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  1. BBB in rehab, no running, mainly stretching and simple ball handling.
  2. Your welcome, the heat wasn't too bad (heating up a bit later), it was the dryness that is draining.
  3. Great, moving well, I think still underdone fitness wise. Completed the training with extra runs and sprints. Must be a temptation to bring Petty in and lock him around the forward goal square. Appeared happy.
  4. A little gusty, but not effecting them. Most difficult is the hot wind draining them. The water volunteers were working very hard, constantly sprinting to groups as the whistle for the change-up rings out. Wrestling after the session (Viney and Colt).
  5. Used the trigger word, sorry for the confusion. I wouldn't know if they are in a 'loading' program. The trainers worked them hard, sprints after the sim.
  6. General fitness, push them after the 4 day break. I assume the trainers know how to get the best out of them.
  7. Hard running after the session, a few on their haunches, and some underdone are given extra repeats.
  8. The wingers run into the forwards space pushing the halves into the congestion. The strategy was during sims, so unsure if Stafford is the designer. He is more about the leading patterns.
  9. They didn't move Into their lines. As a guess, it will be Salem to replace Bowser.
  10. Woey was looking good, nothing extra from coaches. We didn't take it on through the middle. They want them to be quicker and not make errors. They want the smalls to stand and/or break through tackles. They are working on Petty's fitness. Going very slow with Hunter. Not bringing K.Brown in till he is sure of his role. Viney and Colt have a thing. Goody loves Clarry. McQualter works the recovery session. They are loading. Stafford was micro managing.
  11. McAdam is not at training. They haven't broken into their 'lines' yet.
  12. Verrall has not joined the main squad. Looks to be working on his hip, and running laps. So happy for Melky to be back in full training, the same for Petty. They are training hard, and the voice levels are high. Plenty of support for each other, hand slapping cheers, and 'that's what we want' calls. Drills started with running and kicking, then gather and leads, some competitive handball drills, now talls marking and smalls in two groups, low ball gathers, and breaking tackles and lines, in competitive handball. Sims are on, and Melky is off, running hard sprints. Plenty of spread and switch, and making overlaps in the midfield, but still delivering to a crowded forward area. They are now sprinting up and down the paddock, team running. Langdon putting time into K.Brown with instructions about wing roles. That looks like the end of the session. A few stay out. Tracc, Farris-White, Colt, Billings, Salem, Fullaton, JVR, AMW, kicking goals under supervision of Choco. Woey, ANB, Laurie, ball handling. Hore and Viney, kick to kick. Oliver from the centre kicking to a leading Petty. Oliver now goal kicking. Last on the track is Melky working with two trainers, direction changes with ball handling.
  13. The set up, is being put up, for an 11.45am post review training session. 32 in the full session. Rehab: Spargo (runners and singlet), Turner, BBB, and Verrall (looks to be a test). Hunter doing his own program. Bowser in the arm sling. May looks fine. No McAdam. As they gathered, they gave Melky a round of applause, he is doing drills with them as well. Petty is also drilling.
  14. Coaches, if they aren't listening then that also falls on the coach, if the coaches aren't innovating then the other teams catch us out. It is a long season, gee hope they can adjust, or at least 'buy in'.
  15. The talls are too one dimensional. Straight line leads, no repeat efforts or coordination between them. The three talls could all be moving in opposite directions, then going again, making space and causing the opps to be spinning their heads in confusion. The static set up we have at the moment is a defenders dream.
  16. Let the opps defend grass by zone, push everyone out and get our best kicks to deliver with precision. The congestion in there is the last few seasons strategy (Though it allows us to hold the ball in). I believe we should congest the wings and our back area, and open our forward area, at least sometimes during the game. Open forward area allows us leads to the flanks and ability to get it over the back.
  17. I believe they all have their strengths that the structure doesn't cater to. Schache can mark well when given clear air and is a good kick. Needs the others to kick well to him and for the halves to pushing be away from goal. Chandler will hit the ball at pace, manoeuvre in tight areas and when 'on', snaps well. Ball has to hit the ground or a chaos delivery, for him to come into his own. Laurie is more of a mid, though works best when the stoppages occur, powerful through the hips and will bring others into play. Spargo is a pressure forward, though if they get the ball into his hands outside the 50, he can hit up players. Bombing it in, then he is focused on the defender and not creating.
  18. Given his size and light frame, why isn't he flying above the packs. I agree, throw himself recklessly at the high ball get his knees up high and into the opps, worst effect is it puts some opps on the ground and pushes the ball front and centre. If only the coaches would tell him that is what they want from him. If they are telling and he is not listening, then that culture, brand and Melbourne way doesn't work with him. Take a leaf out of the book of Bowser.
  19. Thanks for creating the debate. It is the way we play. The coaches haven't evolved our ways. First half, we tried the old get the ball in and hold it there (2 goals in a half). In the third, the clearances from the centre got us back in, by having some space for Fritta to operate in. Sydney adjusted, and went down the corridors on us, as we tired in the fourth. Cannot waste the domination of inside 50's, like we did in the first half. Push those little forwards out of the area. They are clogging the space, and not getting back to be front and centre. The angles of the lead are straight, really need to hit a pack from the side, or run into space with angles. In my opinion Derm is wrong about the players, it is the structure. At this level they all have some capacity, if only we could bring the best out of each other. Get a forwards coach!
  20. Wow, very little respect for anyone and the league, also runs through the pre game drills of GWS. I guess, so long as Woodens are up, the club doesn't mind having fools in the side.
  21. Why are the GWS cheers referencing sheep to the Woodens?
  22. Huge isn't it. The halfback stocks are dwindling. I'd be tempted to play Spargo back there. Fast, can put pressure on opps, has a good kick, loves spreading to get away from the opps. Not kicking enough goals, and plenty of small forwards to choose from. Spargo for the big men's club!
  23. In the before Christmas preseason, Jed was hammering it. Looked fit, put on more size, was getting plenty of plays in the sims, and generally showing good skills. He was looking like a Petty clone. After Christmas, not as much involvement as the others really started to ramp up their intensity, he tapered off. He will be given a chance in AfL, sometime this year, in my opinion.
  24. I believe the fixture is to oppose the NRL, the O (opening) round will probably stay and we should continue to claim the first game against Sydney in NSW.
  25. Carlton better do something, otherwise the Northern States opening round is a game of errors Thursday (except for Sydney's last quarter), and an early blowout Friday. Not a great spectacle or encouragement for AFL.
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