just in time for a preseason.😊
  11. Well he ended up with the AFL equivalent of the Big Brother house this year in QLD, complete with some shenanigans and escapees for entertainment, so I think you're onto something there.
  12. I have a bad feeling "fluid fixturing" will mean Melbourne will be shunted all over the place the way they were re: Cairns, relegated to the backwaters of footy viewing land at all sorts of weird days and times. Plus the AFL will keep the MCG free for the BIG clubs to showcase their 'brand'. Perhaps we could call ourselves the Melbourne Gypsies.🙄
  13. Oh look at all the spilled milk flowing under the bridge. Let's look to the future and don't worry about things that could have happened but didn't, and we (the fans) had no control over. Why bring it up? To stick the boot in us? I'm looking forward to Trak improving even more next year and the whole team following him. Brownlow Medal and Premiership 2021 campaign already underway.😉 Melbourne are masters of their own destiny. Just do it!
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