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  1. Agreed let the captains handle it always the case when Dees players head down media Street.
  2. Every time melb players are in the media's eye were terrible examples Watts footy show thurs nite Petracca news article Dom Tyson AFL tonight fox sports wed nite all had crap games Big head syndrome.
  3. Should be beating these hack sides regardless but the ruck situation is taking its toll especially when it's 30-40% of your game.
  4. I was sitting on the western side of adelaide oval center wing the Adelaide supporters around me were fine they just thought it was another game they were going to win by 10 goals. The usual smart arse comments about draft picks etc very polite arrogance I'd like to call it, had my cousin ask me if I was having a gd time when the crows piled on 6 in a row it was all gd everyone was having a jolly old time,until the 2nd half that is. They started turning on each other also asking each other what's wrong with the team etc. With each passing melb goal my screams were getting louder and louder especially when clarry nailed from the betts pocket I had people turning around a looking at me thinking how dare u but that just fueled the fire this was a release of pent up frustration we've all carried to years. The started leaving in their droves the 1st we kicked in the 4th I got up had a look around and ask 'where a you going this isn't what supporters do' by that stage I was center stage non of the supporters could look at me because they knew we had bullied them on their on patch humiliated them. All this crap about this lady saying the chap involved started swearing I listened to the lady on 5aa this morning she admitted when the presenters pressed her for info that the man only swore once load of crap this is. At the end of the day Melb supporters all had the last laugh.
  5. I cant believe young Angus is continuing to not wear a helmet in the heat of battle, when is this gonna change? If this continues to happen the club and AFL are to blame should be made compulsory after two head knocks. Your Thoughts?
  6. Could someone please tell the medical staff down at the club to whack a helmet on young Angus for f sakes how many times does this have to happen to him. If he declines to wear it he doesn't play simple as that ,every time I've seen him concussed not 1 time has he worn a helmet. GET A HELMET ON HIS NOGGEN.
  7. Doesn't guarantee you a finals ticket anyway
  8. My 3 year old daughters fav player,Jeffy Jeffy when he takes a mark or kicks a goal. Awesome form.
  9. Same , immediately thought he was gone while on center wing at Adel oval.
  10. I was carrying on like a pork chop, quiet early but when clarry nailed it from the oliver pocket I opened up it was on for young and old then.
  11. That would have been me I was there and carrying on like a pork chop. Was @ game last yr against Port western side.
  12. When was the last time MFC defeated a team that was top of the ladder interstate or anywhere? Watershed moment in time and I was there ultra proud of the lads. ??????????????? #####DEMONNATION
  13. Hats of too goody and the coaching crew, I was highly critical of his coaching style and over possessive game preference. But like a great tactician should he tweaked the style to his troops and the balance between kicks and handballs was near to perfection. I was @ the game last night and ive never been prouder of this football club there has been an emense amount of pain this club has endured over the years, but what I saw last was the unearthing of a special crop of players. ??????????????? #DEMONNATION
  14. First time long time hello to all. I can't believe the negativity surrounding this great man, quite simply the Pedometer is through the roof. Pedo = W's
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