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  1. If I had an MFC player taking a set shot for my life, I'd pick Melksham.
  2. Oliver McDonald Daylight May Salem Hibberd Langdon
  3. According to Gerard Healy, Kozzie is the no. 1 , and the no. 2 and no. 3 small forwards have the same name - Daylight!
  4. That happened right in front of me. I think the only person within a 50m radius who didn't know the North fella was going to sell some candy was poor old Gus. Hook, line and sinker.
  5. When you next get cold and flu like symptoms remember to go to as many shops, bars, cafes, parks etc as you possibly can, particularly while you are most infectious.
  6. Would have a bot to do with ladder position so far this year I suppose. But only 7 rounds in, the losses against us for the teams who've played us will go some way to explaining their lower than normal ladder position. Freo would be knocking on the door of the top four if they'd beaten us. Saints and GWS would be top 8 if they'd beaten us, cats and Tigers would be top 4 if they'd beaten us. I'm taking this with a huge grain of salt..
  7. Only played on there 10 times for 21 goals.
  8. I have no idea what they'll do re. Tomlinson. I've been firmly in the keep TMac forward camp, but I do remember he was in All Australian conversations as a defender once upon a time, so he can definitely defend. The knock on him was his decision making and disposal coming out of the backline. Now we have May, and Salem is in career best form as the distributor, the Tomlinson role could suit him to a tee. Allows us to get Wedeman in, just means Petty would be stiff. And can Wied play the TMac role as good as TMac? Not sure about that until we see it. Think we have been better with Br
  9. Agree, it was just a surprise to me that they are coming up against a side 7-0 and were very confident of a win. I guess being a Demon supporter and spending a bit of time on this forum, that sort of confidence was very alien to me.
  10. I saw Praha's comment just after I posted mine and did have a chuckle. They barely discuss the opposition and give good analysis of their own side but there is not one single mention of the possibility of losing this one, the only posters who mention the outcome have them winning. I'd love to have their confidence.
  11. You reckon Richmond supporters are over confident you should visit the Swans board.
  12. I thought this was massive overs too. I got them at $4.33 for 1-39. We struggled against North and they rolled the cats who were coming off a 100 point thumping of the Eagles.
  13. Blundstone Arena - 160m - 124m MCG - 161m - 138m
  14. Petty was out on the ground with a trainer and later Burgo after the game doing his kms for not playing, so he was a travelling emergency. Looked to be moving absolutely fine. I know this because after the game they blew the siren a second time which meant you cold go out onto the ground for a kick. I'm not entirely sure that the club staff or ground security were fully aware of this because they had to hasten to stop people going inside the forward 50 arcs where Petty was up one end and the North sub was at the other. I was in a foot race with a security guard because I wanted to hit
  15. I'm glad our really bad games are still wins these days.
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