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  1. No Thanks, if we're to have a different coach next year, I'd rather it be one of the new breed. Like his seeming heir Mr Daniher, Sheeds said nothing to suggest he'd be coaching the Dons next year, he almost all but confirmed he wont be there from his answer to questions...
  2. They said on the radio it was a season low posession output for West, so there you go, Godders has done his job with aplomb for the third week in a row....
  3. Pity they still can't get it right in terms of having an audible siren then! Waverley Park has the best playing surface in the league for years, and it didnt make it a good venue. The crowds are near capacity as the venue only holds 17,000 people, our game against Port would've been a sellout down there. I thought Neale was very cagey when he was directly asked if he would be or wanted to be coaching Melbourne next year. He did however remain upbeat about us making some sort of comeback up the ladder this year, quoting that we won 10 out of 12 last year. Overall I thought he presented himself fairly well, pulled his usual tricks of not answering tricky questions by having a joke and laugh about himself.
  4. Me and two mates are heading upto Sydney, its my fourth year in a row. Will probably see most of you in our area (assuming we've all got club allocated seats), and at the after match function!
  5. Generally one player will be left out of Sandy as a reserve for the Melbourne game. I'm guessing the club always knew that Moloney and Johnstone wouldn't come up (especially as Sylvia wasnt even named in the Sandy side), and thus would've needed one more spare player.
  6. Erm, check the scoreboard again mate. And to wish Saunts an injury, well I dont think that even deserves a reply.
  7. There are a trumpet and saxophone player that play at all MCG and Telstra Dome games. Before the game, they continuously swap between the two teams theme songs that are about to play, and at the end of the game, they're just playing the theme song of the team that one. I've never given them a cent, but they do add a certain 'colour' to the whole entering the ground experience. So they're not strictly Melbourne people. As for the trumpet guy, I don't mind him. It may get a bit tired by round 22, but for now he's OK...
  8. Myself and 3 of my mates are heading up there, we go every year, its a great trip! Lookingforward to more rowdiness at the aftermatch function, assuming we win yet again! I dont think I've seen them lose up there in thelast 4 years....
  9. How many goals did Mark Williams get while Bell was on him though? His continued lack of awareness means he'd have no impact in the middle of the ground. While he's shown still more improvement and consistency this year, the half back line is still where he's best suited.
  10. Lets bring bag Freddie Cook! He's kicked hundreds of goals in his career...
  11. We've won both of our last quarters this year and clearly showed we have a bigger fitness base than both St Kilda and Hawthorn resepectively. So BB is not to blame for our poor start or shocking run with non-soft tissue injuries. Its our confidence,skill level and coaching that has let us down and leaves us at 0-2.
  12. Drop Ben Holland? Sounds like a plan. We may as well drop Robbo too, I saw him drop a mark last night, and David Neitz missed an easy goal in that last quarter too. Drop him for Michael Newton who at least knows how to kick goals. For that matter, Travis Johnstone got thrashed by Baker, give him a run in the VFL to get some form too.
  13. Why on earth would Holland be omitted? So CJ or Ward can play on Kosi? Ridiculous. Dutchy takes him, or the resting ruckman, and Carroll takes Gehrig. The Saints Team reads as: St Kilda Team Backs: Steven Baker, Sam Fisher,Brendan Goodard Halfbacks: Jason Gram, Matt Maguire, Leigh Fisher Centreline: Andrew Thompson, Luke Ball, Leigh Montagna Halfforwards: Robert Harvey, Justin Koschitzke, Jason Blake Forwards: Xavier Clarke, Fraser Gehrig, Stephen Milne Followers: Matthew Clarke, Lenny Hayes, Nick Dal Santo Interchange: Jayden Attard, Aaron Fiora, Andrew McQualter, Michael Rix EmergencyL Shane Birss, Barry Brooks, Brett Voss They've got two talls, and a possible resting ruckman in Blake (they have selected 3 ruckmen). The other forwards are crumbers or resting onballers. The teams are in, the excitements building, bring on the game!!
  14. I'd doubt they'd use an opinion piece by some AFL hack as their motivation for tomorrow night! Maybe under the auspices of Grant 'Cornflakes' Thomas they would, but I think Ross Lyon has slightly more intelligence than Grant. I'd say the video of last years Final would have had a fair play in the clubrooms this week as motivation instead...
  15. Great news, it means he'll be captain when he next comes out of contract...
  16. West Coast has suspended former captain Ben Cousins indefinitely. The Brownlow Medallist has been suspended for breaking team rules after missing a weights session on Sunday morning, chairman Dalton Gooding confirmed today. "Ben has a number of very personal and private drug issues which the club is helping him to work through," Gooding said. Gooding said the length of the suspension was not set, but could be as long as the entire season. Throughout the suspension, Cousins will not be able to train at the club. This is a similar punishment to that handed out to Michael Gardiner last year before he was sacked by the club. Cousins will not be playing for his WAFL club, East Perth, this weekend.
  17. You could go straight to the source and ask him if he has one, apparently he's coaching St Bede's at the moment, contact details are on this page: http://www.stbedesmentonetigers.com.au/Mai...%20Contacts.asp
  18. The thing that pleases me most about this squad is Brent Moloneys name again being listed, suggesting his revival is gathering a nice pace. He seemed to get through the 2 1/2 quarters he played last week rather well, having a growing influence as the game went on. If we can get 20 games out of him this year, we'll be travelling very nicely.
  19. Most points have already been covered, but a couple of observations: - Robertson was thrashed by Gaspar - Carroll was also soundly beaten on the lead several times by Pettifer and Schulze - Deledio kicked what was clearly a goal early in the 1st quarter, and it was given a point to everyones amazement. - Polak tried to line up and take out Fergs just before 3/4 time, hardly seemed to connect, and his reward for a cowardly act was injuring his shoulder and sitting out the rest of the game. Quality stuff from the new Tigers recruit. - The form of our 3 marking forwards after Neitz: Miller, Robbo and Dunne, is a big worry right now.
  20. Let me do a bit of crystal balling and guess what some peoples match reviews will say: "Yze hardly got a kick, looked disinterested and soft, should be dropped for Round 1" "Brad Miller, WTF?" "Godders was Godders" "Nathan Jones carved them up, but only for a half" "Chris Johnson looked comfortable at this level" "Mark Jamar hardly touched the ball around the ground, and Paul Johnson was hopeless in the hitouts" Seems like I hardly need to go therefore, but probably will anyway. PS. By the way, dont get me wrong I really appreciate the match reports people do, hopefully no offence is taken
  21. Exactly how many games would the average MFC/MCC supporter want to attend down at Skilled Stadium this year? None! My AFL Club-Support membership does not even get me into that dung-hill of a ground, I have to fork out more hard earned for the right to stand amongst the ferals, or even more exorbitant dollars if I want a seat. I think this is a great initiative, as it will give a more accurate indication of exactly how many members melbourne could have if MCC Melbourne supporters were included...
  22. Any relation to ex-Zebra Heath Tregear I wonder? Anyone know if there are any major injuries or anyone in the long-term rehab group down at TBO over the summer?
  23. AFL Club Support gets us in... [From the AFL Members email received at 2PM] AFL Members can scan their card at any gate for entry to the matches listed below: Carlton v Essendon, Telstra Dome, Saturday 24th February (N), 18.10 LOCAL 18.10 AEST* St Kilda v Brisbane Lions, Cazaly Stadium, Saturday 24th February (N), 19.40 LOCAL 20.40 AEST* Geelong v Richmond, Skilled Stadium, Sunday 25th February, 15.40 LOCAL 15.40 AEST* Melbourne v Hawthorn, Telstra Dome, Sunday 25th February (N), 18.10 LOCAL 18.10 AEST* Can't wait!!!
  24. I can't see any more from all the bright flashing ads...seriously can they fit anymore onto what was already a busy page??
  25. Both David Neitz and Neale Daniher stated emphatically that our skipper would be playing on Sunday at the Family Day. I think we can put to rest any doubts over his starting status....
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