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  1. Tomato sauce is definitely necessary. Meat pies are no good without it. I think you mean sources...
  2. He’s already been in two premiership teams.
  3. Another game ruined by the umpires. Holding the ball not paid for Port multiple times....
  4. I think it’s fair to say we don’t know what the future holds for next year for sure. CoVid may still be around in a big way. The AFL leaders may well change their minds regarding salaries and salary caps depending on the whole financial situation of the AFL and the economic situation in Australia.
  5. All players took a pay cut this year due to CoVid. It’s hard to predict what will happen to salaries next year given that covid’s still around and the AFL has lost a lot of money due to lack of crowds etc.
  6. So that we can not win another premiership for another 56 years? Great idea.
  7. Or when your name is tight botty ridiculous. Dumbest name...
  8. We need 4-6 more elite players. Not Petty, Bedford, Smith, Oscar McDonald, Baker, Dunkley, Chandler, Fritsch, Brown, Hore, Hunt, Pickett, Wagners, Jordon, Kolodjasnij, Nietzsche, Bradtke or other fringe VFL players, or spuds that other clubs have rejected after years of failure. And they can stop kicking it so often to packs. Just because Gawn is in the pack quite often doesn’t make it a great strategy.
  9. What on earth is wrong with this team?????? Unforced error after unforced error. Two goals in three quarters???????
  10. Why did you think VFL fringe players would add anything? This is entirely expected.
  11. Fritsch needs to beef up a bit and learn to tackle hard with two arms.
  12. There was a tv advertisement a couple of years ago where a man was dressed up in MFC gear and was about to catch a tram then saw some Collingwood fans and looked scared. He might have even scuttled away I can’t remember. But that’s how people see MFC and its fans nowadays. Weak, gutless jokes.
  13. Why do posters on here think fringe VFL players like Bedford, the Wagners, and Baker are the solution to our problems? They’re not. They should be delisted and we should get some more elite players in.
  14. A team of muppets, Noddy, Big Ears and Andy Pandy would have done better with the Flowerpot Men and the wiggles on the bench.
  15. 6 elite players short 1 coach short 1 home base training ground and social club short. $h1thouse today.
  16. Why would we want to be in the eight? We’d be thrown out in the first final!!
  17. We need three big strong fast forwards who know how to get free and lead out.
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