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  1. Won't say where I heard this, but these pearls are direct from Gus today (paraphrasing some of the questions and answers): Q. Why do you always play on the members' wing at the MCG? A. Because there are two wingmen in our team, but only one of them ever needs to come off the ground, and the interchange gates are on the members' side of the ground. Q. What is the most important thing for a young footballing kid to work on? A. Becoming equally skilled on both sides of your body. Q. What has Darren Burgess brought to the group that has allowed so many players to play every game this year? A. We trained harder than any other team in the pre-season. I have never run as far in any pre-season as I did this year. Q. Who's the best golfer in the club? A. Jadyn Hunt is off 1 or 2, he is obsessed with the game.
  2. https://www.change.org/p/mark-mcgowan-get-neale-daniher-to-perth-for-the-afl-grand-final?signed=true
  3. We love you Jack. Always have, always will.
  4. Family folklore has it that my mother went to the 1956 Grand Final with me in utero, so that was my first game. The Dees won that one, so of course I was fated to become a Melbourne tragic. Best game? Easily 1987 at the Western Oval. I can still remember my idol carrying the team to victory with four brilliant goals. Worst game: the 1988 Grand Final. It was worse than losing the PF the year before because of our abject surrender before a capacity MCG crowd.
  5. This podcast produced by the MCC and hosted by Anthony Hudson traverses the journey from 1964 to now. https://www.mcc.org.au/whats-on/latest-news/2021/september/listen-hearts-beat-true-for-the-melbourne-football-club
  6. Alternative answer to the quiz is ACTORS. Where a famous actor, I have only named one of a number of possibilities. Peter/John/Bernard Archer Leo G. Carroll. Barry/Michael/Paul/Walter Fitzgerald Robert Shaw Veronica Lake (or Richard Harris) Joan Collins Don Adams C.J. Wallace Jack Thompson Ben/Brian/Barry/Dennis Miller Philip/Timothy/Harry Carey Bill/Wayne/Selma Blair Lorne Greene Matt/Joe/Dave King David/John/Richard Franklin Christopher Lee Timothy Gibbs (not so famous) Tony Sheldon (not so famous) John Doyle Robert/James/Tom Harper Tim Robbins James Garner Do I get a prize too? 🤣
  7. How can the ABC or anyone else claim this as a fact for a competition going back to 1896? I personally don't believe it. It has happened reasonably often in recent seasons in games involving other clubs, so the odds are strongly in favour of it having happened before in a Dees game, even if it was a very long time ago.
  8. No Victorian resident will be allowed into WA for the GF unless the state's status changes, and that ain't gonna happen 😪.
  9. Why would they do this when they will easily sell out the game without any interstate attendees?
  10. TMac must continue to play, given that our likely GF opponent is Port Adelaide. He will take Alir Alir, leaving BB and Fritta with lesser defenders. I'll be happy if he then spends the entire GF taking Alir Alir where the ball isn't. We will laud his game if he gets only a few kicks, but Alir Alir is taken out of the game. But we know that he will retain his place because Goody has total faith in the 22 players who destroyed the Lions, so this discussion is pretty pointless.
  11. 6 Oliver 5 Brayshaw 4 Gawn 3 Petracca 2 Lever 1 Fritsch
  12. My day had started well until you reminded me of that horrible afternoon 🤮.
  13. From the Demonwiki website: "His inability to make training because of commitments in the country as a research officer with ICI concerned the club and he only played one season of senior football."
  14. I sure remember Phil Rhoden, because I also used to go to the reserves matches, and that's where he played most of his games!!
  15. I was 7 and already a Dees supporter but I can't remember anything about 1964. Who can remember stuff 57 years ago? I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday in these dreary lockdown days. Apparently I was taken to the second semi but not the GF in 1964. My Melbourne memories become a little clearer from about 1966 with Ed Burston and Ross Dillon prominent. Now I look them up and find that Ed only played eight games! But he did kick six goals against Collingwood so maybe that explains my clear memory of him. I was thinking after the Geelong game that I have probably attended around 950 Melbourne games since 1970 and it cuts me to the core that I will be unable to attend the finals this year. May have to consider 14 days quarantine in Perth if that's what it takes!
  16. The takeaway from this interview is that this group of players knows what they want and how to get it, and that they will stay together to do it. You won't see anyone in our best 22 absconding to any other club until the job is done. They are tight with their coach and the other coaching staff. This is the beginning of an era for the MFC.
  17. 6 Oliver 5 Gawn 4 Lever 3 Salem 2 Petracca 1 Viney
  18. 6 Oliver 5 Lever 4 Gawn 3 Hunt 2 Viney 1 Brown or Pickett Petracca a lot of disposals, but almost wholly ineffective IMHO.
  19. Why don't the [email protected]#$ maggots stick their arms in the air and give the game to the Bulldogs now? Utterly disgraceful.
  20. I didn't realise when we signed BB that we were signing a key forward with the kicking yips. ??
  21. Not Fritsch. He wouldn't even take the shot. Instead he would do the little dinky kick into the hot spot in front of the goals. Why did he do this on Saturday night??? I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  22. 6 Salem 5 Spargo 4 Oliver 3 Petty 2 Lever 1 Viney In defence of Clarry and Jack, at least they got the ball.
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