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  1. The only poster I’ve seen who’s gotten the scoops (almost) consistently correct is Goodwindees.
  2. Of course it’s not. People who think it is would be very ignorant ngl. Just look at Geelong in 2008 for the perfect example.
  3. Pretty sure it was just a joke mate.
  4. “Look at me, I’m so different and quirky for having this opinion!”
  5. You’ve got to be taking the [censored].
  6. I reckon it’s pretty evident that Brayshaw’s just trying to pump up his future contract with the club as well as the position issue. Clarry did the same thing 2 years ago and people were freaking out (meeting with Carlton etc) but now he’s a demon for life.
  7. 1. Who said anything about brayshaw wanting to leave? There’s no evidence of that. 2. Assuming he did want to leave, why the hell would you give the captaincy to someone apparently not fully committed to the club as a means of enticing him to stay? That’s bad for culture. Just look at what happened with Congilio and GWS. 3. Brayshaw has had his best season in four years playing in his current position, almost a borderline all-Australian. Hardly someone who is not being used to his capacity. 4. The whole “we don’t want it enough”, argument is overly simplistic, and the fourth-quarter fade-outs would be a result of physical fatigue, rather than mental, which is strong evidence of a loading phase. That being said, teams working us out could very well also be a factor in our current form.
  8. Apologies, please disregard my comment. I read yours incorrectly.
  9. To be fair, you could’ve said the same thing about Paul Roos with us 9 years ago.
  10. Melbourne supporters who say that was the most “pathetic” football we have played in a long time and that we’re “not a proper team” don’t have a basic understanding of football. Melbourne are a system-based team. This means that our team is designed to play the same way week in, week out. We could be like Geelong and change tactics every week to smash bottom sides by 80+, but that’s what let’s you down in finals. That’s why teams like Geelong have done nothing in September. Some of our fans have no idea just how good we have it. We had the same type of performances against bottom teams last year and what happened? We won the [censored] premiership. So those people suggesting that we’re not gonna perform against the better teams as a result of how we played today are absolutely clueless about the game.
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