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  1. http://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/melbourne-coach-mark-neeld-outlines-how-he-picked-up-his-players-following-the-round-1-disaster/story-fndv8pdq-1226612018828, Read this then BD, it has cheered me up. What really stands out, (without making excuses, I'm as mad as everyone else), is this comment by Neeld: "A lot of the people who make the criticisms don't have all the information."
  2. http://video.news.com.au/2369589330/King-Maclure-say-pain-just-beginning-for-Demons Last night's 360 on Fox. It all just gets more depressing.
  3. Me too, not sure about the kids though. Just so disappointed
  4. Seeing Springsteen tomorrow at hanging rock, can't wait, bit looking forward even more to watching the Dees on Sunday. Come on Dees, let's go!
  5. And others celebrate their decision to join us...
  6. Might be pretend footy, but I'm going, (first time to nab cup), and i can't wait!
  7. Former Melbourne star David Schwarz yesterday told the Herald Sun a negotiated settlement would save the league from significant fallout. "This is such a hard decision for the AFL. This would have gone to court. Melbourne doesn't have to pay for legal representatives, because it has more lawyers than supporters. "This looks like the sensible thing. They are acknowledging there is probably smoke, but not enough proof there was fire. Let it be a lesson to all of us that the rules put in place weren't conducive to sides finishing as high as high as they could. The AFL incentivised mediocrity, and
  8. It was nothing new, and caro said same regarding our charges on aw tues night. Authoritative and arrogant. If she's right there must have been leaks from afl, not happy...
  9. She said: "Dean Bailey WILL be charged. CC WILL be charged, CS will probably be charged, The club WILL be charged..." Hopefully this is just her arrogant manner, and not a leak from HQ ( absolute disgrace if this is the case)
  10. True, but over those years when other teams were tanking, Andrew continually stated that "tanking does not exist". It can be only concluded that the list manipulation and questionable tactics during those games were acceptable...
  11. No, I didn't want to hear this, but am concerned that, that was the message. I hope YOU are right!
  12. Everything I heard Angry say, in some of his interviews today, referred to the importance of "maintaining the integrity" of the game, and how the Melbourne tanking investigation was incomplete and needed time to reach its conclusion unimpeded. It sounds highly unlikely we will get off with "no charges to answer". (afl know they need to act in response to the huge attention on this issue, and there will be destructive attacks on the AFL and their governance primarily by media and therefore the afl followers, if there is not what is deemed adequate penalties.
  13. Don't forget he donated $10K to Jimmy's debt demolition in 2009, not so disillusioned at that point.
  14. Just read The Age at lunchtime. I am thoroughly and absolutely depressed. Haven't go ttime to read thru 30 odd pages of this thread, to eek out any glimmer of hope. Is there any? Will it be pick 4 or worse??? Can someone summarise?
  15. Sounds like Matthew Lloyd, D-wayne et al on 3AW yesterday, got their material from the Denham remarks. Repeated the same sentiments, suggesting desperate measures by Neeld, trying a Michael Voss stunt of a couple of years ago, but without the "favourite son" security, Voss had at Brisbane. Sounded like trying to work up a story, when there is nothing to actually talk about...
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