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  1. I know we played a shocker, but the umpires were way worse.  We only lost by 20 odd points and momentum means alot in modern footy.  Here's 4 obvious examples of were we got well screwed over:

    1. ANB's reversed goal (I've watched it 10 times and than match review guy must have been on some good drugs to see fingers move).

    2.  Free kick out of nowhere to Heeny for an incidental high contact a mile off the ball - we were out.

    3.  Only 50m penalty of the night for what?

    4. Max gets pushed out/Sheparded of the contest that opens the way for an easy Sydney mark straight in front.

    5. Steve May gets his head ripped off going for the ball - play on.

    Max clearly targeted, particularly late in the game - if he was Buddy, just imagine how many few kicks and 50m penalties he would have got.

    Sure we didn't play to our ablity, but put the pressure back on them and all of a sudden Sydney don't look so great either.

    Look forward to the rest of the season.

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  2. Happy with Tomlinson's game tonight.  Even Schache is having a decient crack.

    May solid as a rock per usual and Viney doing his thing.

    Trac racking up the numbers, but I feel he's made minimal impact, but was good in that last passage that led to the Lingers goal.

    Go DEMONS big second half - LETS SMASH THESE F###ERS

  3. 6 minutes ago, gs77 said:

    Disappointed that we debut Billlings as sub, particularly after our media team made a big deal over our three debutants this game. Surely he deserved his spot after the praccies over a couple of others out there.

    Should have started instead of Laurrie.

    Unless he does something spectacular and really turns it on in the second half again, I don't want to see him play for us again.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, biggestred said:

    I mean there's not much to admire about roy Keane but I say get him in for KB and tell him maynard is related to the older haaland. I'm not serious of course because we are better people and I expect us to channel our anger into the scoreboard. 

    Yes, I want us to absolutely pummel them on the scoreboard as well, but also to be a physically dominant display that utterly belittles and embarases them. 

    Finish it off with winning the premership at the G in emphatic fashion, while the Pies miss out on the 8.

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  5. On 27/02/2024 at 13:35, Sir Why You Little said:

      Where's Rod grinter when we need him.

    I love the Dees still, but hate about everyone else associated with the game in positions to have a microphone and opinions, top of the list being the AFL funnily enough for denial of justice to Gus.

    Collingwood fans and behaviour after the Act is on another level altogether for hatred

    Reporting for duty.

    I'll let Jack take care of Maynard, but I'll happily tear Eddy a new one - and then real justice will have been served.

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  6. On 27/02/2024 at 16:15, Brownie said:

    With Brayshaw off the list surely we could bring in a Rookie.

    The first bloke that comes to mind is ummmm...Tim Tszyu.

    First game for him would be.... oh let me think, Kings Birthday against Collingwood?

    Starting position..... Maybe on Maynard.... Mmm maybe not.

    Leave him as sub until halfway through the third quarter when we're up by 10 goals and Maynard is sweating bullets. 

    Bring Tim on to mark Maynard.

    Our Players instructed to bomb the ball to Maynard. Tszyu is ordered to spoil Maynard.

    Tim's feet won't even have to leave the ground to spoil. Ooops, it was a pure football act says Tim.

    One can only dream!

    In reality, I'm not really that angry at Maynard. He's just a thug. 

    The thing that would have hurt him most would have been him missing out on a premiership medal.

    It's not even Collingwood's fault, although I completely loathe their supporters more than ever after attending that game.

    This is the AFL's responsibility. 

    They didn't argue the case to protect a player going for the ball and didn't suspend a player who could have negated the impact of the collision but instead tucked his shoulder in to maximise damage to his opponent.

    They haven't changed the rules enough to stop this scenario happening again.

    They suspended one of our best players (Koz) for a week for a glancing, fair bump the following week (Remember that for round 1 when he's missing), while allowing Maynard to play a grand final.

    I don't know if I'll ever attend another game against Collingwood. It's such a foul experience.

    However, I do know I hate those corrupt, inept clowns at AFL house so much more than the pies. They are so inconsistent in their rulings and disloyal to the fans and our game. It's just about dollars and TV.

    Anyways, could Tim Tszyu be hypothetically drafted as a rookie before KB?

    One can only dream.

    I like where you are comming from, but there are better means - it doesn't need to come to fisty cuffs and brain damage (I think it's too late for that in Maynard's case anyways).

    Maynard has bung shoulders, so I just want to let Jack Viney go at him unrestrained for 30 seconds and let him rip his arms off like the that Black Knight in Monty Python and end his career that way.


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  7. 7 minutes ago, bluey said:

    Expecting big things from the Shackenator.

    Shackenator lol

    Got to admit that the skinhead haircut does make him look a bit tougher - hopefully it rubs off on his play a bit as well.

    He actually reminds me of a bit of a Brad Miller type in his game against Carlton.  Someone that may never be the No.1 key/power forward, but can still make their contribution and provide value on the day.

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  8. 19 minutes ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    I reckon they'll be looking for a bit of extra mid time from Bill vs Spargo to make up for the loss of Gus as part of our usual mid rotations Bin.

    Spargo does play HHF yes but not sure he handles the mid moments as well nor plays there all that often vs Bill/Kozzy.

    We also have Billings now who imho can play a role a little similar to Charlie but with potentially more impact at goal from various distances.  Spargo limited to close range goals only.  Billings also potentially more dynamic than Spargo playing very minor cameo mid time if needed?

    There def isn't room for so many small forwards/HHFs (with minor mid time from some) once Kozzy returns.

    The FD will have a hard call in the coming weeks, albeit it's quite a luxury to have.

    Kozzy's obviously a lock.

    The two Bills seem a bit more versatile than Chandler in most aspects.

    Spargo hasn't been quite the same since his concussion imv so it'll be interesting to see how well he butters up this season when he gets the opportunity.

    Based on the sample size I've seen Chandler and Spargo have Laurie for hardness, heart and agression every day of the week.  Maybe he needs to play that breakout game to feel like he belongs, but so far most of what I see from Laurie is a player that holds back and often shirks the contest in comparison to the aforementioned.

    Also don't think Laurie brings anything like the energy or forward pressure that Chandler and Charlie do.  Charlie is the sort of player that firmly plays the Goodwin way and has that angry little man mongrel that's invaluable IMHO.  If Chandler can be get involved and play more consistently, he'll become a lock in our side - good overhead mark for his size, runs hard to make great position offensively, as well as defend well and is generally a reliable kick for goal when he gets his oppertities.

    Like what I see from Billings so far and if he can stay fit, I see him being an important player for us this season.

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  9. On 28/11/2023 at 20:11, WalkingCivilWar said:

    I was hoping Judd would stay with #41 but I’m pleased that he’s been given #4 because it lets him know what the Club think of him. And he deserves all the respect and praise he gets. 

    I really struggled to get my head around Judd in No.4 against Richmond, particularly with Kynan running around everywhere in #41.

  10. If there is one player from Sydney I hope we can take totally out of the game it's Pappley.  He's both a pretty important player for them and one I absolutely can't stand as an opposition supporter. 

    Would love nothing more than for someone to do a total shut down job on him and have him crack it, like the arrogant little prat he often behaves on the feild.

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  11. 1 hour ago, M_9 said:

    Agree. Langers not up to his usual best last season and I’m not convinced that Hunter has the foot skills to improve on his forward 50 deliveries. Rivers and Windsor will put pressure on the former two.

    Personally I think Hunter was pretty good last year, but don't think there was great chemistry with he and Lingers, compared to that Ed has had some of the other players that he has shared the wing with over the years.  It's almost like having Hunter there robbed Lingers of opportunities, because Hunter usually made better attacking position than Ed.

  12. All the media are going the hyped up big name clash of Gawn Vs Grundy.  Personally, I'm more interested in the clash of Schache Vs Grundy as the player the later was overlooked for as 12th man in the final against Carlton.

    I've got to say, going on their last respective preseason games, that Schache has showed the better form for the role that was needed on that night and what we are playing him for as ruck/forward.  Both racked up as many possessions in their last preseason game, but Schache kicked 2 useful goals and had a few other marks around the ground, while I felt Grundy struggled to have any real impact on the game.

    If Schache can continue and build on his form from his last game, he might just play a useful role for us this season.

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  13. 25 minutes ago, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

    From the Club website article: 'With 74 career games since his debut in 2019, the trusted Demon is closing in on the 100-match milestone in season 2024.'

    That'd be in a (winning) grand final then.

    And also another player that qualifies the father son/daughter rule.  Though this period of stability and building games into players, I feel we are also somewhat setting up some good future recruiting opportunities.  With something like 4 out of 40 players at the club currently father sons, that makes 10% of our current list.

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  14. 2 hours ago, monoccular said:

    Jeff Gleeson saying “this is a classic case of avoidable head-high contact. The contact was violent.”

    He could / should have said exactly the same thing last September.  However , finals, Collingwood - say no more. 

    Full credit to Webster and St Kilda in the they handled the aftermath:

    The Saints pleaded guilty with Webster saying: “I’m really sorry about what happened on Sunday. It’s something I’m not proud of - I’ve left a lot of people down.

    “My main concern is for Jy to get back to playing footy and I really hope he’s OK. I understand how bad concussions are and how much we want to see them stamped out of the game.”

    Asked why he jumped off the ground he replied: “I haven’t got an excuse.”


    If only we'd seen this kind of humility from Maynard, Collingwood and that F### (Justice has been served) McGuire, no one would need disect the rules and be splitting hairs over the legalities rather than focus on the intent.

    33 minutes ago, chookrat said:

    Monoccular, the Rough Conduct provisions specifically cover bumps but there is no provision for football actions such as smothers or spoils. Even if the Tribunal had suspended Maynard it would have been overturned on appeal.  The JVR spoil case earlier in the season made it clear that the AFL Tribunal could not impose an additional duty of care on players outside of the existing rules and while a key difference in the JVR case the ball was in dispute this isn't relevant in the way the rules are currently written.

    I think the AFL have missed the opportunity to protect the ball carrier, by both making any bump a reportable offence regardless of whether there is high contact due to its potential for high contact, while imposing a duty of care for any high contact that results in injury on the ball carrier.


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  15. 5 hours ago, Demon Disciple said:

    You only say that because of the 2021 GF

    Was certainly a good kick off one step that day.

    But Tommy has always had been a great kick for goal and I'd rate it as one of his strengths.  There's few of our players that I'd rather be taking a short in that 35 - 55m zone than Tom Sparrow.

    Really like his strength and ability to take strong overhead marks and I think this gives us a great foil for the opposition being able to throw all their attention on Tracc when he goes forward or on the ball.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Demonstone said:

    Well, now that the Ralph rumour has been exposed for the BS it always was and Tom Sparrow has re-signed with the mighty Demons, I'd like to share a fascinating story I read recently about crows of the feathered variety.

    Researchers for VicRoads found over 200 dead crows on the Western Highway near Horsham recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

    A bird pathologist examined the remains of all the crows and, to everybody's relief, confirmed the problem was definitely not Avian Flu.  Rather, the cause of death appeared to be vehicular impact.

    During the detailed investigation, it was noted that varying colours of paint appeared on the birds' beaks and claws.  By analysing these paint residues, it was determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with trucks while only 2% were killed by impact with cars.

    VicRoads then hired an ornithological behaviourist to determine if there was a cause for the disproportionate percentage of truck kills versus car kills.

    The expert very quickly concluded the cause.  When crows eat roadkill, they always have a lookout crow in a nearby tree or high vantage point to warn of impending danger.

    They discovered that all the lookout crows could shout "Cah!" but not a single one could shout "Truck!".

    Was woundering where this was going for a while, thought it might have been something to do with swerving to hit Adelaide supporters which would have been just as scientifically credible and morally justifiable.

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  17. Great into and summary all in the first para:

    "Nothing fuels media lust for AFL content like a good off-field controversy. Particularly when it's the off-season and there's nothing else to write about."


    It does also make me wounder about the weird commercial media landscape we now live in, when some of the only decent reporting comes courtesy of an American sports channel / news outlet.

  18. 10 hours ago, Whispering_Jack said:


    F#@% Warner Brothers - that they could take out some garbage trademark over one of our national animals is absurd, similar to that of ugg boots (which will probably feature heavily in the official Tassie Devils merchandise).

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  19. 15 hours ago, Nascent said:

    Haven't really seen a prediction thread so I thought I would throw a few darts at the wall without too much thought.

    1. Brisbane
    2. Melbourne
    3. Collingwood
    4. GWS
    5. Carlton
    6. Port
    7. Bulldogs
    8. Adelaide
    9. Freo
    10. Sydney
    11. St Kilda
    12. Gold Coast
    13. Geelong
    14. Kangaroos
    15. Essendon
    16. Richmond
    17. Hawks
    18. West Coast

    Premiers: Melbourne (biased of course)

    Runners up: GWS

    Wooden Spoon: Eagles

    Brownlow: Daicos

    Rising Star: Sanders

    Melbourne BnF: Petracca


    Freo and Sydney are two I'm unsure about. Can see a world where they're both in the 8 but equally I wouldn't be surprised to see them fall further than I have them here.

    That's pretty much as I have it.

    Impressed with our improved delivery into the forward line against Carlton and the scoreline could have looked even more dominant if Fritsch and JVR kicked with their normally elite accuracy.  If we can win enough games early and then build towards finals without the consistent injuries we had last season, I think we are right up there again.  Yes we've lost Gus, but we played almost half the season without Clarry last year and still managed.

    Will be interesting to see if Collingwood can back up again. They have the oldest list in the comp and with Scott Pendlebury (36 at the start of the season), Steele Sidebottom (33), who are still pretty key.  I think their come from behind mode of winning games is confidence based and could set them up for the wheels to fall off completely if they loose a few on the trot.  They now also have to well and truely deal with being the hunted every week and let's see how the deal with that.

    Brisbane have a good opertuity to finish in top, through having the biggest home ground advantage of all the contenders.

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