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  1. I love the idea of us aquiring Preuss. Our midfield could be coming into a decade of dominance and our season would be derailed with the current back up ruck stocks we have after Max. I'd be willing to pay the bloke huge overs to sit down at Casey and be the raininy day rainbow should big Max suffer and injury next year. The benefit to Casey and the developement of our midfield brigade at Casey would be so beneficial.
  2. For what its worth - Viney on Inside Melbourne gave Hannan a huge endorsment and I think he is alock to be named this afternoon.
  3. Pick 5 from Freo plus Brisbanes pick 4 as a result of the Neale trade for Hogan....Something to seriously consider. We could then keep a first round pick for this "Superdraft" who by all accounts the top 5 are brilliant and trade the second 1st rounder to any of the clubs holding the dynamic , goal kicking , speedy midfielder we are so desperate for. Im a Hogan fan and don't think it should /will happen but it will defietely be considered IMO. Doubely so if the Weed has a great finals campaine - by god I hope he does.
  4. Tyson is the slowest player in a relatively very slow midfield. Has poor skills ATM due to a lack of confindense at the top level. Rest assured he will be caught holding the ball at least twice tomorrow. both parties should be looking to move him on next year.
  5. if I was looking for an outside mid Aaron Hall would be near the top of my list - sure he may have a few issues but by all accounts not happy and or overly welcome at GC could come cheep compared to Gaff. Has elite kicking skills and goals sence , i dont give a crap if he dosnt tackle as we have inside mids in spades. GC will be looking for anybody to get up there so id be packaging up Tyson , Kennedy Harris , Bugg
  6. He is making me seriously question his ability. Does anybody think with the the sort of quality at his disposal that a Clarkson led side would be sitting 2-3 ?
  7. I have a bad feeling that Viney;s injury will continue to blow out from 4-6 to 12-14 weeks
  8. I thought Salem after the first quarter was putrid. He gets shown up horribly as being slow in leg speed when 2 way running is required. 12 touches for a midfielder of his class is not good enough. I'd love to know how many of those 12 were in the first quarter?
  9. All, Iam searching for a 2018 spreasheet or print off of the price and postions of players in the 2018 Supercoach season. Is there anybody who can send me a link to where this can be found ?
  10. Sorry if its onthe wrong thread but just a hyperthetical for next year. The trtade rumours of Hogan to head back home will be bbeating lowder than ever and I think he is a real chance to elect to go - obviously dependent on where we and Freo finish. I would be demanding the 2 first rounders as a base minimum and be looking at slingshotting them to GC for Lynch who is already talking of heading back to Victoria. IMO thats a like for like WIn / Win. Please let me reiterate that I am a huge Hogan fan and do not want him to leave at all
  11. No way we should be bundling up next years first rouder in the lever deal. Now that Fasolo is out ofthe WC trade , I would not be suprised if Dean Kents name is thrown around at the trade table
  12. Complete rubbish post .. Freo Tall backs - Lougue, Hughes, Johnson, Hamling , Stranadica,, Collins
  13. Lesson learnt - DO NOT deal with Collingwood
  14. Hogan in Perth - witnessed him at the local Freo nightclub - fair to say he was enjoying himself
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