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  1. 6. May 5. Tmac 4. Petracca 3. Hibbo 2. Kosi 1. Max
  2. Tom was fantastic last night with BBB in. He is a dangerous target and competes which brought Kosi into the game as well.
  3. Depending on the asking price. Currency can be a fickle thing.
  4. As others have noted the Vic Government are completely shambolic. This week you can hit up a brothel for an orgy with 100 women but cant go play a VFL game with 43 other guys. Although I would quite fancy the former the rules all just make no sense.
  5. I just find find losses to either inbred types like Collingwood or drug Cheats like Essendon are worse regardless of the day.
  6. Daw was a fringe player in a side with the worst list in the competition so he isn't going to play too many matches in a side near the top of the ladder. The thing about BBB is he is going to compete particularly in the air and he haven't had that with Weed, Moore stood and outworked him rather than trying to munch a couple of times last night so saw him as no real threat.
  7. The team now has to get serious. Weideman, Petty , Brayshaw straight out. Sparrow needs more time as well but has some ability. The club needs more physicality tonight, Viney will be huge, need BBB leading forward and maybe Vanders to bring that extra muscle. We folded tonight.
  8. Look it was insipid we all know that so lets send the Demonland votes to the guys that were physical tonight because by god we missed that. Our club champions Gawn was easily held tonight, Clarry was smashed by his direct opponent as was Petracca, our only midfield winner was Harmes. 6. Harmes 5. Jackson 4. Hunt 3. Salem 2. Lever 1. May
  9. Im more surprised by the people putting in Oliver tonight. He really wasn't that effective.
  10. 6. Harmes 5. Lever 4. Rivers 3. May 2. Petracca 1. Tmac
  11. You can argue that the ball use was a problem for Weid but reality he he didnt create a strong leading target like BBB does, you cant hit a target that doesn't exist. Brown in, I suspect Weideman will be playing elsewhere in 2022. Jordon has hit that point that many young players hit where he needs a break, needs work on his disposal too. Brayshaw is another that needs to be discussed, poor again yesterday, the play where he shepherded one of his teammates out of the way rather than laying a tackle on Mackay who ran through him and kicked the goal was typically ridiculous. Milk great first quarter than nothing but his creativity still too valuable if fit, agree with others he needs to think more about his defensive game. Jackson is coming along really well.
  12. Melkshams ball use is magnificent.
  13. Yup absolutely super, looks sensational.
  14. BBB is a proven forward and way ahead of Weed right now. Melksham should never have been dropped, Chandler is nowhere near ready for this level and Melks ball use is superb yet we carry others like Brayshaw. We are a chance this year but the club needs to get serious.
  15. The umpiring around tackling all weekend was all over the place. Ratten made a few comments after the game on Friday and he was spot on, there were so many times Cats players were caught and just dropped the ball and called play on.
  16. Improved no around the same mark he has always been at but in the past the club have excepted it. As we get to to the pointy end in a year when we are a real threat there will come a point when they they will have to make a change. To win big matches under pressure you cant carry guys like this.
  17. They have lost to some good sides, Tigers, Port and Brisbane but also looked ordinary versus a poor Collingwood side. They really aren't too good.
  18. All us true believers are no doubt already signed up but its surprising we haven't enticed more of the casual supporters to sign up considering how well the guys have been playing.
  19. Agreed, if Weideman sees Daw selected in front of him he will be looking for the exits
  20. Tmac kicks like a bullet he's the guy you would want kicking for goal if you your life depended on it. Other quality set shots are BBB, Melksham, Salem and Fristch.
  21. If players are really trying to recapture form then yes they should be playing for Casey but Max aint in that category he's had a great year so far. This thread is a mess.
  22. I will be Petracca, even when he's second best on Anzac eve he gets the medal because of the way he plays and takes the game on and that strength through the core like Ablett, Riccuito or Judd. He will win a Brownlow too possibly earlier than most people think.
  23. Agreed on all points. Fritsch has been one of our most consistent players all year so has credits in the bank but was flat last night, makes you wonder if his hand was ok to play after last week.
  24. 6. May 5. Tmac 4. Oliver 3. Harmes 2. Salem 1. Langdon
  25. He is always nothing more than ordinary, skills are way below AFL standard.
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