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  1. I'm in the tag Libba camp. Some of his clearance work is unbelievable and he gets them going out of the stoppage. McRae's ball use is underrated, but if we can win the clearances hopefully we can limit their outside players' influence. I don't think Max will be able to grab it out of the ruck as often against Stef as opposed to English, who has the core strength of a new born baby. So limiting Libba's influence at the coal face will be important IMV.
  2. I too am interested who they dogs actually have to get "physical" with Max. It's not as if they have Barry Hall or Byron Pickett running around for them. Reckon Max would just laugh at most of them and trot off to the next contest. If Stef Martin tries it, Steven May can politely remind him what happened last time he lined him up. I don't think they'll bother tbh, they'll just back their system.
  3. Over the last two weeks there's no contest for me. It is "We beat them in round 19 without Treloar or Dunkley". I'll spew if I hear it again.
  4. Don’t get me started on that glorified popularity contest.
  5. Still criminally underrated by oppo supporters. “He gets a lot of it but doesn’t hurt you”. GAGF. He’s the best in the business at the moment. That game against Adelaide was the best game I’ve ever seen anyone play. Generational talent. Hope he tears the bulldogs a new one next weekend.
  6. I've told the missus I won't be home for a week if we win.
  7. Apparently Burgo flogs the players around that time to make them primed for finals. Port Adelaide supporters would bang on about it regularly.
  8. 100%, but I think the R19 game isn't a good indicator of Demons footy.
  9. I have been asked many times this year if the lid is off yet. My response has always been the same, the lid will be off after the final siren of the grand final if we happen to make it. Sticking by that, but by gee I wish I had some of your confidence. I do think the Prelim result has taken some attention away from the dogs' poor form leading up to it, scraping past a Lions team we absolutely smashed, losing their last three games of the H&A season etc. But at their best they are very good, their midfield is ridiculous. Bont, Libba, McRae, Smith, Treloar, Dunkley, Hunter. Crazy depth. I am going to be a nervous wreck by the end of next week.
  10. Two supporter groups quietly confident. Gee they harp on about the round 19 game like it means something. We were in our Burgo-induced slump and played like garbage and still nearly beat them. Nobody is mentioning their last three rounds of the H & A season, or the fact the umpires helped them beat Brisbane by a point whereas we flogged them the week prior. Should be a ripping contest regardless, but using that game as a confidence booster is massive false hope.
  11. Viney, Oliver or Petracca if we win. Smith, Naughton or Bont if we lose.
  12. Any reports on if he trained fully or how he was moving etc? I haven't been sleeping well since he hurt himself.
  13. Big defensive games for Spargo and ANB will be critical. Dale and Daniel never waste a possession, they distribute the ball amazingly well and set up a lot of scoring chains. Can't let them waltz out of our backline with no pressure on their disposal.
  14. These guys are the best football writers going around these days.
  15. Does anyone have Burgo's number so I can call him for an update on May's hammy every day?
  16. All this talk of darts has inspired me. Off to the shop I go.
  17. $4!tt!ng bricks is an understatement over here. I feel like I'm playing in a prelim. Trying to find excuses not to go the pub right now and getting straight on the pints.
  18. We rolled them in Perth late in the year and had serious momentum. That's why we were shortish. While we are on 2018, hopefully our boot selection is better this time around. I've never seen so many people slip over in such an important game.
  19. Oliver should win it but won't IMO. Clarry isn't popular with the umps when compared to Bont. Or as popular with opposition players evidently, Wasn't even top 5 in the AFLPA MVP. What an absolute joke. Talk about a popularity contest.
  20. I'm not sure I can emotionally recover from a loss to Geelong in a prelim. Please, Demons, just win tomorrow.
  21. Didn't May win the coffee machine that night for his performance on Buddy
  22. Last night made me nervous. Finals is different game! Hope we turn up.
  23. Wouldn't surprise me to see a few expensive tickets floating around towards the end of the week, but when the bombers played the hawks in Launnie earlier in the year that also sold out virtually immediately and I didn't hear too much chatter about scalpers. We genuinely love our footy down here, and whenever there's a decent game it'll pack out. I just wish they'd lift the cap. 10,000 isn't enough.
  24. I think both games will sell out in Launceston. Tasmanian supporters are starting to give the AFL the middle finger when rubbish roster matches are scheduled down here (see Saints vs Freo last weekend). But having a finals match down here, especially with Franklin and Green involved, I think you'll see a pretty decent turnout.
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