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  1. Thanks for all the training reports. The heartening common thread to see is that Tommy Mac is fitter and apparently injury free at this stage. Great news. And Trac is continuing to star. Lots to look forward to.
  2. Even if I had a budgie I wouldn't line the poor bird's cage with that front page. Too disgusting to even think about. Bird's doings couldn't give any more stink around this. All I can say is WHY? He must have slept through every talk ever given by the club on expectations of behaviour.
  3. At times I have been close to the action on the ground and seen the players' facial expressions and reactions, something which is often missed on the TV coverage. Tom was often obviously frustrated by injuries and his body language and facial expressions reflected this. Because of pain or limitation of movement his body was unable to do what he wanted it to do. Hopefully 2021 will see an injury free Tom and he will get back to his best. Feeling fit and healthy can do wonders for confidence as well.
  4. Raised four boys and now looking after three more footballers? Australian of the Year!!
  5. Merry Christmas to all on Demonland and to your families and loved ones from the bottom of my heart. Regardless of your beliefs, I wish everyone a safe and peaceful Christmas/New Year break. Hoping next year is a better one for all and for everyone no matter where in the world they are. Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year 2021 (even for all the Scrooges) 😉
  6. How much room does the AFL think there is on those jumpers? Especially if your name is like a Kolodjashnij. It would be so small no one could see it properly from far away. Just saw your post FD. Sorry, but those jumpers look a mess. I notice they show only short names.
  7. I can imagine egocentric players like Dangerfield would looovvvve to see their names plastered all over the back of their jumpers. 🙄 Leave that to the Americans.
  8. Hopefully by then most of the kitties will be getting around on zimmer frames.
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