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  1. How's the weather looking over there?
  2. I saw that. He tried everything to avoid it but in the end had no other choice.
  3. Dermie is the worst. I don't mind Eddie as a presenter but not as a commentator. Daisy Pearce is right up there with the best. What a trailblazer. Imagine the relentless vitriol she would have copped on line from the mouth breathing AFL fans over the journey.
  4. Salem's ability to get receive the ball under pressure, know what he wants to do before he gets it and execute a quick kick lace out to one of his teammates would have to be the best in the AFL I reckon. Bloke is a magician.
  5. 9 tackles for a small forward is outrageous. Kossie is back.
  6. I had to re-stock on spakfilla last Saturday after an errant boot collected an errant water bottle and put a dent in an errant wall. Hoping I don't need to dig it out of the garage again tonight. For me the drop in pressure has been a bigger issue than our forward line. That same forward line seemed to be ok at the start of the year. Hopefully it is a bit of a lapse and will return in the run home, and not something more serious.
  7. Apologies if it has already been said but I do feel for Collingwood having to play their grand final at the SCG this year.
  8. Not sure, confidence maybe? Hopefully? But I hope he starts clunking them. If he had have marked every ball he got his hands to on Friday we'd be talking about what a great game he had. I'm still holding out hope he has a huge game soon which gets his confidence up to start consistently impacting games.
  9. Oliver Harmes Lever Spargo Brayshaw Rivers
  10. The most that Daylight has ever deserved the 5 votes. As good as an individual performance you'd be lucky enough to see by young Clayton. Phenomenal.
  11. Yeah forgot about that one, but I was about 10 pints deep to be fair. The Crows one at the death was at least one million times more deliberate than both of our calls.
  12. I'd love to see a side by side of Lever's deliberate in the second quarter and that one. Can't blame the umps for the loss but that's as bad a decision as you'll see. Credit to the Crows, they just wouldn't go away.
  13. Can't win them all. Shows the importance of a home final though. Need to keep winning.
  14. I read Ron Jeremy's autobiography once, I'm not sure why, I think a friend gave it to me. In it he mentions how often people would ask him how big it was. One of his favourite responses was "you get yours out and I'll get just enough of mine out to beat you". I feel like we are coasting along like that over the last three weeks, just seeing what the opposition has and doing just enough to beat them. Really hoping the game against the dogs we get to see the whole package. Dubious analogy sorry!
  15. Sums up my own feelings perfectly.
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