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  1. I agree, AMW is nearly slated in, heard it on the rumour roundabout. I just didn't see him in the first half, especially when the ball was in the area he was playing. Given he is possibly one of next ones to be given an opportunity at AFL level, I was expecting much more. Though, a bad day for many of them.
  2. Cannot take much from that outing. Needs a reset, back to execution of the basics and making it easier for your team mates. Couldn't get their hands on the ball, and when they did it was given straight back. This stuff about contest, has them playing from behind, continually fumbling, as they scramble the ball forward. They then get knocked off the ball and the opps get an easy out. Get space, create ball movement, and give the leading player some good hit ups. Develop skills and structure, not endeavor.
  3. Won't be, but Tomlinson taking risks with bumping when he has left the ground. He managed to turn his body so as to hit the body. No sense, in that he may be required for the following weeks.
  4. Caleb looked good at training yesterday, in the non contact sims. Appeared taller than 196cm.
  5. Jefferson as a forward, I was worried. Just didn't know how to read the ball, find space, or get involved. I am interested in seeing him play the backline, a much less creative role. Sits in zone or follows the opps forward. Show us those good hands!
  6. The player listed originally at full forward in the Casey team is Caleb Lewis # 70.
  7. Agree, the leg/knee up, has to be used as a lever and support, not a battering ram. A similar rule to how the straight leg out by Green was frowned upon, is required.
  8. The Bawlers (called ball at every tackle in the first half) seem to be malnourished, but didn't appear hungry. Ramadan is halfway through. I think they have taken the fasting too far. They couldn't get a serving into the forward line. The chips aren't going to work, they mainly led to apple turnovers or a slow cooked stoppage for us. The dinner plan was missing all day. What is Mitchell thinking, nothing on their menu. They were too small, lacking energy, and starved for space. Comprehensively beaten to a pulp. Why do they boo Gawn and Tracc? Both are Michelin stars. Why doesn't the umpire protect Clarry from thuggery? They tried to tenderise him, he just got tougher. The Fritta train is good eating. Kossie will steal your lunch when it is within your grasp. Tracc is the head chef. Plenty of sharing plates going around. Hope Maysie and his ribs aren't cooked. Great serving by the MFC, ruthless, and they responded every time the Bawlers got a sausage roll. How are those apples?
  9. Salem is hanging out with the backline in the warm ups.
  10. Some trivial posting. I noticed that the spider cam was not at the Colly Saints game. At our last G game, the techs game out at half-time to adjust it. Read somewhere that the broadcast vision was fuzzy. Maybe the ball that hit it in a previous game, has caused problems. Spider may be down again.
  11. Non of the emergencies were at the Casey Captain's Run, Laurie, Fullarton or Woewodin.
  12. Agree with you. Let's see if we have changed this season in the way we deal with teams when going in as the favoured, to win team. Ruthless has always been a catch cry we throw about. Today is the time for ruthlessness to be expressed and some classy footy played. Last thing I want to see is us being dragged down to a lesser level of play. If the Hawks play well, then our engine room has to purr/fire and we will be in for an entertaining game. Sparrow to bring 'it', Salem to set 'it' up, Fritsch to kick straight, and our top flight to maintain the tempo/momentum. Go Dees!
  13. McAdam was not there, I think he has his own program.
  14. Training: Captain's run at Gosch's The AFL rehabbed are having a strength and conditioning session. Sestan plenty of running, Melky working hard and is now leading with intensity against a defender (non-contact), and receiving from Sestan. Bowey running laps. Turner going harder and has started change of direction drills. Hunter has also increased his intensity, now doing structured kick to kick with Turner. Casey players are out. Low ball get drills to start them off, (Sestan, Turner and Melky have joined the squad), then some handballs with short run throughs. Now skills in a square, finishing with a kick on goal. They have gone into a big square of four corners with bigger kicks and run throughs. Not many numbers match the VFL team sheet, and it seems to be last seasons squad. White has a support on his left knee and is sitting out most drills. AMW is not training. Number 50 is a big unit playing as a forward. Structured sims. First from back to front, then reversed. Tomlinson setting the rules and pushing standards. Jefferson and Adams, in the back pocket. Verrall and Farris-White rucking. Tholstrup and K.Brown forward, with Tholstrup being pushed up into the stoppages. Coach (Whitford) now pulls them together and demonstrates what he wants. He walks them through various scenarios at different areas on the field as they mime the actions. White attends these pantomimes, so could be playing. They end with goal kicking. 63 has the skills, rarely misses. The rehabbed stay out on the paddock for extra drills and sprints down the field.
  15. The AFL seem to be streaming the VFL and VFLW again this season, through the AFL Live app. I can see they are showing two games at the moment.
  16. Oops, meant 26 players at Captain's run this morning.
  17. Yes, got it wrong again. I put him in my Fullaton (Fullarton), Adam (Adams), Billing (Billings) book, but not River (Rivers) or Howe (Howes). The 's' in or out is hard to remember in the players spelling. Already had a lesson from @Demonstone, he will be disappointed in my execution.
  18. Unsubstantiated rumour. Talked to someone, who asked and talked to someone, who mentioned that it is unlikely we will move into AAMI if the Rebels leave. They said we would also need Victory and Storm to move out. There is not enough space for administration. To use the facilities they have to request, and is based on scheduling with the other clubs. Not enough flexibility, not enough room. If this is the case, then they want to be solely in control of the area.
  19. A trainer/volunteer mentioned that a Captain's Run for the Casey team will be on Gosch's around 9.45am tomorrow (Saturday).
  20. Lovely morning for the captain's run. The bonding appears to be high, they are supportive and encouraging towards each other. A good family club is not just words. At one time a mini number 25 ran to the boundary from the tent and gave Max a note, he read it (smiled) and tucked it into his shorts. Such nice interactions. Joy reigns supreme at the moment for the club. McAdams was down before the squad. He was wearing his normal training top (blue one with his number) and gear. Being put through a more intense training regime than previous. He appears to be moving freely, as smooth a gait as I have seen. I can imagine, he gets a test at the next session, and will join the main squad if he passes. The main squad came out in drips and drabs. All the emergencies were with the team, 25 altogether. Partnered up for and kick to kick, until all were on, and then the whistle. BBB in runners, probably will be managed the entire season with his personal program. They went straight into drills with two stations. One, short kicks and runs, the other, handballs, quick step evasive moves, and low ball gets. Then all the squad drilled together, kick and run in a large square area to the four corners. They ran structural sims that had fast down the corridor plays. Finished the session with some goal kicking. Choco spent time with Fritsch, Chandler, and Tracc as they snapped. Plenty were getting it right. Petty was also trying to hit some from outside the 50 arc, not too successful, though when he brought it in closer he was nailing them. Kossie was the standout, with Windsor not far behind in the 'beauty of kicking'. Goody is standing back a bit today, seems it is Choco's time to take it. Yells out "precision", or was that Lever (loud all session). Goody runs off to AAMI immediately the session finishes. The atmosphere feels special. A trainer mentioned that a Captain's run from the Casey Squad, will be there tomorrow Saturday about 9.45am on Gosch's. We had a lovely group of 6 D/Landers, shooting the breeze, chita chatting. Thanks for that, I'm feeling part of something big. Go Dees. Addit: The Victory had a practice match on the other side of the paddock. A great morning for me, fully entertained, Woo-Hoo.
  21. I believe they are the most talked about club in the AFL, fans, antifans, and media. That is what they want from us. Whether they win or lose, they want to be in your head. Stop it, give them nothing of your time. Let them bask in oblivion.
  22. Who cares! Are we going to make a thread of the other 16 teams. Rather just put them on ignore, until the KB round.
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