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  1. I don’t think the Victorian Government or the AFL Have any agenda against us. I think perhaps they are both embarrassed by some of the facilities the club that gave birth to this game is consigned to. It is is possible a sight has already been identified that they support but the MFC reject. We are therefore on our own developing this prospect until their financial backing can be tipped in. Just my hunch.
  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to quote you but I am new to this game and don’t know how to post something without quoting. What I wanted to say was :- judging from the the earlier photo we can only hope his mother could play footy because he is the image of her.
  3. A good bold call, we’ll done, I would be very disappointed if we didn’t select him.
  4. You need to understand how the facts are being bent to suit his theory. If we get a poor outcome from the draft you have no idea, a good one is a fluke.
  5. There is only one situation where we would reveal we would not bid for Greene and that is only to GWS after they agreed to trade a valuable player to us in the future. Getting Greene and whoever they pick at 4 is just too valuable to them to take a risk.
  6. In the highlights does he appear a lot bigger than those around him to you? He does to me, and clubs have been hurt in the past selecting someone who developed physically earlier.
  7. As I recall Grundy was drafted about pick 18, why would we draft someone with fewer skills at picks 3 to 9. Get a grip.
  8. Have faith, they have watched all of these players all year, they understand more than we do. Our opinions are overwhelmingly based on a brief exposure to a highlight real.
  9. He kicked 3 against the dogs, should have kicked 3 against the Eagles and one against StKilda. Averaging over 2 a game in you your first 3 games as a forward at senior level ain’t that shabby. Worth bearing in mind the most “laconic” player I ever saw play was Peter Hudson.
  10. “Could it be a draw Butch” Lost count of the number of times I heard that. He was good but not the best. That accolade rests with one just retired for mine.
  11. Your predictions are irrelevant whether the game has started or not, who cares.
  12. Curnow will be another Jesaulenko in time and Carlton will be more than competitive including finals in 3/4 years.
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