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  1. Spot on. Collingwood's flag team was very young and everyone predicted a long dynasty. We al saw how well that turned out. We were also very blessed with injury this year. Anything can happen next year. Everyone laughed at anyone who suggested we'd come good in 2021. 12 months is a long time in football. Having said all that I hope nobody gets near us.
  2. How goals did he have kicked on him since he came into the side? Couldn't have been many. Can't remember him getting outmarked too often either.
  3. Will this event be worth the 14 day home quarantine it will likely incur?
  4. Not being asked "when was your last premiership?" any time soon.
  5. 1 Brownlow vote is the clearest indication I have seen that the award is BS.
  6. Might as well lock him in for the Brownlow now.
  7. Fritsch's 4th, the almost hangar with the quick recovery. That was when I knew we weren't going to roll over.
  8. I'm in the tag Libba camp. Some of his clearance work is unbelievable and he gets them going out of the stoppage. McRae's ball use is underrated, but if we can win the clearances hopefully we can limit their outside players' influence. I don't think Max will be able to grab it out of the ruck as often against Stef as opposed to English, who has the core strength of a new born baby. So limiting Libba's influence at the coal face will be important IMV.
  9. I too am interested who they dogs actually have to get "physical" with Max. It's not as if they have Barry Hall or Byron Pickett running around for them. Reckon Max would just laugh at most of them and trot off to the next contest. If Stef Martin tries it, Steven May can politely remind him what happened last time he lined him up. I don't think they'll bother tbh, they'll just back their system.
  10. Over the last two weeks there's no contest for me. It is "We beat them in round 19 without Treloar or Dunkley". I'll spew if I hear it again.
  11. Don’t get me started on that glorified popularity contest.
  12. Still criminally underrated by oppo supporters. “He gets a lot of it but doesn’t hurt you”. GAGF. He’s the best in the business at the moment. That game against Adelaide was the best game I’ve ever seen anyone play. Generational talent. Hope he tears the bulldogs a new one next weekend.
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