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  1. Just a niggle he was a bit proppy at times, but it didn't slow him down.
  2. Jayden was doing a few laps and some ball work. A couple of times he opened up with some fast runs. Joel needed some physio work on his shoulder, so he is a still concerned about it. Doing some hard runs in timed conditions as well as ball work.
  3. Beautiful morning for training. They appear to not be getting ahead of themselves. Quietly going about their warm-ups. Rehab had Jack Viney, Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Oskar Baker. Unlikely any of them are ready for the weekend. The test group included Aaron vandenBerg and Christian Salem, all joined the main group later. The players using their voices to encourage, instruct and call for the ball during drills and contests. The coaches encouraged direct football, "not sideways, go straight towards goal ". Also instructing them to create more space at stoppages, "make a larger circle" around the ball. The backs continue to have Cam Pedersen and Josh Wagner. They practiced plenty of punches and spoils, as well as defensive crumbing. The forwards working hard on goal kicking. The mids had Jay Kennedy-Harris and Charlie Spargo working hard in match ups. They had them 30 meters from throw in, so as to encourage positioning and match ups as they ran to where the contest would be. The simulations used the entire field and all the squad on at one time. Usually it was 2/3rds of the field and a 1/3rd of players rotate off. Seemed direct football was also the style of play. Unfortunately their were plenty of errors, though it was congested play with some hard tackles being made. They all wanted to win and compete. Josh Wagner (looking fit and strong), Tim Smith and Tom Bugg had steady session. A few are carrying niggles, as expected this time of year. Tom McDonald getting work on hip, Clayton Oliver foot and lower back, Christian Salem groin. They will be looking forward to a week off. I didn’t notice Pat McKenna out there. Dean Kent doing lots of goal kicking practice at the end of training. A shortish training session, they seemed serious and with purpose. Bernie Vince and Jake Lever on the track helping with drills and advice. Plenty of supporters around the track today. The staff were up and about, lots of happiness amongst them.
  4. Are any our second tier players big game performers? Hope a few take the game on and have a big impact. Alex Neal-Bullen, Sam Frost, Aaron vandenBerg, Dom Tyson, Bailey Fritsch as possibles. It will set us well for a finals campaign (if we make it) as the A list can't do it without them. Time for them to be accountable with a minimal error count, plenty of 1 percenters, heavy defensive pressure and some take the game apart moments. We can't do it with passengers, all 22 with their footy brains turned on, plus the coaching staff proactively adapting our structures. Big test today. Go Dees!
  5. We are getting close. When we are "on" we dominate. We drop it regularly but I hope that as our list matures we will stop that. I've been entertained this year though alot of that comes with frustration and pain. I think we worry most of the other teams. Prefer the ability of this list to compete then others from recent years. Two more games to "enjoy", with a reasonable chance, that is in our own hands to make the final series.
  6. Apologies Deemania, the MCG size is 160 × 140 m (not 160 × 129 m). Smaller flanks to play in on optus, perth.
  7. Thanks coach, you are right. Got the size without doing due diligence. I picked up from a thread in foxsports.
  8. The dimensions of MCG (160 × 129 m) and the new optus stadium (165 × 130 m) are similar. The corridors we use should be the ones less defended. Or if we are closing the game down then we kick down the line to packs. So north, south or middle is irrelevant. They are probably moving to a game plan anyway. I see our main problem being the opposition getting a run on and kicking numerous unanswered goals. I think it is a mental problem and lack of hardness. They look like roos in the headlights, unable to get the ball as they become spectators. We really need to make a determined effort to answer every goal the opposition get and make our own run of unanswered goals. Kicking to targets especially if the player has space is better than bombs to packs. Errors will occur but repetition at training can help as well as knowing other players limitations (I think that is one of Hogans problems, he expects the carrier to deliver to him instead working hard to make it easy for the player to feed him). Freeing the ball movement takes creativity and lowering the eyes.
  9. At the thursday training I noticed that we were working hard on defense. Dean kent and Jay Kennedy-Harris competing in close range. Coaching staff putting ball in between them basketball style. The one who got the ball was instantly tackled, both doing well breaking or sticking the tackle. I thought JKH was a bit stronger and smarter in the contest. Christian Petracca was working very hard in the simulations to pressure the opponents. He won or imposed himself in lots of contest. I think he is ready and I'm hoping he can pull it all together in this big game. At the throw ins to mids they were making sure they got their match ups right. Plenty of communication to cover the opponents. Pick ups, front positions and defending the area were the ball may drop seemed to be emphasized. There were plenty of intercepts, punches of high balls, locking the ball in and finding outlets when under pressure during simulations. Tom Mcdonald was looking very fit and strong (no obvious niggles) and motivated. He will be difficult to defend against (tall, fast, endurance and a rock), hoping we can kick to his advantage and he kicks a bag full. Jake Melksham was delivering beautifully into the forwards during simulations expecting the same thing during game. I think he is mature enough that a few weeks off won't effect his impact too badly. Sam Wiedeman has been doing quite alot of ruck training in the past couple of months. It will be interesting to see how Goodwin uses in the team. He was getting plenty of action on thursday though looking a bit anxious. He is stronger and bigger now, won't be pushed around. Hopefully he sticks a few marks or at least brings the ball down to front and centre. I think Goodwin liked the way Sydney used small kicks to create the overlap or break the lines as he was getting us to do the same thing. Small passes to open players and kicks looping to players at the back of front positioned defenders. I think it is also a strategy that may allow us to clear the opponents pressure area. Wouldn't be surprised if we move the ball more by foot and keep them to under 12 goals. A kind of finals approach to this game. Hard, dour and gut running when we don't have the ball and creative ball use so to find an express lane to goals when we have it.
  10. I thought a bit of both. Flat at the start and subdued as the training continued. I think they are realizing that the season is on the precipice and they expect better.
  11. Rarely do I see running kicks for goal from the 50 m arch. Regularly a few will bomb from 45 to 60 m when they are whistled to the center by coaches. Usually the running goals are within the 45 to 35 m. The one I used to see do it was Jayden Hunt, though not under coaching supervision.
  12. An easy morning for training, sunny, not too cold and only a little breeze. The mood seemed subdued. Rehab had Joel Smith in it, Oscar Baker doing laps and Neville Jetta being tested. Nev later joined the main group. Plenty of drills were done. Mostly hit ups with small kicks. Seemed they were working on the basics, especially by foot. The forwards had Sam Wiedeman, Mitch Hannan, Jake Melksham, Dean Kent and Tim Smith. Tim joined the Casey group near the end of training. Plenty of goal kicking practice for them. Mids working well. Charlie Spargo going to boundary throw ins but not in the centre bounce. The backs included Michael Hibberd and Josh Wagner (later joined the Casey group). Casey also included Tom Bugg (forgotten man). The simulations became congested on several occasions. They seemed to be going more direct with less emphasis on spreads. The defensive aspects seemed strong. Max Gawn was training well. Tom Mcdonald leading the forwards with instructions. Nathan Jones giving plenty of encouragement. The bonding session was very vocal and seemed genuine in their joy for each other.
  13. A cold morning. A staggered start. Rehab had Jake Melksham, Michael Hibberd, running and ball work. Mitch King doing light duties with them. A small group trained with the running coaches till joined by the rest, absent Max Gawn. Max on the paddock in track pants and runners. No obvious strapping, walked laps and did a couple of runs. Drills done professionally. Cam Pederson, Jayden Hunt and Josh Wagner in the defense during simulations and doing well. Jayden ready for speed and Cam is zoning well. Lachlan Filipovic was doing some drills with the mids. Though during simulations was ruck practicing with Mitch King and not in the contest. The intensity of simulations built up as the players made more contact with each other. Thought Neville Jetta and Jesse Hogan were a bit hampered till they contested, looking good. The squad trained well. from Kev Martin
  14. Jesse Hogan was great, looking very stong with movement and kicking.
  15. Dean Kent looking the goods as was everyone else. It was a high standard of training today.
  16. Beautiful mornings start though the wind picked up later in the session. Coaches approach following the warm up with invited guest and groups, to begin training. Drills with handballs and some contact work. They split into positional groups and then quickly change again to kicking and lead up work. Looking very good. Simulations had Goody or a player kick to a designated coach who brings the ball to ground. Crumbers work to spread the ball. Contests and pressure, run, quick ball and a corridor. Rehab had Jake Melksham and Michael Hibberd. Hibbo running hard laps. Thought Aaron vandenBerg would have had a better session but fumbling and not strong passes may show he is anxious. Sam Wiedeman looking great, strong hands and reliable goal kicking routine. Cam Pederson doing well and has become more vocal in structuring the defense. Mitch Hannan and Josh Wagner steady session. From kev Martin
  17. Casey Demons VFL training Jade Rawlings getting Casey ready at Gosch's Paddock. Professional drilling by Sam Wiedeman, Jayden Hunt, Dean Kent, Tim Smith, Dion Johnstone, Josh Wagner, Harley Balic, Tom Bugg, Pat Mckenna, Harry Petty, Oskar Baker. Declan Keilty, Mitch King, Lachlan Filopovic doing plenty of kicking and moving. Sam looking switched on. Josh strong and kicking well. Hunty clean ball use, restrained run going only 80% acceleration. Pat kicking beautiful snaps and is excited about the contest on Saturday. From kev martin
  18. Training Wednesday, 25th July 2018 The morning was sunny with minimal wind, though a bit brisk. The players needed a fair bit of encouragement by the coaches to get the intensity up. Once going, then the talk, the commitment and energy increased. Though I thought it was a low keyed training session with plenty of jokes and laughs going around. The rehab group had Dion Johnstone and Michael Hibberd (mainly lap work). Included were the light duty players of Neville Jetta, Pat Mckenna and Oscar Baker. Nev and Pat later joined the main group though didn't do the sprint drills. The mids included Aaron vandenBerg and Christian Petracca. The fowards and backs (Harry Petty, Jayden Hunt) had the usual players. The coaches encouraged, interceptions, fast spreads and finding the "express lane" during simulations. The coaches were.also setting up the first two or three kicks into the players. Goody hitting the mark regularly. Alex Neal-Bullen and Clayton Oliver receiving some physio work on the field. Plenty of goal kicking practice, sets and snaps. from Kev Martin
  19. I apologise to the wider community. No more rants from me about those who want to play the man. Go Dees.
  20. I thought you weren't disagreeing with me but taking me out of context in-order to rap with your "same think" group about something. Why do you want to order me about? You are the only one you can get to do anything. You have no power over me. I'm posting because people who act as bully's can be pointed it out to the wider community. If you want to apologise for telling me the group is not for me and then trying to isolate me I would accept it. Though I presume by your personality through your wording that you are always right and do not care or understand others.
  21. I am not one having a go at you. You know nothing about me. The three reply's were just my flow of thoughts about your inappropriatness. Honest does not make it kind or constructive.
  22. I don't get how you are helping. Or are you just here to hurt me?
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