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  1. Absolutely dreadful game defensively, at this rate we'd be lucky to escape the relegation zone let alone worry about finishing 5th again..
  2. Congratulation to Peter Summers for winning the B&F. All of this content has been lifted from the zebmail email, which I strongly recommend Demons/Sandy fans sign up for to keep abreast of the up and coming MFC player's progress next year.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS WEEK AROUND THE CLUB The mighty Zebs celebrated season 2007 in style last night at the Bentleigh Club. Congratulations to all award winners and in particular to Peter Summers for taking home his first Neil Bencraft Best and Fairest. On the night were Chad Liddell announced he would be stepping down as captain, Pete ran away with the main award capping a great consistent season. All the results from the night are listed below. Congratulations also to Shane Valenti and Stefan Martin on their invitations from Melbourne to do a preseason leading into the draft. Good luck to both boys! 2007 NEIL BENCRAFT BEST & FAIREST Peter Summers 138 Shane Valenti 94 David Gallagher 80 Rod Crowe 71 Ezra Poyas 52 Chris Lamb 46 Tom Paterakis 32 Nick Sautner 30 Ryan Ferguson 30 Jace Bode 29 Leading Goalkicker � Nick Sautner (69) Most Liston Votes � Shane Valenti (20 votes) Team Involvement Award � Shane Valenti Most Determined � Rod Crowe Best 1st Year Player � Tomi Johnston Most Courageous � David Gallagher Coaches Award � Chris Lamb Extra Mile Award � Peter Price Best Clubman � Dave Burgin Trevor Barker Special Achievement Award � Grahame Steele Troy Broadbridge Memorial Trophy (most B & F votes MFC) � Ryan Ferguson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well done to all, lets hope the Zebs can get back to the top rung next year! DemonDave
  3. You heard it here first. Glenn Mclean to formally be announced as our Ruck Coach, Tossol the Forwards Coach, Graham Gaunt the backline coach, Michael Seddon our skills coach and Adrian Battiston our stoppages expert. Mark my words these blokes will be wheeled out with the new coach at the Junction Oval later this week, under a mysterious new strategy coach Bailey plans to unleash on our once proud club to restore it to glory. I can't reveal my sources, but apparently the codename for the masterstroke is 'The 5 Year Plan'.
  4. Yeah and you confidently predicted that Colin Sylvia would finish Top 5 in our best and fairest. Wonderful strike rate you've got going! Time to realise no-one takes you seriously, and if you keep putting enough 'bold predictions' out there that one day one will eventually come to fruition...
  5. Geez we'll be adding Peter Giles and Roger Ellingworth to the coaching panel next week at this rate! How many 80's Melbourne old boys can we fit into the offices?
  6. I say drop Robbo for a game or two, give Cerny a run. The two central defenders are starting to look better, Dawson is slowly returning to his best as his fitness increases, and Kaboul at 21 is getting better by the game. Stop playing Tainio, get Lennon on and starting more on the right side, give Bale free reign to do whatever he likes on the left (the kid looks like a real quality player in the making), keep Berbatov and Defoe starting to further develop their blossoming understanding, and we'll win more games than we lose from here on in. Oh to have Ledley King fit again too...
  7. Fat lot of good all this technology in their jersey did for the wallabies!
  8. Wonder how long this thread lasts then! We all know of the player, I hear conflicting stories of 2 or 3 strikes from a couple of friends of mine, there doesnt seem to be any definitive answer to how many strikes he's on though...
  9. The League has issued a statement saying the story of Fonzie quitting had no substance whatsoever and was completely false. So end of rumor... http://afl.com.au/Season2007/News/NewsArti...px?newsId=52031
  10. To quote myself, I at least got Most Improved and Best First Year Player right. And YM I should've had that bet with you. Bate and Davey the big surprise packets out of this years count for mine... Well done to Junior on back-to-back Blueys...
  11. Yep confirmed on SEN and all over bigfooty. A terrible shame and massive loss for the WCE community. He also wore number 3 at the Eagles, meaning they may retire it next year....Condolences to the Mainwaring family.
  12. Good grief, the SEN reporter at the GF parade in his infinite wisdom has just asked Mark Blake 'Are you disappointed to be missing out on playing in a Grand Final?'.... Pathetic journalism at its very worst...
  13. Well sounds like these are all off the mark, and Mathew Knights is to be announced as coach. SEN have just crossed to Anthony Hudson who says its all but done and dusted as of this morning… So much for all the 'reliable sources' 'in the know' and 'on good authority' sources and scoops on here...
  14. If you were unfortunate enough to witness '58, it means you at least did get to witness the early 60s...
  15. Actually Moore won the second of his Brownlows at us, a rare feat for players to win a Brownlow at two clubs. Could history repeat itself if Judd came to Melbourne and won a second Charlie? Templeton had a handful of good games for the Dees, if that, what a bust!
  16. I think it's great that the club has posted tributes to the two high-profile delistees, Godders and Wardy, a very nice sentiment: Godders: http://melbournefc.com.au/Season2007/News/...px?newsId=51055 Wardy: http://melbournefc.com.au/Season2007/News/...px?newsId=51117 Well done to both of them for squeezing as much out of their abilities as they could over the journey...
  17. Because the Sylvia one was in the middle of the season and players should know better than to go out midweek and end up drunk in the wee small hours then. After the season finishes, in their own time, go for it. And yes, unfortunately it wasnt an isolated incident for Sylvia, he's a repeat offender.
  18. Conversely, all or a lot of the NRL coaches are suggesting their code adapt the AFLs finals blueprint. They are using the old McIntyre Finals system that the AFl ditched some years ago. The Storm who finished games clear on top had to play the Broncos, 1 v 8, the Broncos lost more games than they won, yet the storm lost 3 all year, such was the gulf between 1st and 8th. And all weekend, there was uncertainty and confusion about who would survive the first weekend of results. Its just too confusing the old way and I think they now have it right...
  19. Primus is an assistant coach at Port currently, as is Adam Kinglsey, they sat 3 rows in front of me at the G on Sunday. Doubt he'd be going anywhere as apparently he took over the post match when Choke-o went for the birth of his kid and did a good job. He's a Port man through and through.
  20. What absolute balderdash. Give me an example where a Sandy listed player ignored a Melbourne listed player today. You dont win 3 flags by having '2' sets of teams out there not playing with each other. The reason that we won those flags is because of the cohesiveness of the alignment. To me, the reason Sandy lost today was because they took an arrogant attitude into the match, time and again they tried to take opponents on and do the flashy things, where the immense pressure meant they coughed it up, the opposition went long and direct and invariably punished us. Newton and Sautner are too similar, both try for the big selfish speccies, and get in each others way. Newton is as much to blame is Sauntner is, if he's good enough he shouldve still found a way to work with Saunts. His miss from 15 out in the 3rd was unfogiveable at a crucial time too. A terribly disappointing day, have we now seen the last of a few players today?
  21. Colin Sylvia wont even finish in the Top 10, come on be realistic! For mine: 1)Jones 2) Junior 3)White 4)Green 5)Brown Brown Dog to take out best clubman one more time Newton to get Most Improved Petterd to get Best First Year Player
  22. DemonDave


    I caught a bad dose of Septopia off a mosquito when I was in Thailand once. The doctors thought they might have to amputate a limb, as the Septopia was really agressive, but it eventually cleared up
  23. Given his form over the last 4 weeks, there's no way Tom Paterakis would miss out on this team, so I'd be guessing it would be: Hughes, T Johnston, S Martin, Paterakis. Definitely a much stronger looking team this week, see you at Port Melbourne!
  24. Correct me if I'm wrong, but dont you need to have served the club for 10 years or 200 games to qualify for life membership? Or is it purely at the clubs discretion who it gives the award to? Having said that I'm rapt at this swift appointment, welcome back to the club Chris!
  25. I've been very impressed with the application of Stefan Martin the last two games, on the strength of those I'd rate him a fair chance to get rookie listed by the demons next year. Anyone else rate his chances?
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