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  1. 6 hours ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    That profile has MFC under Goodwin written all over it.

    I don't think it matters that we already have many players cast from the same mold, as there's a fair age difference between he and them.  I'm getting quite wary that we need some quality young guys comming through to be in position to step up and take the place of our current stars in another 3 - 5 years and it can take that long for a fresh 18yo to reach their peak.

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  2. 20 hours ago, daisycutter said:

    omac's greatest moment


    I'd also say it was one of Jack Watt's greatest moments too.  What a wasted talent.  In an alternate universe Jack would have been a MFC premership player in 2021. 

    Asides from his elite goal kicking accuracy, he was also great at hitting target inside 50 - gee we could have done with that in the back end of 2023.

    Fun fact Jack Watt's middle name is Redvers.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Hopeful Demon said:

    Have you been living under a rock? May became the best key defender in the game after he got traded to us. Not to mention that Lever and Hibberd have had their career best years under us too.

    Aside from maybe Jeremy Howe, I can't think of anyone in recent years who actually reached their potential after leaving Melbourne.

    James Frawley played 100 games and won a flag with Hawthorn.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, BDA said:

    The interview was fine. He received a big money offer which turned his head. We've told him he's not going so that's that. He'll settle down again and be fine.

    But if he does end up going in a year or two we should trade him to Port. [censored] the Crows.

    We've probably also told him that if he bides his time, there will be a big or bigger money offer deal comming from us too.

  5. 6 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    The reason we got him is because he’s a very good forward at VFL level and the hope is he’s not awful forward at AFL level. Most forward/rucks are ordinary up forward so the bar is low. Contest, be mobile, don’t get in the way of your own markers.

    Im as intrigued by whether he can hold up in the ruck. He’s never been tried as a starting ruck. He’ll likely struggle in hit outs and won’t be a dominant marking target around the ground but he could provide some much needed athleticism at stoppages.


    Max Gawn spent his juniors as a fwd/ruck from what I recall and turned out a pretty decient ruck.

    Granted Tom doesn't quite have as big a frame at this point and they are big boots to fill, but I'm more interested in Tom's potential to be a short term backup ruck and medium term full time ruck than a forward.   With Gawn's age compared to that of big O and Joey, I think he's got more chance of that happening than at Brisbane, which I'm guessing is why he asked to be traded.

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  6. 16 hours ago, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

    And the only reason they can think of is that it pits Brodie against us.


    If that's their only pitch to build it up, it seems pretty unfair on all parties really.

    Gee wiz.

    We've got a good rivalry with Sydney, but I don't see it as a huge one.

    Don't know why the AFL are obsessed with needing to pitch these epic rematches in Rd 1.  Everyone is craving for any AFL action at all.  I'd actually rather play someone other than the Bulldogs in Rd 1 for a change, but asides from that, I don't really care who or where, so long as it isn't Geelong at Cat park - surely we can have a season we don't travel there away?

  7. 1 hour ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Spot on.

    I think one of the biggest concerns through this trade period is not being able to address our midfield depth at all. It's very thin on paper.

    We've just moved on Jordon and Harmes who were both the 23rd and 24th player that were ready to step in when either a Oliver, Brayshaw or Viney had to miss games. Even Luke Dunstan retiring leaves us further lacking in this department. 

    Right now, the next best available option is Woewodin and that's it. Brayshaw is one hit away from potential retirement and Viney will be 30 next year. Then there is the obvious concerns with Oliver as well. 

    I don't ever see Sparrow ever being a top line midfielder and I think at best he's just an honest battler who's happy to fill in gaps when Petracca and the likes need a breather.

    Was hoping we'd go after a mature age ruck to at least just have in the background. If Gawn goes down then it's left to Fullarton who's not even a genuine ruckman but more a forward, and then a 19 year old Will Varrell. 



    Jack Billings?


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  8. Getting rather sick of Adelaide, Port (mainly via Corns) and Freo white anting at our stars from their states.

    What is the list of all the best Victorian players from those clubs that can be prominently bandied about in the main stream media to destabilise those clubs?

    Uncontracted or contracted, doesn't matter - can someone please make this happen?

  9. 34 minutes ago, deelusions from afar said:

    If Petty played at another club and entered the national draft at his age with his level of experience, we would take him with our first pick - he's a young physically mature key position forward AND back that has proven ability to play at a high level in the AFL.

    There are likely KPP in the draft that could have better careers than him - but they are less bankable than he is at this point in time and they are not ready to hold down a key position post like he is.

    The idea of getting pick 10 for him is ludicrous. 

    Considering North got pick 3 for Ben McKay.

    The other reference point which Adelaide should be familiar with is Jake Lever.  Also had an injury history, but worth two first round picks.  I'd contest that Petty is different, but every bit as good as Lever.  Lever was also uncontracted, Petty is not.

    Tell them they're dreaming.

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  10. 35 minutes ago, KingDingAling said:

    I’d like to see us wheel Gawn out in a moon boot in the next few days, just to put doubt in Sydney’s mind - that we might need I keep Grundy.

    Or does Port actually want a ruck more?

    Or for that kind of unders, maybe we'd just prefer to have a quality VFL ruck and insurance for Max.

  11. 12 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    Asking for a friend - how old was Max in his breakout game at KP??  I would have thought 24 +/- 1

    Pretty much.  I'd put it at that 2015 Vs Geelong at Kadinia Park win, where he dominated that he really started to stamp himself on the comp, which probably didn't really consistently get going until the following years 2016 / 2017 so that puts him precisely 23 - 25

    Agree that it's probably a good age range to recruit a ready made ruck that still has some years ahead of them.  Probably also allows our 19/20yo developing rucks some time to develop their bodies and as players without being thrown in out of their depth.

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  12. 7 hours ago, Little Goffy said:

    Fair call to say each of them would be in 'arguably the best' range.

    Personally I'd say Rozee (pick 5) has edged past Walsh now, though Walsh was an amazing early gun and remains elite.

    Weitering has to compete with Oliver (4) and C Curnow (12), which might never be splittable given the totally different positions.

    Hodge v Judd is an enduring debate, of course. But that 2001 draft produced multiple club champions, Brownlow and Norm Smith medallists - including the talent surge that turned Geelong from mediocre to decade-long dynasty.

    The trades being talked about for Reid are greater than Geelong's entire 2001 draft hand!


    Edit: Gary Ablett Jr was also in 2001, so the Hodge v Judd debate is slightly moot.

    Add to that other list Christian Patracca, who would have gone pick 1 if St Kilda didn't hace a masive recruiting brain fade.

    Matt Rowell also looks like being a pretty decient footballer.

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  13. Yes right now JJ was only depth, but in a few years he may not have been.  I'm beginning to think that we need to do more to keep players in his age demographic to sustain the team in the years we will be comming to soon when the Viney, Tracs and Brayshaw, Langdon, Hunter etc cohort start to fall away.  Similarly players like Bedford.  And great teams need good depth.

    I partially understand Jordan's reason to move, but when he's going to a club where the midfield will be similarly strong to ours, that becomes a little less understandable.

    I'd actually be inclined to boo him and Bedford in the future.

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  14. 40 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    Great news and cool interview.

    He seems to have found his niche as a tallish hybrid forward - whether he retains that role will depend a bit on who else comes on in 2024, and who else we may pick up.

    He needs another 58 games to get to the century in case he has a son sometime who wants to follow dad and grandpa in the R&B.    27 x 2 over the next two years and at least a few the following year will do it.  

    Agree with Timothy RAB's disappointment that he isn't expecting to play the full 27 next year 🙂

    Surely if he knocks up the ton, his daughter would qualify for our AFLW team?

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  15. Really glad for Joel that he got the oppertunity and produced this season.  Was a really bright spark up forward to look to for the future.

    Thought he had some great games down back pinch hitting as the sub - that Brisbane game in particular.  Provided really strong contest, marking, defensive tackling, but then some good run off half back as well.

    A bit hit and miss as a forward, but more often than not, provided a really good aerial contest that others failed to give.  His marking on a lead and goal kicking look pretty rock so solid too.

    Love seeing him in the 29.  Would be great to see him pull down some massive hangers like his old man - I reckon he's got it in him.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Neil Crompton said:

    I don't think anyone here will or could forget WCW. But just maybe it's time for healing instead of continually picking at the wound.

    I think I disliked the AFL far more for their inaction on this than Maynard for doing the deed. But my sincere hope and energy is focused all at Gus and his healing - so much so that I don't have a lot of energy left to waste on the AFL and that knuckle-dragger Maynard.  

    I agree in part Neil.  Maynard was something of an unwitting, careless pawn in the affair.  I do believe there was sincerity in his visit to Guss in the following days.

    But I simply can't forget or move on from the way their supporters started the "Collingwood" chant as Guss still lay their motionless on the ground or the way Eddie McGuire carried on "justice has been served" style when he got off at the tribunal.  Tasteless, brain dead (pardon the pun) and uncaring response from all of those aforementioned.

    This thread needs to stay alive throughout the whole of next season at the minimum.

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